lost timeline explained

At the time of the Purge, the leader of the Others was Charles Widmore, although Richard Alpert was still acting as an intermediary between the group and Jacob. Three days later, she gave birth to her daughter, Alex, who was taken from her by Ben Linus, who was by then allied with the Others. In the years leading up to the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, which departed from Australia in 2004, circumstances conspired to bring the survivors together in surprising ways, thanks to the influence of Jacob and the island's mystical powers. The cabin (or whoever resides in it) has been shown at times to have a number of mystical powers, including the ability to disappear when it doesn't want to be found, something Locke found out the hard way in season four. Several romantic relationships sprang up, including Sayid and Shannon Rutherford, Charlie and Claire, and a love triangle between Jack, Kate, and Sawyer. This transformed Jacob's brother into a column of black smoke, although he could still assume his human form when he wanted to. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Also, it's never revealed who built the cabin or why. "It's impossible to tie up every loose end," he explained, "and...Libby's story is incredibly tangential to the principle action on the show." Jack volunteered and was made immortal. It's been years since Lost aired its final season, and fans are still debating exactly what happened over the course of the show's narrative-twisting, reality-bending, time-hopping six seasons. And, seriously, why do people keep playing them in the real-life lottery when they are so obviously cursed? Jacob and his brother were raised by the guardian until their teen years, when she finally took them to the Heart of the Island and explained her role in protecting it. Why was Danielle spared, or did she actually have the sickness the whole time? And while we're asking questions, when did Jacob move in? However, bad things kept happening to the group, and Ben Linus eventually convinced Jack that they had to return to the island in order to make them stop. Yeah, that probably didn't please any fans. Somehow, Lost was such a weird show that when the characters ran across a huge foot statue with only four toes, it didn't even seem all that strange. Unfortunately, we'll probably never know. Whether that's true or not, it was never made explicitly clear on the show, and something as weird as a four-toed foot statue definitely deserves a better explanation. Jack remembered last, after touching his father's casket in the church where his funeral was supposed to be held. In 2007, Ajira Airways Flight 316 departed from LAX in Los Angeles, California bound for Guam, a U. S. territory in the western Pacific. In fact, Aaron spends quite a bit of time with Kate before winding up with Claire's mom, and you know, he seems to have turned out just fine. However, Juliet lived long enough to detonate the bomb before she died, and the group was flung back to 2007. The scheduled flight time was 13 hours. Then season four brought the deaths of Rousseau and, shortly thereafter, her daughter, Alex. They weren't really interested in spending a lot of time explaining the nitty-gritty details, but while a little mystery is a good thing, we're still left scratching our heads. After three years of faithfully pushing the button, Desmond experienced significant doubts, which led to him accidentally killing his DHARMA companion and failing to press the button in time. Boone died after a severe fall at the end of season one. The show never gave any answers, and as a result, fans have spent a lot of sleepless nights wondering what was going on in the Lost writing room. After the crash of Oceanic 815, Widmore staged a fake plane wreck in the Sunda Trench, so everyone would assume the 815 survivors were dead, and no one would go looking for the island.

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