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France is also harnessing the power of its rivers. The TOP French companies by revenue was created to help you get acquainted with the local market, its main players and the possibilities they can offer you and your company. Agriculture, France is committed to changing production models in order to combine economic, social and environment high performance: this is the Agroecology Project. Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo is one of the leaders of the initiative. Young French designer Marine Serre took a collection of mostly up-cycled clothes to this year’s Paris Fashion Week – including dresses made from second-hand silk scarves. They are metal boxes filled with straw, which could be composted to fertilise city trees. [2016] With the Grenelle II law, an innovative and ambitious initiative, France has led the development of climate disclosure and risk assessment and reporting. In 2009 and 2010, the French Parliament adopted two laws named the Grenelle Acts, the result of a lengthy open consultation process with NGOs, trade unions and businesses that established a consensus around tackling environment and sustainable development issues. Sustainable Development, The Energy Transition for Green Growth Act and its attendant action plans are designed to give France the means to make a more effective contribution to tackling climate change and reinforce its energy independence, while striking a better balance in its energy mix and creating jobs and business growth. But while many of these luxury brands have been slow to join the ethical fashion revolution, an increasing number of smaller labels are leading the way. When Kering first set up its ethical gold supply chain three years ago it cost the group a 25% premium. [2015] Office in Pau Cedex 9, FRANCE Internat Energy Solutions Canada (IESC) is an independent engineering consulting company dedicated to the creation of a more sustainable economy, government and society. Below is a brief summary of how those companies reported using a carbon price. DGAL monitors the quality and safety of food at each stage of the food chain, from the raw materials necessary for growing plants and breeding of livestock to the moment the food is sold to the consumer. [2016] With the Grenelle II law, an innovative and ambitious initiative, France has led the development of climate disclosure and risk assessment and reporting. The carbon impact of these assets would benefit from a public guarantee that would value their carbon externality at a level sufficient to compensate the absence of an adequate carbon price. 12 Sustainable Food Companies Helping to Reverse Climate Change. that involves all partners in the sector. One of Kering's fastest-growing brands, the eco-label Stella McCartney, for example, uses polyester from recycled water bottles in all its handbags. For example, in Burkino Faso, where L’Oreal sources all of its shea butter, an ingredient in 1,200 of its products, an investment in 1,500 clean cook stoves and training in better production practices reduced timber consumption by 800 tonnes in 2016, and avoided 2,300t of CO2 emissions. 6. L'Oreal's efforts have earned it a triple A rating from the CDP  —  a distinction it shares only with Unilever — for its industry-leading efforts in removing deforestation from its supply chain, cutting CO2 emissions and water management. Kering has also been sharing the results of its work at a Materials Innovation Lab in Italy, which it set up to identify sustainable new raw materials and conduct research into how existing materials can be used in a more sustainable way. With a €12bn turnover and 35,000 employees, its environmental impacts are under 45% the average for its size. KPMG’s worldwide survey in 2015 on CSR reporting showed that France leads the world on third-party verified corporate responsibility reporting, with 96% of companies reporting annually (compared to 61% of UK companies). The ‘wattway’ was built to produce enough power for all of the streetlights in the village. Veja pays its co-operative cotton growers and rubber tappers between 30% and 100% above the world market price. The clothes are also OEKO-TEX standard 100-certified, meaning they are free from chemicals and heavy metals that could harm people and planet. Sustainable Development, The economic and financial tools used for explicit or implicit carbon pricing give clear messages about the benefits of emitting less carbon, or alternatively the cost of greenhouse gas emissions for society. It carries out audits, assessments and inspections and provides expertise and advice on strategic issues such as  agro-ecology, adapting to climate change, sanitary or market crisis management, international cooperation…It may also be involved in the process of  rafting new legislation. An ambitious public policy Investing in the future of the planet They even stock Guppy wash bags so you can be sure you’re not sending microfibres into the ocean when you do your laundry. France Sustainable Solutions is a privately owned full service LEED consulting company concerned with all aspects of the green building process. Back in 2016, France made another world first by unveiling a 1km road, made from solar panels in the village of Tourouvre-au-Perche, in Normandy. The company wants to sustain its good market position. The brand uses eco-friendly materials, like GOTS certified cotton and vegetable-tanned leather! Representatives from major French and American companies, including LVMH, Fairtrade America, L’Oréal, and Lyft, will be there speaking about how to effect positive change for a more sustainable future, in addition to events like eco-fashion shows, sustainable tasting booths, and high-level networking. Through the EP&L, Kering measures not only the impact of the group’s core retail operations and manufacturing and product assembly but those associated with producing and processing its raw materials, which account for 75% of all its impacts. Kering’s brands are working with their suppliers to create sustainable herding practises and holistic management of pasturelands. Danone calls for nutrition revolution to fix 'broken' food system Legislation plays a key role in the CAC40’s Sustainable Perfrormance . This mechanism would immediately impact the investment decisions of private actors with a positive effect on growth. Section 225 of the act made the production of an annual report on CSR matters mandatory not only for listed companies but for unlisted companies with more than 500 employees and €100m in revenue. Recipe: Creamy Dijon Chicken with Bacon and Spinach, UK French Film Festival to go ahead despite cinema closures. There are some leading companies pioneering practices beyond regulatory requirements. If you want to continue your business, you have to make sure you take care of the planet.”. Hopaal make simple, timeless clothing for women and men . Et voilà! In this goal it has drawn on the expertise of The Body Shop, which it acquired in 2006. Sustainable Development, The national strategy of ecological transition towards sustainable development (SNTEDD) 2015-2020 replaces the national sustainable development strategy 2010-2013 by setting us on a new path to sustainable development. Let us know in the comments below! 7. 2. La Révolution Textile is a vegan womenswear brand from south-west France that have won a PETA award for their use of flax knitwear as an alternative to wool. The company has seen sales volumes grow 29% since 2005, but has decoupled CO2 emissions from growth. Feature image via Hopaal. Putting a monetary value on its impacts has given them visibility, and allowed the company to prioritise action, leading it to set up its own supply chains for, among others, ethically sourced gold, organic cotton, and heavy-metal-free tanning processes for leather. L’Oreal  tops this year’s Equileap Gender Equality Global Ranking, one of only six companies, out of 3,000 assessed, to have eliminated a gender pay gap.

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