the decline of the english language

But its the literate who create most of the problems.

Whenever the words “Trump supporters” and “jerks” are used in a sentence it is redundant. If they are so concerned about language, you have to wonder, why haven’t they bothered to get to know it a little better?

Trump is inarticulate on his feet, but its a matter of degree. Most people need to hear it multiple times for it to sink it. The English language—like every language—has been in a state of flux since its inception. Take "as such." Sound changes can come about as a result of social pressures: certain ways of saying things are seen as having prestige, while others are stigmatised. I though it was to differentiate from ‘immediate viciinty’. A smart reliability and maintenance manager understands that, despite good preventive maintenance, various types of equipment will malfunction from time to time. With a reduced expressive capacity, it seems likely that research, innovation and the quality of public discourse would suffer. The rhetoric is that English is indulgent and arty but not something that can support you financially, in comparison to a subject like maths or economics.”, One student now studying English at Anglia Ruskin University said: “My school frequently held assemblies on how wonderful Stem was and what fields you could go into, but I rarely heard anything about any creative subjects, especially English. These are people with at least some demonstrated level of intelligence that, while certainly beneath our own, should be more than sufficient to understanding our ideas. "Preplan" is one of those redundancies, like "added bonus" or "general vicinity" (or "annoying newspaper columnist") that defies explanation.

That Is The Spirituality Of TheGreatest Africa Native Doctor Obodubu.Dr Obodubu Is Recognized All Over The World Of Marine Kingdom, As OneOf The Top Fortunate And Most Powerful Native Doctor Of Charms Casts FromThe Beginning Of His Ancestors ship Until Now Dr who lives StrongAmong All Other Native Doctors, There Have Never Been Any Form OfImpossibility Beyond The Control Of Dr Obodubu. They do. I can’t imagine anything more boring. The decline of the English language isn’t real Brittany Williams on March 9, 2016. I agree with RC, that Trump doesn’t seem out of line in this; he just hasn’t for whatever reason decided to install some filters between his mouth and reporters’ mikes. I think getting it backwards was the point. Even if it means speaking in small words and repeating yourself in a way that non-retards find boring. The term "English" is derived from Anglisc, the speech of the Angles—one of the three Germanic tribes that invaded England during the fifth century. So there’s not so much a present confusion of the two words as a continuing, three-and-a-half-century-long confusion.”.

Anyway, the English language has been all slanged up and abused since the beginning and has underwent substantial changes. the English court was French-speaking. If the distinction is being lost, won’t that harm our ability to communicate? It becomes phonetically reduced – or, as some would have it, pronounced lazily. The linguist Rudi Keller gives similar examples from Germany. Opening paragraph, you state your position, you give three brief statements of support. Language is no different. Big yellow parrots that indoctrinated our kiddums in all the perverted words that start with the letter ‘A’. GCSE English was pretty miserable for me; any view or idea I had that didn’t fit what my teacher or the curriculum said was correct was immediately shot down.”. Because of progtard cocktail parties and stuff. Trump has turned Reason to language purists? It is universal, it is constant, and it throws up extraordinary quirks and idiosyncrasies, despite being governed by a range of more-or-less regular processes.

He knew when the golden age of English was: “The Period wherein the English Tongue received most Improvement, I take to commence with the beginning of Queen Elizabeth’s Reign, and to conclude with the Great Rebellion in [Sixteen] Forty Two.”, But the problem is that writers at that time also felt they were speaking a degraded, faltering tongue. My classmate’s mother-in-law makes $56 hourly on the computer . The Decline of the English Department.

This isn't a scheme to steal the election. I’m not disputing that Trump’s use of language betrays a lack of content both in his ideas and his brain, but Hinkle went on to argue that colloquialisms and emojis are content-free harbingers of the linguistic apocalypse. WHYCOM BE U UNT TALK NGLS LIK A FAG N SHIT VAT TURMP. b. Adapted from Don’t Believe a Word: The Surprising Truth About Language by David Shariatmadari, published by W&N on 22 August and available at For each of the next three paragraphs you take one of those brief statements of support, you repeat it, and you give three pieces of supporting evidence. Surely a point between the two is still available on the spectrum? The most important one was the Norman invasion, headed by William the Conqueror in 1066. I think we all see where the Bard got some of his ideas…….. “Emoticons are knee-jerks; like many of Trump’s supporters…”.

Brittany is the editorial director at Leff. It is the very predictable outcome of the president's own words and actions. Orwell noted this in a famous essay and illustrated it in fiction, while Gibbon noted it in fact. Hand-wringing about standards is not restricted to English. The Queen’s English Society, a British organisation, has long been fighting to prevent this decline. We need language rules to ensure clarity, and it is vitally important that every individual receives a foundational education in language to help them communicate. Has it been confirmed yet that she is not a false flag operation of the republicans? They Blew It. were also deaths of many Anglo Saxon nobles, so Frenchmen were put an all high The main problem in successfully advocating a libertarian idea is not confined to the difficulty in communicating with dimwitted or uneducated people. Irregardl- HEY GET A JOB YOU JOKE STEALER,…..AA5RpN.jpg. Elias Muhanna, a professor of comparative literature, describes one of Manzur’s modern-day counterparts: “Fi’l Amr, a language-advocacy group [in Lebanon], has launched a campaign to raise awareness about Arabic’s critical condition by staging mock crime scenes around Beirut depicting “murdered” Arabic letters, surrounded by yellow police tape that reads: ‘Don’t kill your language.’”. One of the assertions that stuck with me was the claim that Shakespeare did precisely this. They are lowering the bar. The original is as follows: “By commyxstion and mellyng furst wiþ danes and afterward wiþ Normans in menye þe contray longage ys apeyred, and som vseþ strange wlaffyng, chyteryng, harrying and garryng, grisbittyng.”. Final paragraph, you restate your position, restate the high level pieces of support. Occasionally, such cognitive hiccups become the norm. Where large portions of a group of people, Islam, large portions want to use very, very harsh means. Or it could be that libertarian ideas just aren’t very popular, regardless of intelligence or education.

English lessons went from being interesting discussions to sessions of memorising quotes.”, Jamie Morrison, a London student, chose to do A-levels in English, art and chemistry, despite grave reservations: “If you’re forced to read a poem or book in a very particular way, it drains the life out of it and leaves behind a boring and shallow husk. According to the British Council, 2 Billion people will be speaking or learning English by 2020. That bastard. All I want is to end “alot.” Just that. I least At never took to saying ‘warsh’ instead of wash. Ever read Charles Dickens?

Take this here warshrag down to the creek and warsh my truck, youngun. I am truly distressed to find that OMWC and I have this in common.

It takes away the enjoyment of studying.”. Others said the shift from studying four subjects at AS-level back to just three A-levels over two years at sixth form had also had an impact. Dickens is pretty much modern English. Young women who once favoured English A-level are increasingly ditching it and now outnumber their male peers in the sciences, widespread criticism of the new English GCSEs. The formality of Victorian English would sound peculiar in today’s world. Not at all. Just repeating yourself using the same words is what is lazy. But its frequency, like the frequency of those other redundancies, has increased in recent decades. Why is this a bad thing? Just as long as no one goes Trolling around twisting words or writing in the “name” of another to stir up controversy, most language is okay and is acceptable. Learning to write is essentially learning to think. The execution of this strategem left the Roman forces daunted and demoralized, and the city open to the insinuation of the Barbarian hordes.””, Hinkle is being pedantic and overly concerned with formal constructions and, as such, should be ignored and no one should pay any attention to him. Buy a shedload of bottled water? A head of English from Cheshire said: “One excellent student who didn’t take English for A-level told me that he loved literature but felt that a difficult question on a final paper could lead to a disappointing result, whereas if he knew the maths and physics, he would be much more confident of achieving his expected grade.”. but it’s okay, he’s doing it ironically. They are using slang words and ignoring grammar,” Marie Clair, of the Plain English Campaign, told the Daily Mail. Jo Jorgensen Heading Toward Second-Best Result in Libertarian Party History.

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