they say there's something in the water that got them all acting so crazy lyrics

It's fucking mushrooms." I want some grape drink, baby.

Only thing I know about George Bush Jr. is that that guy sniffed cocaine. You think when bad shit happens to me, I'll be in the crib like, "Oh my god, this is terrible.

Apparently this black guy broke in and hung up pictures of his family everywhere.

A number of customers have taken legal action against our company – we’re really in deep water now. "Hey, man.

Maybe the environment is a little sick. But as the summer wore on and with it, sporadic looting and acts of vandalism, […] I remember, right around September 11th, Ja Rule was on MTV. Have you ever watched, like, a cartoon that you used to watch when you were little, as an adult? That's a cold game. It's a fan letter.

And it's funny, 'cuz I was just thinking to myself, like, "Ooh, this stuff sucks. And the Cincinnati police said, "Shooting that gorilla was the toughest decision this department ever had to make." You had that shit waiting on me. 'Cuz people are not crazy.

Running for the door I got myself extorted, which happens in this business. I mean, that would be my guess.

", You know how I know I'm getting old? The world capital of... rape and dick breath.

You know how I know? And in the master's chambers, ", I was in Portland, Oregon, and I was checked in a hotel under the name Charles Edward Cheese. 'Cuz I'm thinking it's like weed.

Welcome to the Hotel California And I say to my nephew, I say, "Now pay attention to this guy, 'cuz he's funny. Turn on the sound effects! Everybody is raping like hotcakes. So ya Thought ya Might like to go to the show. What a nice surprise (what a nice surprise) Take this.

Can you imagine?

So, obviously, I'm gonna assume that whoever wrote this letter must be an intimate friend of mine; this is not some kind of name that a person would just guess. This is fucked up, but I had a gum wrapper in my pocket, so I balled that shit up and I threw it on the floor. This page was last edited on 19 August 2020, at 21:02. It’s all based on emotions, not on facts. This is right after I quit, My parents did just well enough so that I could grow up poor around white people.

Any time of year (Any time of year) Ain't no vitamins in that shit. I know what you drink.

"Heh, see, sometimes you gotta take the pussy like Pepé!" ", This motherfucker grabbed the podium, he goes, "You don't know how scary the things I read in my briefings are."

Is this not what you expected to see? Sugar, water, purple. And then he gave me the address, and I was - I was shocked. But you can never leave! I'm not gonna lie, I was jerking off. My dick looks like Morgan Freeman in the 90s.

In the early weeks, polling showed broad and deep support for them across the country. He goes, "Dad, don't be mad."

Oh, don't play dumb with me. You know, I'm not even used to the idea that I have fans, but I'm grateful for it. I used to do shows for drug dealers that wanted to clean their money up. I planned my whole day out like it was weed. Take it easy now.

Is it me, or do commercials have nothing to do with the products anymore? I was right at an orgy once.

= in trouble, usually when somebody will be angry at you or you will be punished. How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat. You didn’t know I knew about grape juice, did you? Who's next, Captain Kangaroo? They gathered for the feast

The worst thing to call somebody is "crazy". A black man would never dream of talking to the police high. I had so many questions. Then I thought, "Holy shit. "I don't understand this person, so they're crazy."

I mean, I'd be scared to talk to the police when I'm sleepy. Tastes like athlete's foot. in hot water phrase. = this is a slang word for a bar. And every black person was mad, but we weren't, like.

He said, "I just want to ask you a couple questions." I don't want to dance, I'm scared to death. Charlie Rose? There was a FedEx sitting on the kitchen table, and it was addressed to me, so I opened it. And then, not only did he throw a banana peel at me, but, uh, it was premeditated.

They shot a gorilla at my local zoo. To the place I was before You know, I was in Santa Fe the other night, and a motherfucker threw a banana peel at me. I want some answers that Ja Rule might not have right now. They flew them in a private jet straight to Atlanta, to the. It's got salt-and-pepper hair all around it. Cheese." You seen that commercial where the lady got the black eye?

That shit came back thirty years later like a Bill Cosby rape and sunk her battleship.

Chop, chop. What does in hot water expression mean? And then, things got better. I'm three months behind on the rent, nigga, and I. am. There’s no space available in the building to hold the classes. Such a lovely face

So anyway, um, I was fucking my wife in her ass, right? Remember that commercial for Sunny Delight when all the kids run in from outside playing and they all run to the fridge? That's the ingredients: sugar, water and of course, purple. We're brought up from the beginning to think in generalizations. And a single tear came out of his eye. It's a very long story.

I mean, like, I was with my nephew. I might as well roll the dice and go pick my nigga up.

With reconstruction, black people did great. The fourth time I met OJ Simpson. He and I both knew nothing was coming out. It's dismissive. My boss gives me so much to do that I have to work weekends just to keep my head above water. Unfortunately the after-school theater program is dead in the water. He be like, "I want that purple stuff." Brother?" I was in my hotel room. We rarely look at the individual. He be like, "I want that purple stuff." Phew.

This lady comes on TV with a black eye, she's crying, she's like, "I smoke crack. #10 – water under the bridge = this idiom refers to something that has happened in the past and can’t be changed (so there’s no point worrying about it) Ten years from now, all the little problems you’re having today will just be water under the bridge. I was like, "No!" We never look at the individual. I came back to my room late at night, and there was a note; it was like a letter on my desk.

Without the dots. It's old, an old-looking dick. One time I did a real good set, and these motherfuckers called me in the back room.

Because it sounded fun.

They gave me $25,000 in cash. That's what they said, they said "We got Ja Rule on the phone. ", My oldest son ... let me tell you, this kid is only sixteen years old, listen to what he did to me. The nigga that's right. And then a voice came on and said, "Got milk?".

I chewed it up. Copyright: Writer(s): Don Henley, Glenn Lewis Frey, Don Felder Lyrics Terms of Use.

Now, listen, we cannot have that shit in the White House. They do. Welcome to the Hotel California They want drink. It's a secret.

There's a few reasons you don't see black people at my shows. I had no idea how much danger I was in.

"What? worried. I, for one, am starting to get worried. He's the one that's gotta work at Kentucky Fried Chicken, not me.

And Dr. King was born.

You leave a pubic hair anywhere near a crime scene, they're gonna find that shit.

You didn't eat that banana recently, motherfucker. Such a lovely place (Such a lovely place) If you're an American, you're a racist. Here we are. ". I watched that - you see that shit on Netflix. Where is Ja?".

I thanked them profusely, I put that money in my backpack, I jumped on the subway and started heading towards Brooklyn at one o'clock in the morning.

Now you know why you see me at all those Filipino events. Dave! Some guy gave me some shit. Can't have no cokehead president, mmm-mm.

It's some wild shit. But if you were poor in Silver Spring, nigga, it felt like it was only happening to you. I'm the poorest motherfucker on Sesame Street. My great-grandfather was a very wealthy man. They judge him right in his face. What's all this chocolate on your face, motherfucker?" I didn't even call the police. And this is when I knew I was old: I just gave up in the middle, like nothing even happened. Ebola made a visit. Bring your alibis, Mirrors on the ceiling, I saw the barber's reflection. Only seniors were allowed to bring girls with them. Get a job, grouch.

I knew something was terribly wrong. "You want a biscuit with that, nigger?" You could tell, the peel was too brown. And I was, like, really sweating it out.

Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.

I said, "What publication are you with?" "We are programmed to receive. "Where was the secret serum?" There were never many girls at all at the football games.

His argument just doesn’t hold water. I had to find the passage back

But I'm not gonna be mad. That's right. ", White people do not like to talk about their political affiliations. To feel the warm thrill of confusion That space cadet glow.

I finally found him, I grabbed that motherfucker and said, "Hey man! They're strong people.

Like, see, I'd never vote for George Bush Jr., but I don't know George Bush Jr.'s politics.

= feel uncomfortable, like you don’t belong in a particular situation. "Relax, " said the night man, I want a two-piece.

Some background shit. That's what women are dealing with. They want drink.

I said, "Alright, I'm coming to get you. Like, if I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken, and for some reason, everyone behind the counter had a Ku Klux Klan hood on top of their head, what do you think I'm gonna do in this day and age? I had to turn the channel real quick. The fuck has been going on out here? My crib is too nice. Yo, I used to live in New York when I was 17, and I couldn't even pay my bills. They want drink. You can't get un-famous. If you’re looking to have some fun, O’Reilly’s is the best watering hole in town. I'm serious. Theres Something About You Thats So Fucking Addictive Lined Notebook - Better Than A Lovers Greeting Card.


I feel sick, but I'm not really high." He's like, "Here, man.

It teaches kids how to judge people and label people. Ten years from now, all the little problems you’re having today will just be water under the bridge. They can. I said, "What's going on?" Some dance to remember, some dance to forget. Sesame Street. I do, Stop worshipping celebrities so much. Plenty of room at the Hotel California

They livin' it up at the Hotel California Let's see what Ja's thoughts are on this tragedy."

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