moctezuma and cortés

In 1517, Moctezuma received the first reports of Europeans landing on the east coast of his empire; this was the expedition of Juan de Grijalva who had landed on San Juan de Ulúa, which although within Totonac territory was under the auspices of the Aztec Empire. Toutefois, certains historiens contemporains, tels Matthew Restall[10], ajoutent davantage foi aux chroniques des peuples autochtones qu’à celles des Espagnols. The reality is far more complex, but at the same time far more impressive. They had to go through a long and complicated chain of translation to communicate with each other. The skill and sheer number of the Aztec warriors caused massive casualties among the attackers, even while they themselves died in huge numbers from starvation and disease. If you subscribe to BBC History Magazine Print or Digital Editions then you can unlock 10 years’ worth of archived history material fully searchable by Topic, Location, Period and Person. Adobe InDesign CS6 (Macintosh) Having skirmished their way along the coast, and met with Montezuma’s emissaries, Cortés and the conquistadors set out for Tenochtitlan from their settlement of Vera Cruz. L’ethnohistorienne Susan Gillespie a fait valoir que la conception qu’avaient les Nahuas de l'histoire qu’ils interprétaient comme étant une suite de cycles successifs a également conduit à une rationalisation ultérieure des événements de la conquête. Montezuma was commander of the army and organized extensive expeditions of conquest in deference to Huitzilopochtli, the god of war and of the sun. The real Amazons: How the legendary warrior women inspired fighters and feminists, Tudors in America: how England’s New World colonies came into being, Objects with meanings: How artefacts can give us a new take on global history, Percy Fawcett and the lost city of Z: The history behind the film, Podcast: The Battle of the Atlantic and the history of Spain, 10 things you (probably) didn’t know about the Spanish Armada. H�2�32S0г�@��D���@�T�\�D�W�@!����݃ ҋ� Cortés immediately recognised the city’s value and hoped to present it intact to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. Wanting to secure the city peacefully, Cortés negotiated his way into Tenochtitlan as an ambassador of Charles V and was magnificently received by Montezuma, who entertained the Spaniards and their allies lavishly. Having caused me to sit down on a piece of rich carpeting, which he had ordered to be made for his own use, he told me to wait his return there, and then went away. En 1992 par Juan Carlos I a autorisé une nouvelle dénomination du titre, qui est devenu le duché de Moctezuma de Tultengo. Montezuma’s native language, Nahuatl, was a reverential mode of speech. This grand gesture confirmed his intention, as he later declared, “that they would conquer and win the land, or die in the attempt”.

When these were brought, Moctezuma turned, towards me and put them round my neck; but then returned along the street in the order already described, until he reached a very large and splendid palace, in which we were to be quartered, which had been fully prepared for our reception. After a short space of time, when my people were all bestowed in their quarters, he returned with many and various jewels of gold and silver, feather work, and five or six thousand pieces of cotton cloth, very rich and of varied texture and finish. Hubert Howe Bancroft, écrivant au XIXe siècle (Native Races, tome # 3), a émis l'hypothèse que le nom de l'empereur aztèque Moctezuma avait été utilisé pour faire référence à des héros de ces cultures qui sont une combinaison de différents personnages historiques réunis sous le nom d'un représentant particulièrement saillant de l'identité amérindienne.

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