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Skjöldr's son, Fróði Sea-King, inherits the Jarldom of Saarthal.

Aldmeri Explorers, most notably Topal the Pilot, explore and chart Tamriel sea-lanes and the River Niben, located in southern Tamriel. Bakel skins Uloog and her children to stop further treason. Clan Egðski goes extinct with the death of Chieftess Aldviðr Egðski. They first arrive in island of Auridon, led by Torinaan the Foresailor, then spread to the rest of the Summerset Isles.

Despite the best efforts of Karyor and the Falmer defenders, Gondorin falls to the Atmorans.

Orgnum and his followers are transformed in the process and become the Maormer.

This story in the Prose Edda is about King Gylfi of Scandinavia who travels to investigate the wise and cunning leaders of the east. Books Randagulf becomes the Huntmaster of the Jorrvaskr crew. The continent of Atmora is ruled by the mythical High King Yngvi. Eysteinn Fairhair becomes the new Thane of Haafingar. Resource scarcity causes the Atmorans to begin sailing south through the Sea of Ghosts to seak new lands. Finna chooses Tanngniðr Fire-Breath as Harbinger.

The Dwemer, pulling the strings, attempt to convince the Falmer to accept a new deal for refuge in their underground cities. Alduin is confronted by three Tongues: Hakon One-Eye, Felldir the Old and Gormlaith Golden-Hilt; at the Throat of the World. The humans defeat the elves and continue on their journey, but not without suffering many losses. Ysgramor stumbles onto Yngol's Barrow and decides to settle down. Many of the Aedra, following after Magnus, flee back to Aetherius, a realm within the Aurbis, and become the Magna Ge, tearing holes in Oblivion. Þjoðrekr's son, Studas Spear-Shaker, inherits the Jarldom of Reftva. Frøsselvirk grows into a town, the third largest settlement in Saarthal Hold. The axe Rikvard is passed down to Dafi' son.

The Confederacy moves the capital of Atmora to Jylkurfyk. In 1662 CE, Bishop Brynjólfur gifted many of his important literary collections to the King of Denmark, Frederick III, to place in the new Royal Library. Dragon Cult remnants scatter and go into hiding throughout Skyrim, entombed the remains of the dragons that died during the war. Bakel arrives at the Akul Khazak stronghold in northeastern Skyrim.

The Silvenar gathers together a group, the Chosen of Y'free, and sets them on this holy pilgrimage. Thane Eysteinn Fairhair proclaims himself the Jarl of Haafingar. Ostensibly a tribute-land to the High King of Alinor, Cyrodiil was often so isolated from the Summerset Isles as to be its own sovereign nation. Lin, Kimberly. Haakon's son, Erik Fairhair, inherits the Jarldom of Haafingar. Topal sails deep into central Cyrodiil, and acquires the Eight Islands from the beastfolk natives in exchange for the secret of literacy. Hrólfr chooses Finna Who-Threw-The-Sword as Harbinger.

A treasure hunter finds the lair of the dragon. Meridia creates the Daedric beings known as Aurorans to inhabit her realm and serve her. Yngol is born to Ysgramor and his wife Gíslaug in Saarthal, the first child born in Saarthal.

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