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It’s known for the scene in which Tony saves Cap in a very suggestive way, he grabs Steve’s torso from behind and has them landing on a road side to side and panting. Ever since they’ve met, Steve has been in love with Tony Stark. But when Tony Stark’s group surrounds him at the end, Steve keeps back.

length: 1 495 words. And then they were gone.

2x05 Beneath the SurfaceThis episode is beloved by Clintasha fans.

2x13 Thanos TriumphantThis is a team episode, Avengers vs. Thanos. I never before wrote any dom-sub relationships and did some research, and well, decided to add my own twist. They even go on a bit of an extended time-travel mission with each other.

This makes sense. That is, until he meets Carol Danvers, who just so happens to be dating Tony.

He certainly never thought he'd find himself excited to look in his inbox every day, eager for a new message from the foundation's director, Steve Rogers, but here he is.

hope you will like this chapter, if you do, remember to leave feedback, reblog and like! 2x20 Terminal VelocityThis one has a few tiny blink and miss them moments (one of them is acting like dads at Hulk this time).

It can be incorporated into a fairy tale vid. Stay safe and have fun!

Film & comics geek. Steve runs a bakery, Tony’s a single dad. 2x17 Secret AvengersThis one has Capvengers go to Russia. thank you for being with me and reading my fics ❤❤❤. Some of the details I remember include Steve starting to avoid Tony once he realizes he's stressful/triggering to Tony and Tony seeing a therapist. If you read even 1 Stony fanfic in your life you know the special use for that painting. He scooted to the side of the bench, making room next to himself. There’s a reason people think this show’s been taking their plot ideas from fanfic lol.

Avengers assem-!”. Spectrum episode. also, it doesn’t have to make sense if it makes me feel better. 2x19 The New GuyThis one has a very important scene of Steve painting one of his husband’s near untimely demises (mentioned it in S1 list, the end scene from 1x01).

It looks very good and could be used with other mentioned scenes where Steve and Tony stealthily (or not) try to feed each other. In the meantime, Tony headed to the kitchen and used the freshly restocked supplies to make a warming up drink for Steve.
Tony offers some helpful advice (like a good husband he is).Cute Tony/Guacamole moments. Steve walked among the trees, among the well-known paths in the woods.

Become a subscriber and support the site! While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs. It was all so good as long as it was with the right person. If only someone had told the birthday boy that.

universe: college!AU, I pictured Tony and Steve in their AvAc personas, but you can picture them any way you want!

While our Kate Gardner thought it better that the scene was removed—especially considering how many of those kneeling didn’t have any particular personal connection to Tony Stark—I think it would have been the emotional send-off we needed at that epic moment.

Tony admits he too makes mistakes. What could go wrong with that?

All Steve wants is a date with Tony instead of an objectively perfect but absolutely horrible date with someone else. Beautiful.

The archer sighed. Steve knew something about missed opportunities. Let’s go with no. Steve looked over his shoulder, hearing the question. Soon, the roommates bring out in themselves a side of them they never expected to have and form a close relationship. How cute). “Pull it together, Stark,” Tony muttered to himself. NOT ACCEPTING PROMPTS, i honestly couldn't think of a better title, I posted yesterday already a happy birthday fic for Tony. He did what he was supposed to and he could finally rest with clear consciousness. It was a risky move and a spontaneous decision, but he didn’t regret it. Back straight, bold steps, goatee trimmed to perfection. So when Tony makes a marriage pact with him, he jumps at the offer, thinking that’s the only way he could have Tony. Tony was having a dream.

js).Some footage of Tony in his lab, trying to revive Arsenal. Sure, Tony’s partially motivating by wanting to bring back Peter Parker, but would he have tried the time travel theorizing if just Scott Lang or Natasha came? Fast forward five years, and Steve is ready to pop the question to Tony, with hopes that maybe, just maybe, Tony feels the same. They both aged, there was no denying it. It also has hand-holding/flying just before that.Thor, Steve and Tony face their demons. To add to the feeling, he couldn’t move an inch, his wrists secured above his head to the sides of the ladder, warm wood pressing into his bare back. But it all works out in the end. He lets Rhodey, Pepper, and Peter be closer to Tony. He was looking at it, but he couldn’t believe it.


His explanation for this is that Ultron-Adaptoid doesn’t know his attacks so he can’t adapt but I think it’s obvious he wants to piss Cap off.The team splits in the end after Tony busts up all his suits as well as the Avengers Tower.

I had to elbow you like five times.”, sour--strawberries' fanfiction account

And he probably loves Stark."

Hey, Tony. "He told me he thinks he is just Steve his stress relief.

They chase after one another. The Guardians ask the Avengers to pick some flowers. This episode is a bit gross because it has Tony’s team enter MODOK’s ear cavity and then his brain. Steve kneeling for Tony, respecting the man he had come to know as a friend, and crying while doing it? And I do think that there’s one important element of this scene that people are missing. Discover & share this Stucky GIF with everyone you know. Very few scenes but they do look cool, because they’re under the sea.

likes and reblogs are loved and appreciated, but remember that it is feedback that makes me want to continue to write and post!

This episode has a cool scene of Steve using Dr Spectrum’s prism to change the color of sunlight.

just still grieving losing Tony Stark a year after Avengers Endgame premiered. —The Mary Sue has a strict comment policy that forbids, but is not limited to, personal insults toward anyone, hate speech, and trolling.—, Have a tip we should know? totally self-indulgent and from a Stony shipper point of view! a/n: the last fic in 2019, see you in 2020!

In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony contemplates calling Steve, even takes out his flip phone to do so (which, he always carries his Steve Rogers hotline? And yet. “Are they?” Steve asked back, smiling softly.

Or, Tony falls for smol Steve over a bunch of emails and everyone knows it but him. YOU pull it together, Rogers. Endgame, what? Babe.

So when Tony makes a marriage pact with him, he jumps at the offer, thinking that’s the only way he could have Tony. promise next chapter will be sooner. They even go on a bit of an extended time-travel mission with each other. Steve took a second to answer after hearing the question. the happy ending.

“Do you want to do the honors?” Tony asked playfully, leaning his head over Steve’s shoulder in a tender, comfortable gesture.

Did it work for him?

2x06 NighthawkNighthawk turns Tony’s arc reactor into an electromagnet strong enough to attract a table, could be useful for for h/c vids.Steve gets trapped in a bubble.

“One sec,” Tony said, reaching his hand into the paper bag and squeezing the last donuts between his fingers, and then stuffing it in his mouth in one big bite. Good thing I don’t have to carry it around anymore, that thing was heavy,” Steve replied in a teasing voice, taking the offered seat.

But the kneel? The therapist encourages to Tony to do the things he wants. Bucky reached to touch the shield and Sam beamed a smile and yanked it away. Throughout the movie, the relationship between Steve and Tony returns to one of banter and tensions that we have come to know throughout the franchise. But when Tony Stark’s group surrounds him at the end, Steve keeps back.

For Stony Loves Steve 2020. if there is something you will find incorrect or offensive in any way, there is always an option to contact me and politely voice your thoughts instead of flaming. Guy in a Jetpack Flies Past Plane Outside LAX.

2x23 Avengers’ Last StandThis one has Steve and Tony captured while on a diving expedition. Let’s look at that deleted scene from Avengers: Endgame. He's even more horrified after Tony convinces him to roleplay non-con with him and realizes that it turns him on too." Crisp snow under their feet. Steve was good and kind and didn’t deserve bad things happen to him for being himself.

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