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rhetoric, 2nd edn. Bailey ties these local ways of interacting to micro-communicational. Thus, it seeks, mainly, to answer the following question: Can strategic functions be established and utilized within the media discourse to convey ideological media message to the recipients? 436–56. This process involves viewing communicative behavior in terms of four func-, tion of politicization, Muntigl (2002) argues, is needed to expand the ‘‘conceptual, horizon of politics’’ of political discourse, beyond studies of ‘‘stable, rigid forms of politi-. political ideologies through the propagation of self-presentation and political persuasion. Based on the spatial–temporal–axiological (STA) model, we compare the journalistic discourses on two social media, This paper focuses on the employment of the participant role ‘Beneficiary: Recipient’ in the discourse of U.S. President George W. Bush in the period from September 11, 2001 to May 1, 2003. highlight the role language and language policies play as instruments of social policies. Perspectives in politics and discourse, ed. Politicization and depoliticization: unemployment policy in the European Union. Rhetorical criticism.

——. Journal of Pragmatics 9. 1976. Luke, Allan. A new agenda in (critical) discourse analysis: theory, methodology, and inter-.


As such, this study is designed to identify the prevailing strategic functions enacted through linguistic choices to reflect “Self” and “Other” ’s constructions in the CNN’s Arab spring news text by analyzing presupposition and the hidden ideologies behind. These accounts drew on, ideologies of masculinity as the boys placed themselves on a hierarchy of masculity based. This study adopts a cross-disciplinary approach to analyze political communication across transcultural contexts, especially in the cyber discourse space.

Basingstoke: West, Candace, and Sarah Fenstermaker. Briefly, he credits CDA with helping legiti-, mate a socially concerned approach to discourse analysis and applauds its commitment to, linking linguistic analysis to other social science research programs and its focus on insti-, tutional (rather than mundane) environments for critiquing the relationships between, power, language, and social processes (6, 34). 233–46. The rhetorical tradition: readings from classical times to the present. Google Scholar | Crossref Chilton, P ( 1990 ) `Politeness, Politics and Diplomacy' , Discourse and Society 1(2): 201 - 224 . Textual politics: discourse and social dynamics.

This linguistic turn in political science was part of the ‘‘late 20th century acknowledgement’’ within the social. ‘I’m not a racist but. Perspectives in politics and discourse, ed.

As outlined, by Davies (1994), language ideologies figure prominently in policies and decisions con-, cerning official and standard languages, language planning, language academies, and lan-, guage education policies (3212).

See Wodak (1995) for an account of the relationship between CDA and critical.

Lycan, W. (1986) Logical Form in Natural Language. Regarding method, CDA is, faulted for producing biased and restrictive interpretations of data (31); for collapsing, semantics and pragmatics by assuming that textual function resides in textual meaning, (32); and for assuming, a priori, the relevance of certain aspects of context (e.g., power). Indeed, since its, early articulations, CDA has been further developed, refined, and modified through, numerous books and essays (e.g., Caldas-Coulthard and Coulthard 1996; Chouliaraki and.

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A New Political and Communication Agenda for Political Discourse Analysis: Critical Reflections on C... Transcultural political communication from the perspective of proximization theory: A comparative an... ‘Beneficiary’ as a means for a dichotomous representation in political discourse, Strategic Functions in CNN’s Media Discourse: An Ideological Method to Convince People. 2005.

This self-proclaimed positive self-presentation and negative others-presentation are employed politically, transforming the perception and political views of people. Using interactional analysis and ethnography, Bucholtz (2011), examines the intersection of race and gender in a study of how European American stu-, dents at an ethnoracially divided high school talk about minority groups. Discourse Studies. 2007. London: Routledge. Journal of Language and Politics 10(2). On the phenomenon of political discourse through the prism of theoretical and methodological interrelationship between language and politics, A STUDY OF RHETORICAL ELEMENT AND POLITICAL PERSUASION IN TRUMP'S SPEECH AT UNGA 74TH SESSION: A POLITICAL DISCOURSE ANALYSIS, A LEXICO-SEMANTIC ANALYSIS OF CREATIVE EXPRESSIONS USED DURING THE 2019 GENERAL ELECTIONS IN NIGERIA, Eyes Wide Shut: Political Ideology as a Tool of Discursive Avoidance Among Israeli-Jewish Students in the Context of Escalating Conflict, FULL TEXT REGISTER JOURNAL VOL 13 NO 1 JUNE 2020, Persuasive power concerning COVID-19 employed by Premier Imran Khan: A socio-political discourse analysis, Political discourse analysis: a decolonial approach, Asylum-Seeker Policies in the Australian Parliamentary Debate, Political commitments and ideologies: A diachronic transitivity analysis of Philippine presidents' inaugural speeches, Advancing the Linguistic Turn: Premises of Conceptual Work, Critical Discourse Analysis: The Critical Analysis of Language, Language in the news: Discourse and ideology in the press, Language as a political category: The viewpoint of political science, The fall of the Berlin Wall: European and value-oriented dimensions in the news discourse, Language structure and linguistic ideology, Conclusions: Europe, Media, Crisis and the European Public Sphere.

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