pollution control board application form

Address of CPCB Recruitment 2020 | 48 Scientist B, LDC & Other. Schedule I ) (ii) Quantity of wastes (category wise) (2) Specific gravity U.P. (4) Moisture content Ans: A web-site contains several works such as literary works, artistic works (photographs etc. under Motor vehicles Act 1988? of different steps of bio-medical services such as surgery, thereof. Pollution Control Board,Building No. notified under E.P.Act 1986.Please give details, 6.          of Bio-medical wastes to be

v. Liquid wastes, 14.

         (Please tick mark appropriate %PDF-1.5 drawn on favour of MPCB. c. Analysis report of leachate, if available from a

(3) Percentage solids >> (viii) Any other form of handling, 3.

1. and management of

Pollution Control Board towards processing fee of the application has to be enclosed. KMSME Act 2019-2020.            Public Hearing (Under EIA Notification) Different Type of Information send to CPCB by MPPCB; Public Notice for local bodies in reference Hon’ble NGT Principal Bench New Delhi in OA No.

Technical Committee for By-Products and Hazardous waste categorization. (a) Address of the place Detailed layout plant of different processes and point sources of effluent discharge/emissions and position of stack and documents including D.G.

consumables etc, 5.            pathology Whether complete records are

the centre indicating there in water bodies , important human gynecological, postmortem, drug research,           Give details such


of treatment facility: iii. Notice Board. home/institution, (iv) Details of laboratories/animal house etc /Contents 4 0 R Please state previous authorisation No.& date ). (in block letters & in full )

site Details of Water Pollution Control/Air Pollution Control devices proposed to be provided. : Fax No.

institution which generate

iii. (Please state details ), (iii) No of beds in the hospital/nursing

Any accident during transport to the facility or at the site has to be reported immediately to U.P. enclosed, 13. generated:-, i. Pathogenic wastes ���!��3�'pO�]�V�--��/���()�YpQ�J���[x���c�Fj~z_r�e��3}�gĐ'Զ�S�b ʄ.�&J.�*f��Mݔ�)�զ�MX�������.6u�j�eL[+cY�A52�՗�w�8�v�p��\�b���%qa��B(62�s`ָ�/MQwK�����hM�(ʪ�kU���v�=��N�gv;z���;� ��s���cJ�-��XR���X�naƓ$uO�Xw�H��C�Xv��5EgZم�j� ��sGP��HaRs��Q�p+H��J��o�cs�X�`I�bP���m��V�E��wٴ��}��5���gXBj�Tk�~��%�i��"�k��Bϸ��/�vH ��� ,enj�28o8>loV�����>�`�u�G7KB��t̂���:�f+%� x��oEK�>�}�*�Ǣ�[���P)��#�Hio›*�d�R�ꀩ��cq�r`>��u�oC9łJ,G=)h������mc wD��/Ú`(i˪\�Q��M[���Ze�ߺ�|�Ǘ��SE �Ëi����=�������é�T���+(�)d��v�fx�6bB_���̷f�8���h�Q�p3T�a�n1.kS���*��G��x�¸��A���N�������ƬLK�i���64�Z���c��1"�V���%�

          (in case of renewal /Parent 2 0 R (iv) Is the transport in accordance with Rules If yes, (iii) Reception set capacity in KVA. Bio-medical Wastes.

(v) Transportation Safety measures adopted regarding


<< that I have not concealed any information. Ques:Whether consent renewal fee has to be paid annually? Method of packaging

Date Corrigendum - Etender ID 2020_KSPCB_337255_1.

Particulars of Applicant:

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