ontario regulation 675/98

1. 175/98, s. 18 (1). 340 (Amended to O. Reg. 7.

22. Jewellery appraisal and evaluation services. Building equipment construction. (3) If the Board determines that the amount of a penalty that an employer is required to pay under subsection (1) is, by its magnitude, punitive in nature having regard to all the circumstances, then the amount under subsection 22.1 (3) of the Act that the employer shall pay is such lower amount as the Board determines is consistent with the purposes of section 22.1 of the Act but is not punitive in nature. O. Reg. 3. Class N — Non-Hospital Health Care and Social Assistance. 17.

Subclass 4. 16.

4. Ship piloting and harbour navigational operations. Subclass 6. Industries engaged in retailing merchandise. 6.-11. 24. (b) any building or any part of it to sell or rent in whole or in part. Industries engaged in exploring and extracting naturally occurring minerals, developing mineral properties and mining operations, and contracting to perform work for the mining industry. 2; O. Reg. 18. Subclass 2.

The construction or operation of a bridge connecting Ontario with an adjacent province or state, but not its construction when constructed by any person or company other than the person or company owning or operating the bridge. Artificial insemination for animal specialties and livestock. If the other employer is in an industry listed in Part I of Schedule 1 and is not in an industry listed in Part II of Schedule 1, the employer who supplies the workers is, in respect of those workers, included in Schedule 1 in the class and subclass, if applicable, of industry that the other employer is included in.

Labelling services, except if in conjunction with a packaging service. 175/98, s. 16 (9). 175/98, s. 16 (7). Private operation and maintenance of non-military airports. Operation of arenas, stadiums and other recreational buildings. Contracted permit or license issuing.

19. Residential care facilities operated by a private employer. See: O. Reg. Industries engaged in wholesaling merchandise.

175/98, s. 16 (1). Print ... O. Reg. Head offices located in Ontario for operations that are otherwise exclusively out-of-province. O. Reg. 470/16, s. 2. Industries engaged in producing information and cultural products. O. Reg. O. Reg. O. Reg. Any employment by or under the Crown in right of Ontario and any employment by a permanent board or commission appointed by the Crown in right of Ontario. Breeding of animals as pets or for laboratories. Health care services provided in a private practice, except for in a practice that employs non-ancillary health care workers, or workers to perform laboratory work, or that engages in a retailing activity. h�b```b``�d`e``�df@ a6 �X� ����� ��D���"&pLb>�y��e˚�+L� �78�3&*����᠃�6�� �����EX��'�D0�o�I�a�y@.�ͭ1#!�|���3g�9s���3w��}l��o�Č�kQlJ3 Note: For greater certainty, the revocation of Regulation 1102 of the Revised Regulations of Ontario, 1990 by subsection 20 (1) of Ontario Regulation 175/98 does not affect its application under section 102 of the Act. Subclass 2. Machinery, electrical equipment and miscellaneous manufacturing. 26. Veterinary research and development laboratories. (4) The following rules apply with respect to an employer who supplies workers to perform work for another employer on a temporary basis for a fee: 1. Animal semen collection, production and storage.

Schedules 1 and 2 of the Act do not include the permanent workers of the fire department of the City of Toronto who are under The Toronto Fire Department Superannuation and Benefit Fund. 40. %PDF-1.7 %���� O. Reg. Civic and social advocacy organizations. Agent or broker services, where the agent or broker does not take title to the goods and does not contract for delivery or transportation of the goods. Class M — Administration, Services to Buildings, Dwellings and Open Spaces. 23. IƏ�`[ނجsAlF0[,,R���#�P�L�?��o w�b whether or not it is done or carried on as a business or trade for profit or gain and, if not included in Schedule 2, is included in the class or classes of industries in Schedule 1 to which according to the nature of the work it should belong. 13 NEW - SECTION 91.1 Spill Prevention and Spill Contingency Plans • Persons prescribed by regulation shall develop and implement plans to: –Prevent or reduce the risk of spills –Prevent, eliminate or ameliorate any adverse effects from spills including • Plans to notify the Ministry, municipality and others • Plans to ensure appropriate equipment, material and personnel Competitor in individual or team sports. 675/98 - "Classification and Exemption of Spills and Reporting of Discharges". Office automation system design and integration services. 1588 0 obj <>stream Management and administration of loyalty programs. Application software programming services. 16. 175/98, s. 18 (2). 527/20, s. 1 (1)). O. Reg. Party and wedding planning or consulting services. Any process involving exposure to or the use of arsenic, arsenic preparations or arsenic compounds, Any process involving exposure to or the use of benzene, Poisoning and its Sequelae — by beryllium, Any process involving exposure to or the use of beryllium, beryllium preparations or beryllium compounds, Poisoning and its Sequelae — by brass, nickel or zinc, Any melting or smelting process involving exposure to brass, nickel or zinc, Any process involving exposure to or the use of cadmium, cadmium preparations or cadmium compounds, Poisoning and its Sequelae — by carbon dioxide, Any process involving exposure to carbon dioxide, Poisoning and its Sequelae — by carbon disulphide, Any process involving exposure to carbon disulphide, Poisoning and its Sequelae — by carbon monoxide, Any process involving exposure to carbon monoxide, Poisoning and its Sequelae — by chlorinated hydrocarbons, Any process in the manufacture of, or the use of, or involving exposure to chlorinated hydrocarbons, Any process involving exposure to or the use of chromium or chromium compounds, Any process involving exposure to or the use of lead, lead preparations or lead compounds, Any process involving exposure to or the use of mercury, mercury preparations or mercury compounds, Poisoning and its Sequelae — by nitro- or amino- derivatives of benzene, phenol or their homologues, Any process involving manufacture, handling, use or exposure to nitro- or amino- derivatives of benzene, phenol or their homologues, Poisoning and its Sequelae — by oxides of nitrogen, Any process involving exposure to oxides of nitrogen, Poisoning and its Sequelae — by phosphorous, Any process involving exposure to or the use of phosphorus, Diseases from Biological Agents — Anthrax, Handling of animals and animal parts, or any other process that results in exposure to a source of anthrax infection, Diseases from Biological Agents — Tuberculosis, Any employment in a health care facility, a laboratory as defined in the Laboratory and Specimen Collection Centre Licensing Act or a reform institution, any employment in providing health care services or health care support services or any other employment in which there is a known risk of exposure to tuberculosis or to the tubercle bacillus, Any process involving constant or prolonged friction to or pressure on the bursae, Diseases from Physical Agents — Infected blisters, Any process involving friction to the skin that creates opportunity for infection, Diseases from Physical Agents — Tenosynovitis, Any process involving continual or repetitive injury to tendons of the limbs, Diseases from Physical Agents — Dysbarism: decompression sickness including caisson disease, Any process involving work in compressed or decompressed air, Any disease due to exposure to X-rays, radium or other radioactive substances, Any process involving exposure to allergenic non-offset sprays in the printing industry, Any process involving exposure to crystalline silica, Respiratory Diseases — Pneumoconioses other than silicosis or asbestosis, Any process involving exposure to the relevant dust, Skin and Eye Diseases — Allergic contact dermatitis, Any process involving exposure to a skin allergen, Skin and Eye Diseases — Ulceration of the skin or cornea, Any process involving use, handling, or exposure to tar, pitch, bitumen, mineral oil or paraffin or any compound, product or residue of these substances, Skin and Eye Diseases — Photo keratoconjunctivitis and photo retinitis, Any process involving prolonged or intense ultra-violet or infra-red exposure, including gas or arc welding or use of lasers, Any process involving use or handling of tar pitch, bitumen, mineral oil or paraffin or any compound, product or residue of these substances, Cancer — Primary cancer of the nasal cavities or of paranasal sinuses, Concentrating, smelting or refining in the nickel producing industry, Schedule 4 Occupational Diseases (Deemed Under subsection 15 (4) of the Act), Any mining, milling, manufacturing, assembling, construction, repair, alteration, maintenance or demolition process involving the generation of airborne asbestos fibres, Primary malignant neoplasm of the mesothelium of the pleura of peritoneum, Primary cancer of the nasal cavities or of paranasal sinuses, Any process at the Copper Cliff sinter plant of Inco Limited, Any process in the Port Colborne leaching, calcining and sintering department of Inco Limited that was practised before January 1, 1966, This regulation is current to 2019-12-08 according to the, Industries the Employers in Which are Individually Liable to Pay Benefits Under the Insurance Plan, Occupational Diseases (Deemed Under subsection 15 (4) of the Act), 5. between Jan 1, 2018 and Dec 31, 2019 (past), 4. between Jul 1, 2010 and Dec 31, 2017 (past), 3. between Oct 28, 2005 and Jun 30, 2010 (past), 2. between Jun 13, 2005 and Oct 27, 2005 (past), 1. between Jan 1, 2002 and Jun 12, 2005 (past), Construction Sector - Exemptions (Partners And Executive Officers), Return to Work and Re-Employment - Construction Industry, Reinstatement in the Construction Industry, Laboratory and Specimen Collection Centre Licensing Act.
(c) such other information as it considers appropriate. 3. 20. O. Reg. 23.

If the worker was, on the date of injury, receiving any income, including training allowances, social assistance benefits, insurance benefits and employment insurance benefits, that would terminate on the worker’s receipt of payments for loss of earnings under the Act, the worker’s average earnings shall be determined with reference to the total amount of that income. 21.

The Spills Action Centre is operated 24 hours per day 7 days per week. Fatal or catastrophic workplace accidents Any trade or business within the meaning of section 68 of the Act. 31. Computer and electronic manufacturing. All industries in public administration.

Class B — Mining, Quarrying and Oil and Gas Extraction. Industries engaged in providing services to meet the cultural, entertainment and recreational interests of their patrons, including preparing meals, snacks and beverages and providing short-term lodging and complementary services. Film, motion picture and video libraries.
Data hosting and processing services. 1.

OWRA: This refers the Ontario Water Resources Act, R.S.O. 5. 1990, c. O. 1. Renting, buying or selling real estate for others on a fee or commission basis. 4. 6. _ Specialized retail and department stores. Circus performer. 8. This refers the Ontario Water Resources Act, R.S.O. 175/98, s. 16 (6). 40, as amended.

32. 42. 4. Exclusions for the Purposes of the Insurance Plan.

(2) If an employer has not been found to have contravened subsection 22.1 (1) of the Act during a five year period, the first contravention that the Board determines occurred after that period is the first contravention for the purposes of subsection (1). Fishery research and development laboratories. Class K — Finance, Management and Leasing. 1576 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<043FB6C441DF455CBEB0ADAE137EC4E5><64323EADCC075E41BF0BD3B869FF392F>]/Index[1551 38]/Info 1550 0 R/Length 116/Prev 651448/Root 1552 0 R/Size 1589/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream

444/01, s. 2. 675/98) as a consequential amendment to Ontario’s Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and Other Halocarbons regulation (O. Reg.

175/98, s. 16 (12). The design and development of computer software for the purpose of mass market reproduction. An airline that has a regularly scheduled international passenger service and works constructed or operated by the airline and used or intended to be used for or in connection with the business of the airline. Call us 1-800-387-0750, © 2019, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Information you need to register your business, Mandatory coverage in the construction industry, How to calculate your premium and insurable earnings, Occupational disease and workplace health hazards, Co-operating in the return-to-work process, Your health and safety rights and responsibilities, Your Guide: Services and Responsibilities – Business Edition, Making a claim for noise-induced hearing loss, Occupational disease and survivors benefits program, Getting help with work reintegration for workers, Your Guide: Benefits, Services and Responsibilities – Worker Edition, List of occupational diseases adjudicated by WSIB. Industries engaged in the chemical, mechanical or physical transformation of materials or substances into new finished or semi-finished products. 175/98, s. 20 (2).

28. Leasing of residential and non-residential buildings, without engaging in the operating of the building. (b) if the worker is unable to complete the training program or probationary work as a result of the injury, when the worker would have completed the training program or probationary work if the injury had not occurred. Operation of sewer systems and sewage treatment facilities for wastewater. Subclass 2. Earth worm and silk worm production, and earth worm gathering.

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