no reflection in mirror

Reality is a bit different. In many vampire stories the vampires do not have a reflection in a mirror. Nothing in Rose's room shows up in photo. @VixenPopuli I'm more interested in the myth's earliest use / origin than a description of it. Our. What is a mirror? We need to delve deeper than that, agree that though a still mind reflects, it takes more than that to project. A diagram of such a sensor/emitter pair from the article: To achieve true invisibility, optical camouflage must capture the background from all angles and display it from all perspectives simultaneously. But assume the M/EP behaves differently than a photon would when it encounters to some bit of matter that would reflect a photon--at this point the M/EP will just get absorbed or otherwise destroyed by that bit of matter, rather than travel on a reflected path (if it's a tiny machine it could just break up at that point). explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. This actually gives away real culprit: one of the Riders present is Kazuma Kenzaki (. To see reflection ,we need a surface which is smooth and reflecting .The more it reflects and the more is it’s smoothness,the more it will give a clear reflection or image . They "seem" to be friends and offer you pleasure and beauty but they take your life. Perhaps, the angry person lost something valuable, something the person might have dropped into the pond, a precious gold ring. Stoker spawned a huge cult to his creation, not the mythological being vampyr. How can I change GNOME Terminal profile name in command line?

For something like that I would suggest vampires also get a sci-fi update, maybe they are corpses reanimated by nanites gone wrong, maybe they don't actually feed on blood, but are after the nanites all modern humans have in their blood (that maintain their health) because their nanites can't rebuild themselves normally etc etc. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The problem with this idea is that you would get a black shadow where the vampire should be though. Even with magic as the explanation, there still seem to be opportunities for inconsistencies, or at least odd consequences. But it wasn't until others took a look at the picture and left messages in the comments that the 22-year-old realised something was a little off about the image. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. One of the 1st links. This seems illogical to me. Which mean the lack of reflection would be a property of those objects regardless of who were wearing them.

Interesting thought: What if your digital vampires were trapped between two mirrors? In other words, a wooden stake will not help you in 905 of the cases. Doors just won't open for them, so they always need to follow other people. It is an observational art.

Ideally, they should be invisible. Being unable to enter a building unless being invited. I mean, Bram Stoker did a pretty lame job at describing vampires, but they were sort of "the thing" back in the days and everybody just went along with it, which eventually brought us Edward the sparkling fairy. The goal was to trick the victim into revealing useful information which they could then sell in the underworld. One thing this answer does is, it stakes and beheads the. Why is he calling for vote counting to stop? This may have contributed to the legends about vampires and demons having no reflections, since they are said to have no souls to reflect. I like the idea of trying to bring vampires into sci-fi with equivlant science explinations.

Also they had reflection, it's just that it scared them instead of not appearing. If threatened or discovered, they could project a set of strongly customized visual and audio patterns that could incapacitate, induce illness, confusion, short-term memory loss or sometimes even kill the victim (think the equivalent of blinking lights for inducing seizures, but massively up-teched). This could then be the origin of Bram Stoker's description that vampires have no mirror image at all. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers.

Many worlds have varying degrees of clap you hand if you believe style magic, where magic works the way it does simply because everyone expects it to. It might not attend to the cause of the anger. The suit would be covered with tiny omnidirectional light sensors and light emitters, all in contact with a computer. Some special property of the vampire would cause this polarization. People don't fear vampires, they gang up to slay them when they are still young. Imagine the tiny machines absorb all incoming light, but the machines are designed to mimic the optical properties of the bit of the vampire's body or clothing directly underneath them, sending out light-like signals that match whatever light the bit of body/clothing underneath would emit under the same lighting conditions. A smashed mirror can be a powerful object in itself. I don't think you need to defend your use of "unknown form of energy" when answering a magic question :). And it is not required to be a stake. If you don't like that you can still do something similar by saying the magic is no in the vampire, but the mirror. Could this be done technologically, assuming the mirrors are completely normal ones and there are no psychic powers in this universe? The inability of vampires to trigger biometric sensors could also be used to transfer other common vampire weaknesses into a futuristic scenario. Has it been done? Johnathan pulls out a mini-mirror to shave only for Dracula to come visit in his room all of a sudden. Of course that means that some very sensitive camera or heat-sensing devices can still detect vampires and it doesn't explain the lack of warmth of vampires. Vampires are completely invisible by nature. "Unknown" is not synonymous with "Magic", despite the fact that both words equally challenge the arrogance of many scientists. can someone please help?? There was a TV series many years ago called Ultraviolet by Joe Aherne that tried to explain everything vampiric as if it were real, though with plenty of "we don't know". They take from you as much as they can. When entering a church, the biometric system recognizes you and automatically takes a small tithe from your bank account (voluntary donations just no longer cover the running cost of churches). Doubly Linked List Data Structure ADT in C++. How can I totally clean an old candle container?

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