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A graduate of Edge Hill University in the United Kingdom, Tom is still strongly connected with his alma mater; in fact, in his spare time he's a voluntary chaplain there. With Jedi training, her combat proficiency increased to the point where she surpassed even her sisters in skill and managed to defeat all of them together in combat. ), but Senator Amidala kept her awfully busy. For their loyalty to and love for Amidala alone, they deserve some time in the spotlight. They were highly trained in order to act as bodyguards, decoys and confidantes to the queen,[4] roles devised by Captain Panaka. Brianna could not convince her sisters otherwise, and was forced to fight them. Please upgrade your browser to experience the site. Completely loyal to the young queen and future senator, many of her handmaidens even took new names once they entered Padmé’s service as a way to honor her. She cries! Warning! She’d asked George Lucas, a close family friend, if she could observe the set and he offered her the chance to observe while also playing one of the handmaidens. Johnston's novel Queen's Peril, a prequel to Queen's Shadow due for release in June. Her trust did not extend to Surik's other companions, however, and she remained wary of both Kreia and Marr for the extent of their journey. But Sabé developed a big fan base regardless, and according to at least 8,000 fan fiction pieces, she had a steamy love affair with Obi-Wan Kenobi. She took over as wardrobe mistress and built upon Rabé’s past work to ensure Amidala’s wardrobe was both appropriate for her new role as senator and offered physical protection. She packs! All six women also created a code (verbal and non-verbal) so they could communicate unnoticed. Introduced in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, Sabé was the so-called Queen's Shadow; a decoy queen who replaced Padmé in order to keep her safe. Her shame and position as the least worthy among her sisters led her to adopt a style of thinking in which she placed the greater good and her oaths to Atris before herself, forsaking her name and identity. The Naboo Royal Handmaidens are a group of young women handpicked to aid the Queen of Naboo. In addition, she had been slowly corrupted by her collection of Sith holocrons, which she had gathered in hopes of using their teachings to fight the Sith. Consequently, she accepted the offer. This curiosity stemmed from her having examined some of Atris's Jedi holocrons, and her interest in these artifacts may have led to her taking the position of Jedi historian as Kreia predicted. She recognized Surik's potential with precognition and taught her to use the ability as well. And while she may not have had any lines whatsoever, Eirtaé wore seven different outfits. Cordé was Padmé Amidala's decoy when she became Senator, and was killed at the start of Attack of the Clones. He sought to weaken the Republic, and targeted the Republic worlds of Serroco, Corellia and Eshan for destabilization. Of course, the Dark Lord of the Sith carefully conceals the fact he was the one responsible for Padmé's death. The offspring of Echani parents appeared to non-Echani to look identical to their parents, typically the one of the same sex. With Sabé assigned elsewhere, Padmé found herself in need of a new decoy even though senators traditionally did not have handmaidens. Sofia Coppola filmed a cameo as Queen Amidala's fifth handmaiden in The Phantom Menace. Trivia: Natalie Portman plays Cordé when she's walking down the ramp, to maintain the illusion that it's really Padmé. Trivia: While most famous for her Clone Wars appearances, you can also spot Teckla in Attack of the Clones, serving Anakin a plate of pears. As one final question, Brianna asked what it was like to feel the Force, and was satisfied by the answers both Surik and Kreia provided. Along with her various weapons, Brianna could also fight effectively unarmed due to her proficiency in Echani. First introduced in The Phantom Menace (where she was played by a then-unknown Keira Knightly), Sabé is the most significant member of Queen Amidala's entourage of handmaidens. Poor Ellé! The Handmaiden is one of the more elusive characters to work with. Brianna found her training to be helpful in maintaining her focus, and trained often while traveling with Surik, particularly when annoyed by Surik's other companions. Well, she may not have actually been in the movies, but this ginger handmaiden trainee was one of the stars of a The Phantom Menace roleplaying game (Star Wars: Invasion of Theed Adventure Game, to be precise!). Kae later chose to join her former apprentice, Revan, to fight the Mandalorians, who were bent on conquering the Outer Rim. ". Despite Kae's attempts to keep the affair and Brianna's existence a secret, the Jedi Council eventually found out about the situation, and Kae was exiled from the Jedi Order as punishment. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic characters, Knights of the Old Republic II Companions, Trivia: Miré's outfit is a recycled handmaiden costume from The Phantom Menace. Well, that was Moteé. Mina took the princess' place to mislead the Empire when Annikin Starkiller spirited her to safety as the Empire's Space Fortress arrived at Aquilae. Previously, he's written entertainment news and articles for Movie Pilot. Along with having her clean her wigs, Amidala sent Teckla on an espionage mission(!) Reporting on what you care about. Eirtaé fought in the Battle of Naboo alongside Sabé, Rabé, and Padmé herself. Like Teckla, she died in the line of duty. Atris had been one of the masters who decided on Surik's punishment for her involvement in the Mandalorian Wars, and was not pleased to see her again. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She opened up to Surik and revealed the story of her past, but she asked that it be kept secret from the rest of the crew, as she had come to trust Surik over everyone else. Over the years, Tom has built a strong relationship with aspects of the various fan communities, and is a Moderator on some of Facebook's largest MCU and X-Men groups. STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™ All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews

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