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“It is unfortunate Council has refused to engage in a collaborative process to work with the mayor, Chief Best, and community members to develop a budget and policies that respond to community needs while accounting for — not just acknowledging — the significant labor and legal implications involved in transforming the Seattle Police Department,” Durkan said in a statement after the vote. "These last months, I knew Chief Best was the person to lead our city through this challenging time, to reimagine policing and community safety. This story has been shared 250,921 times. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The department has just under $30 million budgeted for overtime, spread over a number of departments. The data comes from multiple sources, including the.

Last week I wrote about Mayor Durkan’s proposal for $20 million of cuts to SPD’s 2020 budget. Here’s a chart of the average cost per employee of the ten most common positions in the department (blue are sworn officers, green are civilians): So where might we find obvious opportunities for savings or programs to cut? The “SPOG annual wage increase overappropriation” relates to the way the city set aside money to eventually provide back-pay for officers once their contract was signed; it was based on an estimate written into the contract for the annual inflation rate that turned out to be too high. As with many other city departments, the vast majority of the department’s spending is on personnel-related expenses: about 82% on wages, benefits and overtime.

The past month has brought calls for dramatic reductions to police departments budgets, including here in Seattle. But interestingly enough, SPD’s headcount has not — headcount growth has been significantly slower than Seattle’s population growth. Each precinct is given its own budget, which it can spend at their discretion.

Help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in King County. The budget reduction calls for cutting 32 officers from patrol, reducing specialized units and administrative costs, cutting training and travel expenses, transferring victim advocates to the human services department and removing two sworn officers from the 911 emergency call center.

The SPD currently divides its operations into the east, west, north, south, and southwest patrol areas, with a police station in each area.

There is also a remarkable level of agreement that police officers are asked to respond to all sorts of calls that are not best served by sending someone with a badge and a gun, such as people in mental health crises, and funding skilled teams of workers who can more appropriately respond to those calls would be good for everyone involved — including the police. In sum, with the exception of the North Precinct funding the 2020 budget cuts proposed by the Mayor were all money that wouldn’t have been spent anyway — there isn’t any substantive belt tightening, let alone meaningful cuts to SPD. The Seattle City Council approved 7-1 Monday afternoon a bill that would trim the Seattle Police Department’s budget for the remainder of 2020. At the time, Durkan asked the police department to come up with plans to cut up to 50% of its spending in next year's budget. Hoping to get more clarity on where those redirected funds would be spent soon. It’s messy, it’s difficult, it’s uncomfortable — but it’s necessary.”.

In an ideal world we would substantially increase the funding for those programs in advance of slashing the police budget, but it’s unclear whether there is the political will to increase overall spending now, or to wait on cutting SPD’s budget. For much of the past two decades, it has grown at approximately the same pace as the overall city “general fund” budget, except for the recessions of 2001-2003 and 2009-2011 when the city budget was trimmed down.

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In 2001, the police department budget was approximately $229 million (in 2020 dollars); this year, the budget is about $409 million. (CNN)Police Chief Carmen Best announced her retirement Monday night, shortly after Seattle's City Council voted to cut nearly $4 million from the police department's budget. Supplies, equipment, travel and training are all down anyway because so many employees are staying home and working from home.

It also reduces the budget for travel, public affairs, training and recruitment and makes cuts to specialised units like SWAT, harbour patrol, homeland security, mounted patrol and officers in schools. The vote only applies to cuts in spending scheduled to take place during the remainder of 2020, impacting approximately $4 million in planned spending from an overall annual budget of $400 million. Police officers look on at protesters in Seattle in July. Several council members on Monday said the changes were a starting point in a long process to reimagine policing and public safety.

It includes both sworn and civilian positions: it may surprise you to learn that of SPD’s 2014 employees, almost 600 of them are civilians. The web site includes current and archived budgets, capital improvement programs, economic updates and other related information. Their first estimate of the number of positions eliminated, assuming they keep the same ratio of sworn to civilian positions (which is admittedly not a very good assumption): And that leads us to consider what would happen if the cuts were more directed, as the advocates of a “defund the police” approach are suggesting. City Council President Lorena Gonzalez called the cut a “down payment for future potential reductions” to the department’s budget.

There is also a catch-all for other programs that have ramped up and down over the years, including the Office of Police Accountability. Seattle authorities said the cut was a ‘down payment’ for future reductions, but it falls short of protesters’ demands.

However, Durkan has directed SPD and her Budget Office to work on scenarios for cuts of 20%, 30% and 50% to SPD’s budget for next year.

The “civilian vacancy savings” is from the hiring freeze currently in place, which in practice has only affected civilian positions in the department; since the COVID-19 emergency and economic meltdown started, SPD’s attrition has largely gone away; and since it had new recruits already in the training pipeline, for the first time in years SPD is fully staffed for sworn officers up to its budgeted limit. Post was not sent - check your email addresses!

They also said any layoffs would disproportionately target newer officers, often hired from Black and brown communities, and would inevitably lead to lawsuits. Measures that would cut less than $4 million of the department’s $400 million annual budget this year passed out of committee unanimously last week.
Unless noted otherwise, budget figures reflect budgeted amounts, not actual spending. "Her grit, grace and integrity have inspired me and made our city better," Durkan said in a statement.

Thanks for the very thorough review!
Puget Sound Indexer reports that Seattle has a low rate of violent crime, but the highest rate of property crime of any large U.S. metropolitan area. The council begins 2021 budget talks in September. The only cut that came later, in response to the protests, is $4 million of capital funding to start the planning for a new North Precinct facility this year — that project is now on hold again. Copyright (C) 2014-2020, Kevin Schofield.

If you did, please take a moment to make a contribution to support my ongoing work. Over the twenty-year period we see moderate growth in patrol operations, more substantial growth in the investigations unit, and a lot of fluctuation in administration and operations — mostly as particular programs are re-org’ed back and forth between them.

There will be difficult choices to be made in where to place those cuts: whether to decrease the number of patrol officers, or to shrink the investigations unit. Seattle police asking for footage to identify suspects of looting and violence; More ways to support #BlackLivesMatter, according to Obama; The City of Seattle’s budget is announced with a proposed sum the year before and a real sum the year of.

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