top ten horror movie characters

Nightmare-fodder. It's boring." The invisibility effects, to this day, border on magic. “It’s the special ones that taste best.” Right from its opening scene, Rebecca Ferguson steals Mike Flanagan’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Shining sequel novel. His first and last appearances, both directed by Craven (we're ignoring Freddy Vs Jason for the sake of our theory and our sanity), see a truly sinister, frightening Freddy: a coldblooded killer, preying on kids (a child molester was, Craven has said, the very worst thing he could think of) with nary a one-liner in sight. After a seemingly idyllic wedding, Grace learns that her new husband’s family are crackers – beholden to a superstition that means they’ll hunt her in a killer game of Hide and Seek. Whats more scary than a girl being possessed by a ghost, then having a deep voice while the bed rocks back and fourth. Film(s): An American Werewolf In London (1981). He suffers real loss, and Hader makes you feel every ounce of it. Lina Leandersson's wicked inversion of the girl next door, reinvented as an age-old vampire trapped in the body of a wide-eyed teen, forms a morbid and mutually dependent relationship with her young death-obsessed neighbour, Oskar. ( Log Out /  I love a good slasher film, especially the classic Halloween. He is really original and finds twisted ways to his victims to kill themselves. The doll is found by a homeless peddler, and sold to Karen Barclay, who gives him to her son Andy as a birthday gift. Poor Thomasin is labelled a Witch by the puritanical patriarchy until she finally becomes one, choosing to “live deliciously” with devil-goat Black Phillip and a coven in the woods. I believe he can Mach up against any of the characters on this list could take Michael Myers, Jason and Freddy at the same time without breaking a sweat. Blair is extraordinarily brave as the young girl corrupted by Pazuzu, going to a host of dark places and enduring a number of indignities with the fearlessness that only children can possess. Reasons Michael is the best Horror villain: 1) He hasn't been killed (unlike Jason or Freddy), 2) It didn't take a traumatic event or even a misguided emotional state for him to start killing. Let's be frank: when it comes to chopping up teenagers, Jason may be more creative than Michael Myers, but he has none of the genuine menace or the interesting backstory. As the occult expert charged with saving Patrick Mower's rich kid from a fate worse than Emmerdale, Lee is fantastic as an uptight, upright, unswerving bastion of moral invincibility. At his age. Jigsaw is seen as more of a scientist than your average serial killer. How could she! Predator is U.F.O. 3,4 You better lock your door! A maniac of a manchild who, in the original at least, has a mask for every occasion (made out of the skin of former victims, a trait nicked from the real-life killer Ed Gein), Leatherface is the attack dog of the Sawyer family, looming out of the darkness to kill people with one blow of a hammer, hang others on hooks, and wave a chainsaw around in a manner that would frankly infuriate Tim The Toolman Taylor. Jaws was scary for me as a kid but now I know that the time that the first jaws movie had the timeline set when sharks first started killing it was a shocker to the world when shark attack humans so it kinda scary still. I don't think it should be freddy vs Jason it should be PREDATOR vs Jason, Even a scarier creature than mike and jason together. Everybody wants a Grandpa like Barnard Hughes in Joel Schumacher's garish and gory '80s comedy-horror. Serial killer and voodoo practitioner Charles Lee “Chucky” Ray (Brad Dourif), is shot and mortally wounded, and hides in a toy store. In the ‘spirit’ of Halloween this month we are going to be featuring some lists with a Halloween theme. Listen, just don’t dump a girl when she’s dealing with the death of her entire family. He’s a Black man in a world of literal bodily appropriation, fighting for survival against the racism lingering just beneath the surface of supposed liberal Western civilisation – and watching him let rip in the final act is pure catharsis. Pennywise or It is the very reason most people are terrified of clowns. Howard Sherman's Bub - presumably named after Wolverine's favourite term of endearment (it can't be a coincidence that another character in Day Of The Dead is named 'Logan') - is the natural culmination of the evolution of zombies throughout his original Dead trilogy. But he's not the scariest since he makes jokes and you want to see him win...But if you base this on only the first movie, then he's the most terrorizing. The Top 25 Horror Movie Villains. Film(s): Blade (1998), Blade II (2002), Blade: Trinity (2004). Jigsaw is portrayed by Tobin Bell. Jason is ruthless he isn't scared of anything and is a straight up killer. If that means kidnapping and, by default, murdering a string of young girls so he can conduct a revolutionary face transplant, then so be it. Kramer's curious moral code (look back at the films and you could even argue that he never directly kills anyone; his victims all contribute to their own downfall) makes him, by some distance, the most interesting screen monster since Freddy Krueger. Children of the night. Here is your number one, and The Chin has it by an overwhelming margin. Both Michael and Jason has shown weakness as to where Freddy has never. The key word here is "character." Film(s): It (1990), It (2017), It Chapter Two (2019). As imagined by John Carpenter and brilliantly played by stuntman Nick Castle, Myers - aka The Shape, aka The Haddonfield Hacker (ok, we made that one up) - is the literal embodiment of pure evil, an unstoppable, glassy-eyed abyss staring right back at us. And I love them both, or I could just say I love Robert. Because he is the Boogeyman. It's about the evolution of a hero, the birth of a badass, as Ash is dragged – sometimes literally – kicking and screaming – again, sometimes literally – from a hapless haunted husk of a man to the sort of grizzled action hero who can look a giant demon in the face and slide a chainsaw into its eye. They both seem to not be immormal but micheals got that scary music like something bads gonna happen and his movie in 1978 the first one is rated 7.5 and his the rating X. Friday the 13th is made in 1980 and is an x but has the rating 6.5. Robert Shaw was a force of nature as a man, so it's only fitting that his most memorable screen role follows suit. Change ), Top 10 Celebrity ‘Suicides’ Via Doorknob Hanging, Top 10 Steps to Cooking a Perfect Pan Seared Steak, Top 10 Animals You Never Knew Got That Big. But she's still the resourceful, indefatigable horror heroine to beat. For a man who was known as the Nicest Guy In Showbiz, Peter Cushing did have an amazing talent for playing rotten bastards. ( Log Out /  'Redrum... redrum'. Myers is also far more psychologically interesting than Jason or any of the myriad copycats that followed in his wake; for him, it's mostly about family. And while he does have the highest body count in horror, he's not all bad. I feel pretty fucking good. No Michael Myers = No Jason Voorhees. Bela Lugosi made an impact that few actors have equalled before or since as the scheming, fiendish Transvylanian c(o)unt in Tod Browning's 1931 version. It's testament to the character's strong foundations, and Englund's brilliant performance, that both versions of Freddy remain equally memorable.

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