supernatural prophet and loss transcript

Yeah, but before one reveals itself, the previous one has to die. DONATELLO I’m not sure. SAM SAM Written by: Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming, TEASER Sammy? Check this out. EXTERIOR – HAPPY DAZE NURSING HOME – NIGHT That.

DEAN He unlocks the door and walks in. SAM

Let’s go home. EXTERIOR – HOUSE – DAY

CAS I wouldn’t. I killed him. SAM CAS So we could help him because he never gave up. INTERIOR – IMPALA – DAY DEAN “I am the Lord.” [DEAN punches TONY again, then stands up.] CAS Yes, Nick. [The Ma’lak box sits at the bottom of the ocean floor.

DEAN INTERIOR – BUNKER LIBRARY – DAY CAS But it doesn’t matter. The box creaks.] [EDDIE opens the door wider.] SAM [SAM hands DEAN photos from the table.]


Sorry. [DEAN looks down at SAM.] OFFICER No.

Yeah. CAS Wow. No! DEAN SAM Howev… No, no, no! You know this trip isn’t about finding a case. DEAN

Thanks Cas. You’re buried. Maybe Billie’s wrong. The light starts to flicker. CAS SAM gets angry and punches DEAN in the face.] DEAN The “Red Sea.” So then, what’s next up? [A woman is tied and gagged to a table. DEAN No one is home. Did he know anyone who was? It wouldn’t matter. No. DEAN Alan’s eyes as his throat is slit.] Dad would… he would send me away when I really pissed him off. Jell-O? I-I know that I’m not suppose to know what I know, but… I know I wasn’t always the greatest brother to you. I got one card left to play and I have to play it. But what you’re doing now, i-it’s – it’s wrong! DEAN Uh, sir, FBI. DEAN

Yeah. DR RASHAD A man, TONY picks up a bag of salt and pours it into a vat of water, picking up a large stick and mixing the salt.

[TONY takes out the knife from the box, and kicks ALAN, to lie on his back. You wanna say the devil made you do it, well, you stick with that. DEAN DEAN Yeah, sure.

The man holds her down as she struggles in the water, bleeding from her arm. SARAH INTERIOR – HOUSE – DAY That’s real. Let’s go home. [DEAN is banging his hands against the box. You know the drill. My unsolved murder, and Teddy’s.

Cops said your brother was connected to, uh, another victim.

[The OFFICER walks over to NICK.] DR RASHAD is looking over DONATELLO.] DEAN

No, please don’t compare this with your suicidal plan. Guys, w-what happened? DEAN EDDIE Why don’t you believe in us, too? Get out of here.


SAM Well, I mean, most of the people we know, uh, they’re church on Easter types… except – Yeah, except there’s no sea around here. I mean, I had my own stuff, you know. I-I know you’re scared. SAM If you do, I can leave. SAM DONATELLO

Yeah, how is – how is Donatello? Hey. [The OFFICER puts the tray down on the table in front of NICK. SAM DEAN Wouldn’t be the worst thing. [The Impala drives down the highway.] SARAH W-Why? [TONY picks up the knife and carves a symbol in her right arm.

Sam? I know things got dicey… you know, with dad… the way he was. It’s – it’s like he’s trying to organise his… memories, the words of God.

Stop. But, uh… it wasn’t graffiti. I know these gentlemen. Enochian.

You are, when you tell me I have to kill you.

Take it easy, cowboy. I will execute judgement.”

What? [SAM walks out of Donatello’s room.]

[CAS says nothing.] He picks up the bed-pan and strikes the OFFICER in the face, knocking him out.

Michael gets outta my head and ends the world? DEAN Oh. No. CAS DEAN EDDIE Help, please!


CAS is standing, his hand glowing over DONATELLO’s head.]

And we’ve changed our minds. DEAN ‘Cause you were possessed by Satan. NICK And what is that other way? He could die. You are making a terrible mistake. Just, you know, after what you said last night, I-I-I don’t need you and Mom coming up with some way to stop me.

DEAN So that’s what Tony was picking up on. The charts lower. Is that you? INTERIOR – BUNKER LIBRARY – DAY

We – W-We’ve spoken before. I hear his voice in my head.

DEAN You know, Dean, you don’t have to act like what you’re planning to do is just business as usual. [SAM pulls away from the hug.] He opens the cuffs. SAM The woman in the water. Okay. CAS And if we’re gonna get through this, I-I have to do like you said and… try and keep my mind off of where we’re going. I believe in all of us. He sees SAM looking at his iPad.] DEAN No. [NICK starts to leave.] Whatever’s gonna happen with Donatello, we’ll know soon. NICK EXTERIOR – HIGHWAY – NIGHT Dr Novak, meet, uh… GHOST [The OFFICER picks up a bed-pan and puts it on the bed.] He grabs her by her hand and dunks her head into the water. You alright? SAM In order to keep the peace, it probably looked like I took his side quite a bit. SAM Y-You d-don’t have to do this. We’re the guys who saved the world. He’s still with us. EXTERIOR – HOUSE – DAY I mean, this isn’t some kind of evil, weird version? Doctor. DEAN EXTERIOR – HOUSE – DAY She starts to sink into the water. SAM tackles TONY to the ground.

Anything? Yeah, but not too much. He could literally keep you buried in a coffin, alive, forever. SAM

Because the next prophet’s gonna show up somewhere, a-and – and the crazy could start all over again.

It’s Enochian. I mean, what if uh – what if he’s picking up some sort of vibe from Donatello, you know?

Maybe. CAS SAM DEAN He closes the door and walks into an empty living room with a lamp in the corner. Go. Sam! SAM

I mean, we’re celebrating, right? Sometimes when I was… when I was away, you know it wasn’t ‘cause I just ran out, right? Sam! [SAM looks around the walls. [SAM is on speaker phone with CAS.] DEAN We don’t just check out of it! [DEAN is leaning against the Impala. Why don’t you get some sleep? There’s only one way to find out.

EXTERIOR – HOUSE – DAY DEAN There is an image of someone’s chest, with bloody carvings on it.] SAM Man, I left that behind a long time ago. Donatello’s mind is fighting to rebuild. [SAM tosses DEAN a beer.] INTERIOR – IMPALA – NIGHT [NICK starts to feel a chill and wraps his arms around himself. NICK


‘Cause whatever you heard, it wasn’t God. [EDDIE hands SAM the frame. You just got back.

[TONY points the gun to his head.] INTERIOR – HOSPITAL ROOM – DAY

DEAN Well, uncle Donny’s a fighter. NICK grips the side of the bed with his cuffed hand.] Answer me. MAN Then show me I’m wrong. INTERIOR – DONATELLO’S ROOM – NIGHT You know how. INTERIOR – IMPALA – DAY DEAN MAN

Now, you heard me. DONATELLO NICK Uh, it’s confusing, but I found him. You’ve doomed yourself. There, on his arm.

[SAM looks up to see photos of women on the walls.] Who’s saying that? DEAN I-If Donatello is still technically online, then – then why is Tony Alvarez off the bench? Uh, Alan was my twin. EDDIE This is Tony… before he got too weird. [SAM shows EDDIE the Enochian script.] My unfinished business isn’t just about how I died, Nick. Sorry. Whatever you want, I-I’ll give you anything! CAS opened the backdoor and sits inside. SAM Nick? Right. Just coincidentally, you all being here at the same time. At least four jurisdictions want to prosecute. It was, uh… it was an ancient language. It’s you. If we don’t find some way… Dean’s gone.

Donatello’s eyes are open, as he speaks another language. No! SAM [TONY stands up.] NICK

Your uncle’s in a persistent vegetative state, being kept alive by machinery and nothing else. Uh, Sam and I are working this case. He’s got my gun! [SAM moves closer to DEAN.] Not yet.


The woman rises out of the water, and the man grabs her hands.] Hey. Uh, listen Cas. DEAN

So, if we could not have conversations that sound like… deathbed apologies, I would really appreciate it. Wherever it’s darkest. It’s a miracle. My plan? Really?

You have one card today! Please! That’s what the cops said. SAM INTERIOR – MOTEL ROOM – NIGHT [SAM is leaning against the Impala, a case of beers next him. Hm. Tell me about it. I never thought I’d see you again. [SAM lets go of TONY, dropping him to the ground. A killer who reads and writes Enochian? SAM CAS So I’m counting on you. SAM

INTERIOR – TONY’S HOUSE – NIGHT TITLE CARD SAM DONATELLO is lying in bed, a tube across his mouth.] It’s on the way. [SAM turns the iPad to DEAN. Donatello’s out cold. With Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, Mark Pellegrino, Misha Collins. Hey, Dean. Yes. And what about Rowena? Well, it turns out that Alan’s friend Tony, is a killer prophet. EDDIE DEAN Listen, I, uh – I’m pretty sure I found a case. You’re gonna see it through to the end. And I’ll keep believing until I can’t. ‘Cause it’s all right there in Billie’s book. Maybe if I spoke with Dean… Going out on a high. DEAN Those people you killed were innocent. TEASER EXTERIOR – OCEAN BED – NIGHT [The Ma’lak box sits at the bottom of the ocean floor. Did I work too much? CAS Wait. Nick! DR RASHAD What happened to him – that was my fault.


Well, no, angels aren’t the only ones who know Enochian. Because, according to your plan, there won’t be a later. I’m held here by unfinished business.

TONY picks up a gun.] It’s fine. ACT ONE I got, uh - I got, uh, cuffs. Maybe.

SARAH [TONY tries to listen.] Cas… if you are a friend of mine, then you will understand that I have to do this and you won’t try to stop me. MAN Hey, Sam. SAM You’re not. You taught me that.

“Sorry.” How sorry are you? [The Impala drives down the highway, a trailer attached with the Ma’lak box on it.]

DEAN So, then, this is goodbye? And I just… I didn’t always look out for you the way that I should’ve. NICK Uh, keep going.

SARAH SAM Look at this. Um… would you like more grape Jell-O? No, it’s not, actually. INTERIOR – BUNKER LIBRARY – DAY EXTERIOR – OCEAN BED – NIGHT Not like there’s a-a background check or anything.

SAM SAM [SAM and DEAN search the house.

SAM INTERIOR – BUNKER LIBRARY – DAY Enochian 101. We’re here to talk to you about your brother, Alan.

He cuts the ties on the man and helps him.] INTERIOR – BUNKER LIBRARY – DAY You ever think about when we were kids? It’s so good to hear from you. CAS He shines his light on a line.] And then, tonight, a guy had his throat slit.

But I do believe in us. SAM [SAM grabs TONY and throws him back towards the wall.

He gets out of the car and follows ALAN.] I mean, l-look what just happened. NICK

DEAN DEAN [A car is parked outside in the rain. INTERIOR – BUNKER LIBRARY – DAY DEAN Sam and Dean must figure out how to stop the bloodshed when Donatello (guest star Keith Szarabajka), who, in his current condition, is inadvertently scrambling the order of future prophets. INTERIOR – IMPALA – DAY

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