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Michigan is surrounded by four of the five Great Lakes, and the state’s 3,288 miles of shoreline are fed by 11,000 inland lakes, 51,000 miles of river systems and 6,500,000 acres of wetlands. All donations are voluntary, but for as little as $1 you can become a member of Bridge Club and support freedom of the press in Michigan during a crucial election year. Maggie Pallone, a vice president at Public Sector Consultants and former deputy director for the state environment department, lauded Whitmer’s strategy for allocating funding to long-unmet clean water needs. Just look at Michigan's pock-marked roads and rusting bridges as an example. ©

Michigan’s navigation system includes coastal infrastructure, navigation harbors, channels, locks, and dams. Michigan's nonpartisan, nonprofit news source. Read the 2018 Report Card for Michigan’s Infrastructure Executive Summary here. The most scary scenario is that the White House and congressional Democrats will agree on a spending plan, but not a funding mechanism, meaning that another $2 trillion will be added to an already unthinkable $22 trillion national debt. If you learned something from the story you're reading please consider supporting our work. Michigan Gov.

Overall, Michigan’s collection, transfer and disposal infrastructure is robust and the industry competitive, with approximately 27 years of landfill disposal capacity remaining.

According to Public Sector Consultants and 21st Century Infrastructure Commission reports, failure to adequately plan for and fund drinking water infrastructure could lead to major crises affecting millions of the State’s residents. Across the country, many states are proving that funding and modernizing infrastructure is a key priority. Hopefully, the funds will be restricted to projects that have never received past grants, because those projects should be charging fees to take care of future upgrades. Infrastructure includes fundamental facilities and systems necessary for Michigan’s economy to function. The other obstacle to a viable infrastructure spending deal is how Democrats define "infrastructure." Gretchen Whitmer on Thursday announced a $500 million clean water spending strategy to address concerns from lead pipe replacement and chemical contamination in drinking water to sewer overflows and leaky septic systems. Before Whitmer’s line-item veto, the overall spending plan included $5.3 billion for roads, a record amount for transportation infrastructure.

Michigan Gov.

Even if Trump were foolish enough to erode one of his administration's signature accomplishments, and one that is delivering on its promised economic growth and job creation, such a concession would have to be pried from the cold, dead fingers of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Work in Michigan will focus on continued positive train control work, an expansion of an auto compound in Flint, autonomous track inspection rail cars, the replacement of rail and ties, and maintenance of bridges, crossings, culverts, signal systems and other track infrastructure. This information helps start the conversation about how to improve our poor infrastructure. We can no longer afford to defer investment in our nation’s critical infrastructure systems. In northern Kent County alone, the cost to hook residents with contaminated wells up to a municipal water system and install filtration to remove PFAS will ultimately cost about $80 million, he said. Facts matter. Rick Snyder's proposed $165 million for infrastructure fixes might be spent. I hope it was worth it.”. The U.S. average was 10.2 percent. While some improvement in the overall condition of Michigan dams has been made in recent years, mostly through the removal of dams, the state must make more progress, particularly as dams across the state continue to age.

Nine years after a significant economic downturn, Michigan is recovering with its population and economy growing again, and vehicle travel is increasing in response to the growth. Michigan’s rail system has approximately 3,600 miles of track that are operated by 26 private railroad companies. Rail car and locomotive statistics: Fleet Stats 2018, Ontario invests billions in ambitious plan to boost GO Transit's commuter-rail service, 17 from '17: Progressive Railroading's most-read news stories of 2017, Railroads continue to push for PTC compliance as federal deadline approaches, From the editor: On the leadership changes at CSX, CSX Sharpens Sales Tools To Take On Trucks, Sawmill Health Clouds Wood-Tie Market Conditions, Assessing The Concrete, Composite And Steel Tie Sectors, RailTrends 2020 To Be Held Virtually In November, previously announced infrastructure spending plans in Canada. Michigan must support innovative policies leading to cleaner water, smoother highways, and a safe environment that will attract business and improve our quality of life. A 2015 Department of Homeland Security study stated that a 30-day unscheduled closure of the Soo Locks would cost industry $160 million and a breakdown lasting six months would cripple the United States economy with 11 million jobs lost. Recent implementation of asset management programs are exposing the deterioration of our stormwater infrastructure, and unless a funding source is dedicated, Michigan’s stormwater infrastructure will continue to decline. Daily per capita waste generation is approximately 5.6 pounds, nearly 27% greater than the national average of 4.4 pounds. However, projections show a steady increase in general aviation activity and substantial growth for corporate and commercial activity over the next 15 years. Michigan Gov. Current taxes and fees do not raise enough revenue, and Michigan “lacks sustainable funding sources to build infrastructure systems for today, as well as for the future,” according to the report . Write your Members of Congress and ask them to fully fund this program so that our nation’s “D” dams can receive the investment they need. Gretchen Whitmer is asking for a 45-cents-per-gallon hike in the state fuel tax for roads, an amount she's not likely to get, but the Legislature might be amenable to a smaller increase. On behalf of Michigan’s 21 st Century Infrastructure Commission, I am pleased to present to you the Commission’s final report, which we are confident will serve as a 50year vision for improving - the state’s infrastructure system and enhancing the quality of life for all Michiganders. The Soo Locks facility passes 80 million tons of commercial commodities annually.

One in four finished automobiles built in Michigan is moved on a CN train. There's no doubt America's infrastructure is in sorry shape and in need of massive investment.

Fortunately, the Michigan legislature took the first steps to increasing investment in our transportation network in 2015. Whitmer vetoed nearly all of the $400 million that Republican lawmakers wanted to spend on a one-time boost in funding for road agencies, including $68 million to replace four crumbling bridges, one of which will need $50 million in order to be replaced. (File photo), October 1, 2020Kelly HouseMichigan Environment Watch, Michigan PFAS chemical threats, Flint water crisis, Detroit water shutoffs. Video: Hummer EV is The New Torque King of Pickups …Or is it? City officials have estimated the cost of replacing Detroit’s lead lines alone could approach $700 million. Rick Snyder said Monday.

Hazard potential is not an indication of the dam’s condition, but an indication for the potential for loss of life and property damage if the dam were to fail. Takeuchi intros TB257FR compact excavator with side-to-side offset boom, How to Choose a Cold Planer: Match the machine to current – and future – jobs, New Dates, Formats and Protocols: Changes in Store for 2021 Construction Equipment Trade Shows, Video: CTL Expert Explains Why Deere Turned the 333G Into a Mini Dozer | The Dirt #15, Front Range Kubota is the 2020 Big Iron Dealer of the Year, Video: Redesigned Takeuchi TL8R2 Has New Creep Mode, Diesel Tech Schools Are Struggling During Covid-19 Pandemic, Chevy Silverado 1500 Gets Better Towing, 6-Way Tailgate For 2021. With 147 line-item vetoes, the governor carved nearly $1 billion out of the nearly $60 billion spending plan for the 2020 fiscal year that went into effect on Tuesday October 1. We just saw Illinois pass a massive, bipartisan transportation... New Report Affirms Higher Gas Tax is Needed to Restore Our Interstates.

As Michigan is a peninsula state, there are three international border crossings by rail to Canada, one of the United States’ and Michigan’s largest trading partner. This slideshow shows how a 1973 mixup at a chemical company in St. Louis sparked an agricultural and health disaster statewide that still affects residents. Michigan’s approximately 2,600 dams support water supply, irrigation, hydropower, and in some cases, recreation. Advocates and experts called Whitmer’s plan a good start, but said much more money is needed to meet Michigan’s water infrastructure needs. Download the Full 2017 Infrastructure Report Card. You may opt out at any time. document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) The condition of Michigan’s education facilities varies widely both across the state, and within individual regions and districts. The status is threatened by increasing energy dependence and demand for high service reliability coupled with aging infrastructure, lack of investment to preserve function, exposure to physical and cyber threats, congestion, and dependence on externally sourced fossil and nuclear fuels. A 20-cent-per-gallon hike in the federal fuel tax, which would more than double the 18-cent levy, was put on the table. Video: What it’s like to play Pac-Man with remote control... Video: How Cat Built a GIANT Trench Maze for Real... 2021 Cummins Engines Will Boost Fuel Economy and Increase Oil... Dealer’s stolen CTL tracked down on Facebook (Video). Business Media for U.S. Building Professionals, EPA Awards Approximately $90 Million to Address Water Infrastructure in Massachusetts, University of Florida Engineer is Using Research Award to Make Steel Manufacturing More  Energy Efficient, Groundwater groups urge EPA to fund better stormwater systems, The U.S. election could bring about a surge in infrastructure spending. Have 11,000 Michigan sites tested positive for them? While a majority of Michigan’s residents have access to some form of public transportation, the reliability and availability of these services to many areas is inadequate, and some of the urban systems are unable to adequately meet transit demands. Privacy Policy and “My hope is that this is the start of a conversation around water availability and how communities can afford to upkeep their water infrastructure,” Pallone said. It is essential that these valuable assets are protected, and our $15 billion water economy is sustained by proper operation, maintenance, and rehabilitation of our wastewater infrastructure. The rail system moves over $194 billion in commodities, the largest of which include coal, transportation equipment, and agricultural products. Upper Peninsula man nearly killed by COVID. With the exception of 665 miles owned by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and operated under contract, the infrastructure is privately owned. Well, rural areas have those long, lonely stretches of roads, while more urban counties will have fewer roads by the mile, with many homes and businesses in a small area. Smart investment will only be possible with leadership, planning, and a clear vision for our nation’s infrastructure. Dear Reader: We value your thoughts and criticism on the articles, but insist on civility. Quality infrastructure allows Michigan to be a front-runner in research & development, manufacturing, farming, and tourism. Approximately 1,234 bridges (11%) of the state’s 11,156 bridges are structurally deficient, and the Michigan Department of Transportation anticipates, based on available funding, the number of state maintained bridges currently rated in poor condition will increase by 50% between 2016 and 2023, from 236 bridges to 354 bridges. Advocates and experts called Whitmer’s plan a good start, but said much more money is needed to meet Michigan’s water infrastructure needs. Despite these projections, funding and programs have remained unchanged since 2005.

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