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He tries to make Tony's last days on earth happier. Fic Recommendation Tag - follow this tag to see reblogs of stories I like with my commentary. I'm looking for a stony au that I think was soulmates, where they share dreams until they meet, and Steve is Tony's only friend in childhood, and they realize after a while that their dreams are out of sync and I think Tony figures out that Steve is in the past and thinks that somehow his soulmate is a dead man. I also like Stony fics. If someone uses the prompt, they send in a link to the work with the corresponding prompt number, and I’ll reblog the fic/link/art with the tag “#prompt X filled” so we can all enjoy the pieces! To include a caption that is visually grouped with the figure, select the figure and caption, and click the Figure/Caption button in the dialog box. Advanced users will find the Touch Up Reading Order tool useful for working with complex data tables and for selecting and tagging text that spans multiple objects. Allows the user to add or edit a text description of the table that is read by a screen reader or other assistive technology. Steve says if something looked that much like Tony, he'd have kissed him too. Steve, a police officer and Tony, a robotics professor are husbands then Tony gets diagnosed with brain cancer. Hi! Red, White and Blue; Mini fics, focused on one tickle spot - speedwrting fic. Hi! Enjoy! So I want to start off on the right foot, so nothing goes astray! : Don't get offended when I don't follow you back. Background elements that should not be announced should be tagged as background elements. Use this option to merge cells that are incorrectly split. However, it is limited in the types of structural elements that can be set. Tony comments on Steve getting a haircut and then kisses him. Opens in new window, Text Post posted 8 months ago. In the Touch Up Reading Order dialog box, select Show Page Content Order. Set in an identity porn AU where Iron Man only got Tony out of Afghanistan? hi! Then select the Reading Order command in the Accessibility pane (See “Figure 18. In the Touch Up Reading Order dialog box, select Show Page Content Order and Show Tables And Figures. Would like well wriiten long!fic. But here’s Prompt 78! The Touch Up Reading Order tool displays tagged page content in shaded rectangles. (Sorry if this breaks any guidelines -I looked but couldn't find them). To display the Touch Up Reading Order tool, if the Accessibility panel is not already displayed, select Tools > Accessibility from the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC menu. Highlighted regions may also contain adjacent page content that is unrelated or requires a different tag type. Advanced users may primarily use the Tags panel for tagging documents in combination with the Selection tool for text and images. When you tag someone in a photo, that person's friends may also see, like or comment on the photo. You can use it to filter works and to filter bookmarks. Choose View > Page Display > Single Page, when using the Touch Up Reading Order tool. Reading order issues are readily apparent when using the Touch Up Reading Order tool. Use the Touch Up Reading Order tool to create tags in untagged PDFs, or to add new tags to an existing structure. i can’t believe no one has done this yet. To remove a favorite, return to the tag's works listing and select the button again, which will now be "Unfavorite Tag". I also like Stony fics. Prompt 52’s fill has me a little weak in the knees! Each highlighted region is numbered and highlighted with gray or colored blocks (colors can be customized from the dialog); the numbers indicate each region’s position in the page’s reading order. Screen reading software used by people who are blind or visually impaired cannot describe graphical elements that illustrate important concepts in a document. Proceed to Step 7: Examine and Repair the Tag Structure (Tables). Clicking the tag only works on the desktop site. Decorative elements may be tagged as figure tags instead of artifact elements that are not presented to users of assistive technology. Undo can not be used to reverse changes made with this tool or the Tags panel.

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