mta express bus schedule

Filing a Title VI Complaint – MTA New York City Transit (“NYC Transit”) is committed to providing non-discriminatory service to ensure that no person is excluded from The BM10 started on Sunday, June 10, 1984.

Broadway, 5th Avenue, Bay Ridge Parkway, Stillwell Avenue, 86th Street, Shell Road, Avenue Z. Brooklyn Queens Expressway, Grand Central Parkway, Hell Gate Circle, West Street, FDR Drive, Water Street, York Avenue, FDR Drive, 1st Avenue, 2nd Avenue, York Avenue, Service began in 1984, and later became the, Service began on January 10, 1972, and later became the, 86th Street, 19th Avenue, 65th Street, 23rd Avenue, Avenue M, Flatlands Avenue, Pennsylvania Avenue, Linden Boulevard, Flatbush Avenue, Church Avenue, Linden Boulevard, Avenue Z, Coney Island Avenue, Avenue M, 23rd Avenue, 65th Street, 19th Avenue, 86th Street, 4th Avenue, Flatbush Avenue, Flatlands Avenue, Avenue M, Kings Highway, Nostrand Avenue, Flatbush Avenue. GETS NEW EXPRESS TO MIDTOWN VIA N.J.", "NEIGHBORHOOD REPORT: STATEN ISLAND UP CLOSE; Bus Roulette: Add Four Routes, but First, Cancel Seven", "Start Express Bus Service Across The Narrows Bridge", "X25 schedule before June 2010 service cuts", "Commuters to Grand Central Get Wall Street Express Bus Service", "Wall Street commuter offered express buses", "Old X26 schedule, online as of October 14, 2011", "X29 schedule before June 2010 service cuts", "B/29X – Coney Island, Brooklyn – Manhattan Express Brochure", "Express Bus Runs to Link Coney Island and Midtown",,, "X51 schedule before June 2010 service cuts", "Wall Street express bus gains reprieve from TA", "X90 schedule before June 2010 service cuts", "X90 and X92 Bus Effective June 24, 1996 Weekday express bus service between Yorkville and Lower Manhattan", "BxM4A schedule before June 2010 service cuts",, "QM22 schedule before June 2010 service cuts",, "NYCDOT Bus Ridership Survey and Route Analysis Final Report: Chapter 3 Transit System Characteristics",,,,,,,, "Staten Island transport king Domenic F. Gatto is ready to end his reign",, "Come Monday, bus will pick up AE7 slack",, "It's the end of the road for AE7 South Shore-Manhattan bus line",, Short description is different from Wikidata, Pages using New York City Subway service templates, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Arden Avenue, Woodrow Road, Huguenot Avenue, Hylan Boulevard, Father Capodanno Boulevard, Hylan Boulevard, Nelson Avenue, Narrows Road, Hylan Boulevard, Richmond Avenue, Father Capodanno Boulevard, Hylan Boulevard, Narrows Road, Richmond Road, Arthur Kill Road, Rossville Avenue, Foster Road, Hylan Boulevard, Bloomingdale Road, Amboy Road, Hylan Boulevard, Gannon Avenue, Bradley Avenue, Harold Street, Forest Hill Road, Travis Avenue, Victory Boulevard, Watchogue Road, Richmond Avenue, Forest Avenue, South Avenue, Narrows Road, Clove Road, Forest Avenue, Port Richmond Avenue, SIM8X runs express along Richmond Avenue, only stopping at Lamberts Lane and the Staten Island Mall (Lamberts Lane stop added January 13th, 2019), Added on October 7, 2018 to provide West Street/Greenwich Village service on Father Capodanno Boulevard. Service will be rerouted from the Major Deegan Expressway and 5th Avenue to operate via Inwood and the Henry Hudson Parkway to serve Hudson Yards and Downtown as part of a redesign of the Bronx bus system. Via Riverdale / H. Hudson / Lex & 3 Av. Began service on October 1, 1976 running from Grand Central to Battery Place and Greenwich Street.

All routes traveled via into West Shore Expressway, Goethals Bridge into New Jersey's New Jersey Turnpike, Lincoln Tunnel; in Manhattan: 34th Street, Madison Avenue (northbound) and 5th Avenue (Southbound). Enter search terms. Whitestone Expressway service road, Cross Island Parkway service road, 230th Street, Kappock Street, Henry Hudson Parkway, Riverdale Avenue, Began service on August 2, 1976, operated by, Began service on January 7, 1980, operated by, Began service on April 26, 1971, operated by Pelham Parkway Express until 1984, then. Overnight QM6 service began on May 6, 2020 due to the subway shutdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, making QM18 stops along Queens Boulevard as well as a pick-up at Woodhaven Boulevard & Hoffman Drive, and a drop-off at Queens Boulevard & Woodhaven Boulevard. In addition, the SIM1C, SIM3C, SIM4C and SIM33C provide off-peak weekday and weekend service, and the SIM1C provides overnight service.

On January 4, 2010, service was extended from its terminal at Father Capodano Boulevard and Seaview Avenue and rerouted to operate to a New York City Parks Department Park & Ride along Hylan Boulevard between Sand Lane and Narrows Road. Express buses operate using over-the-road diesel-powered, 45-ft-long coaches, from Motor Coach Industries and Prevost Car. First drop-off and last pickup in Manhattan is at, Stops at 5th Avenue and 35th Street (southbound) and Madison Avenue and 56th Street (northbound) for transfers from/to other Queens and Bronx express buses, Began service on September 11, 1978 operated Liberty Lines Express (along with. ��9���%���Sߘv +�:�ɐAR��TQ��B�I��X��j�v)�@�uO��`hL��u�|ɘ�/���Qؖ�',����K㷬ȴ� ��ҝ��_:�q���S�GӽH�� �� ��QJ�V�sçcM�M��.qH����)O[���C�xW�]:)��X��܎�l��{���5�Dp�v�v�yc��+�Hi�9vTan�6��-!`�) endstream endobj 492 0 obj <>stream Service along Nereid Avenue will be provided by the new BxM5. All routes going into Manhattan terminate at Midtown on East 59th Street and Madison Avenue. New super express route began service on September 2, 2014. The changes were made in response to a competing express bus route set up by a private bus operator on February 5, 1996, which already ran via New Jersey. The unidirectional fare, payable with MetroCard or OMNY, a contactless payment system which will replace the Metrocard by 2023, is $6.75. Formerly operated by Green Bus Lines beginning in the early 1950s. Off-peak and weekend BxM10 service will operate via Hugh J. System Modernization The projects shaping the future of the MTA. Service began on April 1, 1972, and later became the X23, and then the X90 in 1988. Service discontinued on August 4, 2003, because Atlantic Express lost the lease at the bus terminal. Caravan Bus Systems Inc. picked up these routes due to equipment shortages and budget cuts with the approval of the NYCDOT. AM service turned onto 11th Avenue, 23rd Street, and then up Madison Avenue and then 57th Street to the terminal at Third Avenue. Transparency Our leadership, performance, budgets, financial and investor information, and more. Service will be rerouted from the Major Deegan Expressway to operate via Inwood and the Henry Hudson Parkway to serve West Midtown as part of a redesign of the Bronx bus system. Traveled between Queens and the Bronx via the Whitestone Bridge, and non-stop in the Bronx via the Hutchinson River Parkway, Cross Bronx Expressway, Bronx River Parkway, Kasmiroff Boulevard, and Bedford Park Boulevard. Generally, express routes operated by MTA Bus Company or Academy Bus (under contract to the city Economic Development Corporation) are assigned multi-borough (BM, BxM, QM, SIM) prefixes.

All routes are operated by New York City Transit, except for the SIM23 and SIM24, which are operated by Academy Bus.

Replaced the X17C in the peak direction for downtown service to and from Annadale.

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