minden fish stocking list 2019

endobj endobj Minden Field Office PO Box 820 12698 Highway 35 Telephone: (705) 286-1521 Minden, ON K0M 2K0 Facsimile: (705) 286-4355 Bancroft District Fish Stocking Program - Minden Area 2017 Our annual fish stocking program this year resulted in the distribution of more than 85,000 fish ��������$�Ә����Ru�H� dQv�1;d�-6��>cC����mK�6j+��(��׳����]|z�&@�j�I-����U�3Z$R�mB=y�8�� ;�f��4�A��o�u[�:�� �F���D����ɋ�����ow�6w�����C���j � 6[�-O�p�Rd�<1��۱]�WXr�|5�̸RCZ/0�JB)-�ᱧeJd�)�i5�������P��F!�Z�>�Uq~��oضm��3��bS����Y&8�,�������|��,��D��.�NUi*x6���%�h!�u���& =z��S�;7��MD�����>���C1O�/� )�\������V�; ��E#,�����)3P��H� <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> $.' Live fish may not be used as bait or possessed for use as bait. *�Q�� �~�Ok��w���'x�Ur$*n��+�׎��5P%�Tq���+f#g��{���e�r�>�"9�w�˂*/F�R����}5�%q ���͂`�� Basic information such as lake statistics, fish species occurrence and fisheries management data. www.NorCalFishReports.com © 2020. Fish on Line (MNRF web site) 2020 Fishing Regulations. & Dec. 1 - Dec. 31.

APRIL 2020 ~ STOCKING LAKE TROUT A short stocking update. "ަв=p�M���_|%���.� |�Ff��*\�i�d�mSu�A�I��ur��0�A����ʼnqDj�ڝ���+��Py���Nr��4��{���vh�=�p�l:l��b�C�� ��U3���w�W�m�x�:����5��u�vاb� ��ǿ��c����5���bId?h? Bancroft Mazinaw Stocking List 2015-2018. <> As a result of the COVID-19 restrictions, we had a shorter stocking list this year. �Oe���G��/5�X"��fV��)|ǝ��?5�e�utFCrPB�Tؐ�G��IN� �Ϋ�&f���7�ފ

in Apr. 4 0 obj %���� �e�� �}�C�C�`��N�ӆc6��%���cvO��l�B������(�Wݕ����骥��w��y��M��P�D,�M�2�+��~�gKR��}���7�r�*�caT��'=�j��XO�+����X�`}8�� 8I}n���ԇ�!���-�e)%�K��+nf����Vfq0$SԼ��+�q�j�4����_?��ˇr�l�����٫7�٫��ŕ`�Rv{~&X��8�q”�Zjv�t~�|������~c�?��� �쇷�[�G�o_���ŭ��AZ�P 6 0 obj Only truck stocking was a available. 7 0 obj ATTENTION: The outflow is down to... Robert McClure from Fallbrook, CA had an amazing... Great fishing continues on Grant with a old... After a short break from river salmon fishing,... Louise McLaughlin Jasen checked in with us after... Closed 10/25 and 10/26 due to high winds,... Water temperature is right about where it needs... That's a wrap! 3 0 obj Fish Stocking Which lakes in Parry Sound-Muskoka are stocked with fish?

Stocking Calendar; Southern Region; Western Region; Eastern Region; Where to Fish; Aquatic Invasive Species; Angler Recognition; Free Fishing Day; Fish Passage; Fish Consumption Safety; Get Email Updates; Login; Fishing Reports; Fishing Licenses; Nevada Fishing Guide � �9]>���'\����cQ�p�T���Sh�� �RFRQ�"^J9U�P<=� �"��e(32�����G�b�����!��X�s[�6H�!02�� #�ފ�i�2 ]��[D�8Ȁ[NpD���K��\�U\t���&����J�m b��h�5"�5�vye�Qx⡪Z(rXQ�-\?

5 0 obj Animoosh Lake - Dickson and Niven Twps. <> In spite of this we did managed, with a small crew, to stock approximately 12,000 Lake Trout already. ",#(7),01444'9=82.

���� JFIF ` ` �� C Pembroke District stocking list 2013-2016. �T�-�y���џ�*R-���r�j#ei+t����b�Ne���p�q�������tj����)�x`�m*��K��~-�k��q. Website Hosting and Design provided by TECK.netTECK.net Minden Fish Stocking List 2013-2017. Live fish may not be used as bait or possessed for use as bait. �4) �1di&�IXR?>- gF;M_��?����5h�iB��㹛m���ǁo��36�j��N�:EC��CzL��ֆ'>ipLO�� �Nf��|���`�s�Nm�:��3���PLQ��DX�,��"��������k�8�ыS�'3���[iF6����w_( ����[5m� q`m��#��(�}!���t�%�7�K6�|���44n#���Z�AdS����Ox5!F����ݞ��3rm7v����L%� ŷ��#�TmJ<=�p��)��G� \\��*!���_5;l��^�ˉ�����;N}ͧ�vp�;�$�a����&=8� ���u�n���f��� T ��z/���!���o�nl��a7=��������첮w�У\R�(1b�f��PCo.���E:7���6H4���߈���XYN�"�z�s��ˆ���C�2�I����]D�����������,��1M����:��в��� This application uses licensed Geocortex Essentials technology for the Esri ® ArcGIS platform. Resources A list of contacts and links for more information. 2 0 obj Ontario fishing maps for 65 lakes in the Haliburton Highlands including Kashagawigamog Lake, Kushog Lake, Boshkung Lake, Gull Lake, Redstone Lake and more

endstream <> stream All Rights Reserved. <> Fishing Report > Stocking Updates. l����ғK�S� ��� 9+��6�p!n7�b�b7����̇�D*ݰ���p��d��Bp�[i���7,�y��G�>Ix�/$�P�I��)�Œ�V�h H���v���xX���H Fishing staying pretty darn good on Grant taking... First of two evenings fishing with Chris from... TROUT

endobj Dip-nets and baitfish traps may not be used to harvest baitfish.

All Rights Reserved. All rights reserved. stream Fisheries Assessment Reports Fisheries studies conducted on various lakes in Parry Sound and Muskoka. Kemptville 2012-2016 stocking list 1 0 obj Fish Stocking. endobj Algonquin Park. %PDF-1.5

> Fish. Fish sanctuary - no fishing from Jan. 1 - Fri. before 4th Sat. Bigger browns coming out to play the last... Bridgeport has been one of the hot spots... www.NorCalFishReports.com © 2020. ��IY�(S�_Ԓ?�T�kƒ�lu���]��|:�C�n�RY�U�����ʧ}���^a�߆��~�* PL��2R�[}��j~�T����1N��\25 <>>> The trout bite has begun to pick... Yekam El Nakar caught *and released* this awesome... Water Conditions:  Good x��Zmo�F�n��a� ֊�B�( endobj Db�I��l(zs�G Ґ��f_Qo��Q��P' 2n��w+2�D��)���6uS�`�'PB:�r�N���V�����Ta�wBZ�Sgp�Xf1B0ϒ`%�( =Z��|� Cb�h�%

����/Gd�������W�ח�g�d���3:��h�-��q����f�����U2�#=k�dVEs�f_#��B���~����4Wڗ�B�)O�O�.Jg�V�s�W� ���K9I��1���>k����X�-�F{l�.�w��;���U�UQDJe��&-u̅�H?�shSrP�%�(�Th2�&�*-yl&�j���D�Hy�r�2��hUOҁK���l�\��$��>�����:��hܮh��U��c������]��i�\������\�P��ғqٕ�i�J�r���E�}>H��u!1i…���7H�����!e-��m]\�q��Rq��Um���� �h̕l�*�k|���h\���Jo�i�>ҭ�� endobj <>

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