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A fallen angel, Eligor holds the 15th rank among demons. After S.E.E.S. He then warns the protagonist that "a contingency has happened" and his rehabilitation may not carry through, calling it an "unexpected situation." In every Persona game to date, Igor has played the role of Proprietor of the Velvet Room, a space between dream and reality, mind and matter.

img. True to his word, during the next day, the Phan-site poll's approval rate raises by two fold almost instantly after he finishes his speech, catching the Phantom Thieves off guard in a heist that led to Okumura's death. Japanese Name An unknown amount of time before the events of Persona 5, Igor, the Velvet Room, and a new assistant Lavenza were attacked by a being named Yaldabaoth. The protagonist talks to his fellow thieves and spur them back into action. Shin Kanzato has a clay statue of Igor that he sculpted. Igor Increases your Persona stock to 12 slots. In particular, unlike previous installments where he never forms a Social Link on his own, he takes the usual place of the current party of Persona users as the Fool Arcana Confidant himself. Igor decides to reward the protagonist by reviewing memories of past events. Additionally, Nameless, Belladona and the Demon Painter are absent. Additionally, he also takes a neutral bystanding stance himself, and never directly interferes or gives obvious warnings to any people or anything that he had a contract with.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin ~ The Errors of Their Youth, Persona 20th Anniversary All Time Best Album, Let the Butterflies Spread Until the Dawn, Persona 4: The Ultimax Ultra Suplex Hold Stageplay, https://megamitensei.fandom.com/wiki/Igor?oldid=386497, Allows you to negotiate with Shadows after performing a. In this form, he carries a lance, pennon, and a scepter.

and Metis exit the time skip, they were all transported into the Velvet Room and greeted by Igor, who explains that Metis is a part of Aigis' personality, due to her desire to live as a machine over the death of the protagonist. He then introduces his newest attendants: Caroline and Justine, his prison guards. See things normally invisible to the naked eye by pressing the L1 button. Despite the fact that the masses' cognition denies the Phantom Thieves' existence, Igor reveals that the Phantom Thieves were merely held in special cells within the Velvet Room as "this place is between dream and reality, mind and matter," and encourages him to pursue them. Before the deadline to change Kunikazu Okumura's heart, Igor alludes to Goro Akechi destroying his shadow, and the resultant mental shutdown in the future, warning him that the higher point can precede a fall. Igor is the mysterious proprietor of the Velvet Room. [[File:P3M - Velvet Room.png The protagonist signs a contract with Pharos and Igor at the start of the game agreeing to take responsibility for his actions. Games Movies TV Video. In Persona, Igor calls himself "a servant of Philemon." He appears to be quite tall when fully stood up.

25% chance of inflicting the Exhaustion ailment, single target. He refers the protagonist as the prisoner and asks for his name. After entering the Assembly of Nihilo proper, he shows up to fight the Hito-Shura 2 times, 3 if he opens a specific chest, and summons a different group of demons to assist him each time. However, the protagonist restores the Twin Wardens back into their original form, Lavenza, and exposes "Igor's" identity. Upon seeing Aigis's lifeless body (her Synapse Circuits were burnt out), Ken Amada remembers the Velvet Room and what happened in there, reminding everyone of it. img. His role is crucial in every Persona protagonist's journey. Amazon.com: ELIGOR for Renault Maxity EDF 1/43 DIECAST Model ... Eligor, spcialise dans la vhicules vhicules miniature,est. 2. Yaldabaoth asserted himself into the Velvet Room by splitting Lavenza into the twin Wardens, Caroline and Justine, and corrupting the Velvet Room into a prison. New lines for Igor in, Another Japanese voice actor who played Igor was, Igor's name, along with Margaret, Elizabeth, Theodore, Lavenza, Caroline and Justine may come from, As stated above, Igor functions as the Fool Confidant with the protagonist in. P2

Further on, he creates Margaret, Elizabeth, Theodore, and Lavenza, as assistants who pursue similar questions in life to assist him in the Velvet Room. After Yaldabaoth leaves to complete his plan, the real Igor reappears back in the Velvet Room and formally greets the protagonist for the first time. Profile. P3 Movie Igor greets him, explaining that the Velvet Room is a place that exists between dream and reality, and is only accessible to those who have, in some form, made a contract. Igor is no longer seen with the phone but he still handles Persona fusion through the use of cards. Igor's Japanese voice actor Isamu Tanonaka was best known for his voice-over for Medama Oyaji (Eyeball Father) in the anime series GeGeGe no Kitaro. Players choosing the female route may choose to switch Elizabeth out for Theodore when Igor prompts the female Protagonist what attendant they see.

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