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Sam: I know. Showing all 3 items Jump to: Summaries (2) Synopsis (1) Summaries. I got possessed: I made it sound like that but it wasn’t. There were quite a few shout outs to early seasons, like Pamela and Missouri and even the MOTW was old school, an old school nasty ass ghost. Explosion!! The fight continues until Kaia returns with her spear and kills 3 vampires. Back at the bunker, Lora is dead. I was so glad to read your review. Jody: How is that possible? Sam: Or it could have been Michael. Cas: Well, Jules is off. Claire’s been doing so good. This page was last edited on 10 January 2019, at 05:59. I just haven’t been there for you: not the way I should of. I want a sequence of all his bitchfaces from this episode, they were brilliant. Cas: Yes, storage room, red cabinet, bottom drawer, it's marked gross stuff! I thought the exchange on the footpath felt good and honest and very 'them'. Sam: He, she or it can hurt Michael. Dean: All we know is that thing: it dressed the same, it didn’t move the same as the thing that killed Kaia. It's like a nightmare. I'm quite sure Sam thought Dean had tracked him down and his annoyance was palatable. We get a standalone which i am all for. Sam: I know, kinda your thing. Dean: How d’you know about that? if not is there any way you could maybe buy more? (Hugs Sam and tugs at his beard.) Dean: Hey, if you’re going to ask me if I’m ok, you don’t have to. Jack pulls out the witch’s body on a tray. That always seems to happen when I’m writing reviews! Dean is driving very, very fast. Dean: Before what? Jack: I’ll get my things. I hated school, I hated our crappy one star fleet town and I hated her rules. I loved how at the end of his diatribe about the case he just goes “Anyway, this is good. |

Jack: I’m fine: I’m human now. You can never understand. Like I said, you don't have to always find something to fault. The image becomes reality as all three are attacked by the figure wielding a two pronged spear. Jody: You saved us. That’s not an accident. Wow, you two are having a time of it. He was in a dark place: maybe he just needed some time. I brought tissue samples home. Sam: Yeah, I know. We next see her tied to a chair in the cabin. Flashback, February 13 2011, a small room at the LAX Marriott.

He's  not going to go around talking about it or openly mourning his friend because that's not who Dean is, he has and always will swallow down his sadness, but that doesn't mean it's not weighing on him. She nods her head and smiles.) We need to hit the road. Sam: Since Robert Leroy Anderson. Brought the Dean out in him, if you will. She always called Dean on his bullshit; hey, doesn't everyone. There's a lot more to Dean's current dark mood. I was laughing my ass off. Cas: No, not like…this aging spell, it’s killing her. Dean leaning down towards a recently abandoned fire sees an image of a cloaked attacker. Sam: Human? Michael: I didn’t come here to fight, not if I don’t have to. He was all leg twitchy and awkward and he literally threw his hands up when Sam went outside to “do something.” Nawwww Sam! You’re barely 100 pounds soaking wet. Sam: Ok, it’s just that you didn’t talk a whole lot on the ride here. I loved what she said to him, but it also made me worried, because he really must be in one hell of a dark place to have her reach out like that. She wasn’t cursed. Ain’t no thing.

In his room, Dean starts to undress, and then studies two small, thick scars on his upper right arm. I’m a huge fan of The Thrilling Adventure Hour, if you haven’t listened to their podcast, you really should.

Jody: As far as I can tell, yeah. I was stupid. C’mon, three vamps in Sioux Falls and not a single civilian death. There could never, ever be any guarantee she wouldn't kill again if the same circumstance arose, regardless of her good intentions. Jack: Like Sleeping Beauty. He seemed to have some form of verbal diarrhea! Cas: I think so.

I mean anything connected to Kaia, she’s a powder keg. And that I remember. Dean: Kaia’s killer’s in Sioux Falls. And the Amy thing, Dean goes off like a dick and Sam comes to his senses. Yeah right! This might be a practical issue because of the shooting schedule.

Every time I slow down there’s more, there’s always more. She said having us there kept her young but then she caught me, she locked us up. Sam: How are you, how are the girls? thanks.

To comment you will need to sign in using one of the login options or register. Dean also mentioned Cas. The spoon bending death, the Leviathan chowing down on someone, the decapitations and the beating heart cupcakes. Kaia: I saw what you did to her. Sam: Yeah Kaia finds a cabin and is having had a drink and taken some food.

Who would you pick? Or someone we can call? sweetonjensen: (Crying, turning to her body) I’m sorry, if I still had my powers I could have saved you.

User Ratings I adore Ellen and I adore her even more now that I know she’s still looking out for the boys from the other side. Oh, just, bless! Or not! Sam: Yep, there have been a few changes made. Get to Sioux Falls before the trail goes cold and I’ll catch up when I’m done. Sam: Yeah, he’s working something out and he’s working it out alone. I know someone who will complain she was a brunette (you know who you are >:D) but I really liked her. Cas: I’m sorry. Lora wakes up. Hunter: Right, Chief told us. Sam: How’s Nick? (Then, he suddenly uncovers her face.) Sam: WHAT? You know, learning to hold your own in a fight without your powers. I also loved how Dean couldn’t get his lighter going. Maybe the fact that Sam had to kill someone, a human, in. Sam: Kaia. Back in the bunker. Sam: She and Bobby stayed back in Duluth to clean up the situation. Scene with Michael and Kaia fighting until Kaia stabs Michaels arm with the spear.

“Forget it Sam, it’s Lilydale”. Jody: If I get a vote, I’m in team stick together. Nothing Ever Really Ends - Thoughts About The Final Season of Supernatural. Ok, why are you here? Sam: Jody tested the bodies, Dean, they’re different, they’re immune to dead man’s blood the same way Michael’s werewolves were immune to silver. Vampire: Slippery one, isn’t she? Jack: One of them, yes. F.D. Dean, Cas and Sam sit at the table in the bunker. She was kind. (A violent fight ensues.) Sam: I don’t know. Hey, I like it! Cas: Jody, that’s the good news. Sometimes, all the sub-plots and other characters bogs done the viewers with information overload. Jack: training? Sam: Can you fix it? Cas: It’s a girl. Dean: It’s just every time I think about it, you know. Dean: So you’re Kaia’s double, hmm? I really dug every second of this episode, so I'm just going to write it up like that. She’s been enchanted. SEASON 2. When your friend showed up I thought I was saved but then it started taking me too: even faster than the others. (He turns to Jules. Dean: Hey kid. So we finally get the script from the Bens Blacker and Acker. Lora: What happened? That’s all on me, man. The vampires enter the cabin’ No Leviathans, no new ways of cooking/eating/chewing people, not even Bobby's knocking-off-the-chair quotes... Just pure fun Sam&Dean's time, proving who really runs this show. Dean Ok, well we don’t know that. Cas: And why was Michael helping monsters?

Dean: Chief??!

She’s taking Lora back home to her mother.

I want to help Dean: Doesn’t change the plan. Cas: Well, what could hurt Michael like that? Welcome back. We haven’t met – but I’ve sensed you. Kaia: What I was to her, she was to me. 14.03 The Scar. The girls of the week always go for one of the brothers and I was glad to see, this time around, it was Dean getting a bit of female attention. Jody: No, no. Yeah pretty much. Did you see how Dean could barely look at Sam most of the way through that little opening up session. I don’t know why and don’t know how: he just cleared out. Jody: Dean, ooh welcome home. Back in the cabin. Jack: The witch! Or you can fight, definitely lose, probably die, and then I'll just take it. That’s what this is all about. With Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Jim Beaver, Mark Sheppard. Dean: You were right. Sam: Yes, absolutely. Like…

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