municipal budgeting best practices

Finally, Baltimore has one of the most innovative and successful new systems: outcome-based budgeting. endobj When your strategic plan is aligned and incorporated into your municipal budget preparation process, you’ll see buy-in increase across your municipality. Consider asking citizens the following: • What core service areas are most important to you? If you have a clear set of goals (see step #2 above), then you should have key performance indicators or outcomes linked to those goals. Similarly, the process public sector leaders use to create and communicate the budget reflects how they operate.
Operational best practices ensure budget planning is strategic and organized. While the time spent budgeting varies from organization to organization, it typically takes local public. After an ordinance was passed by City Council in 2013, Philadelphia was required to begin implementing performance-based budgeting, a tool to help city departments make more informed decisions about the allocation of resources, as well as to better understand programmatic goals and measure how programs are performing against those goals. �>w� �H�#-�.�]�]�f]�Ζ^8S\y;Y�������&��~�|����}�/h��[ܨ�~W3������t��2��t���AG� T�OO���U/���7q�s䢽.ɶ@��2��iK{�FfD��������r૟Osk+�k���I���k�i�' ����;��{�ԨGc�|�&��C�~�ݼ*s�����\����. Philadelphia is a prime example of a city discovering the pros and cons of implementing a new budgeting system. The most important step to a successful budget is to agree up front on the process. These systems demonstrate how budget systems can truly be methods of innovation and transparency, if implemented with public buy–in and support from government leadership.

For this first year of program–based budgeting implementation, OBPE worked with 20 departments—just over one third of the city’s total departments—to prepare their fiscal 2018 budgets. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 720 540] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Municipal budgeting has always been a complex stew of politics, compromise, and competing visions of the role of government in serving the citizenry. Furthermore, it should convey not just what a community’s policy priorities are, but also how the government’s leaders plan to operationalize resources to address them. That way, you’ll be considering how to budget for important projects that aren’t right in front of you but will eventually require funding. �!��q���8�������6;����(:��s�\������{෷0���sp��s.����i���WP����7�ǂ�ޣ�*��<. This system is organized at the service level around seven priority outcomes. Philadelphia’s own transition to program–based budgeting provides additional in–depth comparison. It indicates how a community anticipates raising revenues, spending, and investing, encapsulating both fiscal and programmatic policy decisions.
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