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Maybe better, because Valachi really was in the mafia, while Henry Hill was a wannabee. Limited and wrong in places, its still a primary source by one of the first made men to turn rat. He hoped that publication of Valachi’s story would aid law enforcement and possibly encourage other criminal informers to step forward. Nevertheless, Valachi was the guy that forced the F.B.I. Maas was never permitted to publish his edition of Valachi’s original memoirs, but he was allowed to publish a third-person account based upon interviews he himself had conducted with Valachi. It is an admirable effort on Peter Maas's part to give Joseph Valachi's words a fair presentation. OK, United States Senate Select Committee on Improper Activities in Labor and Management. Perhaps it was because he liked Frank Costello giving h. Excellent. He saw the rise of organized crime and the internal battles to consolidate the different families. A historically important work, but not an absorbing one. So, perhaps he thought it was too difficult to conquer, and it was in the days before RICO. There were times it dragged a little and times I had to go back and re-read due to poor sentence structure (I hate that), but most of the dragging was due to government jargon and most of the poor grammer etc was quoted word for word from Valachi. The Valachi Papers is the book that set the Mafia on its heels and allowed the world to see and finally get a look into the "real" underworld.

His account of his criminal past revealed many previously unknown details of the Mafia. Some of them do have a conscience. He was the first member to publicly acknowledge that there was an American Mafia and broke down how the operation was structured, from the beginnings to the creation of the five families, to who killed who and who was buried where.

In the book, Maas referenced an earlier book of his, The Valachi Papers, which gives a much earlier account of mob life and whose publication, in 1968, heralded the book as an instant best-seller. Valachi shed a light on organized crime and the way the mafia opereated in a time when it's existed was denied by police and governments. A classic example of compensation combined with guilty conscience. I think both books are incredible resources for learning about organized crime. The last chapter was the "wrap up" of what organized crime in American "today" was all about. This is the first non-fiction novel I’ve read for quite a while. This part of the book, of course, severely censored. Joe Valachi, in my opinion, was no hero, but he made the public more aware of mob life than probably anyone. The man and character Joseph Valachi was quite a dichotomy, and it’s clear that Maas too felt some level of sympathy for the killer. It tells the true story of former mafia member Joe Valachi, whose accounts of his criminal past largely revealed many previously unknown details of the mafia. Engrossing and disturbing, this account sheds light on an area of American history that has captured our imaginations, but has become romanticized to the point or being dangerously overlooked as a still-relevant corrupter of our government. The son inlaw (Joe Valachi) of a former Capo (Tom Reina) recalled in his own words,the names of gansters and the details of events. Now we get to read about it and gain some insight into the force that wielded power in the USA and beyond for so long. This is perhaps the definitive account of how the 20th century Cosa Nostra (commonly known as the Mafia) operated. Even though this is one of the key books in the genre, I remain disappointed in it. to acknowledge the existence of Cosa Nostra. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them. Valachi shed a light on organized crime and the way the mafia opereated in a time when it's existed was denied by police and governments. Mr. Maas's "The Valachi Papers," which was published in 1968, was the first to truly open the doors about the inner workings of the Mafia. Yes. If the book’s publication was not stopped they would appeal directly to the White House. [3][4], In May 1966, Katzenbach asked a district court to stop Maas from publishing the book—the first time that a U.S. Attorney General had ever tried to ban a book. I've been binging on mob books lately. It is an excellent start for anyone interested in crime fiction.

Circumstances led him to this position. But just a little.

Genovese was indeed suspecting him of being a police informer and needed to get rid of him. And I actually was reading two at one time! In the so-called Valachi hearings he gave the American public a firsthand account of Mafia activities in the United States. LOVING a good inside story, and this one comes directly from someone who has been keeping the darkest and best kept secret in the U.S. at the time - mafia. Maas had Dutch and Irish heritage.He was the biographer of Frank Serpico, a New York City Police officer who… …   Wikipedia, Frank Costello — This article is about the New York gangster. Great Book! Peter Maas paved the way for every true crime historian of today. This book is all about Joseph Valachi, the first Mafia member to publicly acknowledge the existence of the Mafia (Cosa Nostra). So, perhaps he thought it was too difficult to conquer, and it was in the days before RICO. I have a feeling Valachi was one such person. But anywho, I did enjoy this book quite a bit. But understandable and compelling? These false accusations were the reason why Valachi, for the first time ever, would reveal officially that Cosa Nostra. When it first came out I read it. It had plenty of gore, and crime, and even a little bit of a romance thrown in. I'm sure back in the day this was a corker! Well written the only reason for not giving it a higher rating is the dated nature of the content. Yes. Joseph Valachi was born in 1904 and rose through the ranks of petty crime to soldiering for Vito Genovese.

Even though it's a real account of the past, it almost reads like fiction or a movie script because it's so incredible. So you can’t blame the guy, really. However, for background and history this represents the best as he had no particular axe to grind (nothing to hide about hi. Truly the oldest reference book for Mafia researchers. For the English footballer, see Frank Costello (footballer). Well written the only reason for not giving it a higher rating is the dated nature of the content. This is one of the best. The main focus of the book is on Valachi's own personal story, but to understand it is to understand the inner workings of the Cosa Nostra. Genovese was indeed suspecting him of being a police informer and needed to get rid of him. The Valachi Paper's detailing of the history and structure of the Cosa Nostra is interesting, especially since it's the first book to introduce it to the world. It was a tenuous atmosphere, where bosses such as Lucky Luciano, Salvatore Maranzana and Vito Genovese could order a mobster's death virtually at will. Although Valachi was only expected to fill in the gaps in his formal questioning, the resulting account of his thirty-year criminal career was a rambling 1,180-page manuscript titled The Real Thing. After being arrested in the early 1960s he went to the federal prison in Atlanta, where he was housed with Genovese. J. Edgar Hoover himself would not acknowledge their existence, possibly because he knew that is had been around long before the F.B.I.

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