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(on camera): One thing Noah will have no trouble doing on The Daily Show: accents. Post by: CNN Anchor and Correspondent, Kristie Lu Stout Filed under: China • General • Technology • Titans of Tech • Viral Videos: soundoff (No Responses) Post a comment. He joins us live from New York. MOOS (voice-over): To audiences abroad, he's joked about Americans. And Google's plan to bring internet access to the rest of the world with balloons. Now that prosecutor has been investigating the death of an anti- government demonstrator in the Gezi Park protest. There is support for this in the coalition and in the parliament. RIVERS: This is Savita Halappanavar who is the Indian dentist who tragically died last October during child birth. Just then you heard both of them pressing for action to stabilize the euro and also calling for budgetary discipline. They have been involved, obviously, in briefing lawmakers up on Capitol Hill, one White House spokesman said yesterday that they've had hundreds, quote, hundreds of contacts with lawmakers up on Capitol Hill, that is because, Kristie, a lot of lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are skeptical of this. Now Turkey is just now starting to recover from a massive blackout that left huge parts of the country without power on Tuesday. And how reliable are these tests? MOOS (voice-over): -- a weatherman finds a hanger he left in his suit, at least Trevor Noah is no empty suit. (END VIDEOTAPE) LU STOUT: Now let's go back to our top story this hour, the massive blackout in Turkey. And it went really well. I mean, we launched about 30 balloons over about two weeks.

We had a balloon that we flew halfway around the world to see how that would go for our longest flight ever, about 12 days. LU STOUT: All right, strong context there.
NATE BOSS (ph), MOTORCYCLIST: When I saw the cup I was like, well, this lady just has a cup on her bumper. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) LU STOUT: Welcome back. But now to a unique new project from Google.

LU STOUT: That's the warning sign there. Both those cases were bloggers who are either Christian or atheist or critical of Islam somehow. You're watching News Stream. SNOAD: Thank you very much. Now activists on both sides of the issue have been gathering near the Irish parliament building. And the way to think about it might be that if, you know, that having access on the ground is -- has a lot of challenges. His heavy accent caused a few moments of misunderstanding - like when he tried to say the word "billion" but it came out as "eleven." MOOS: Nate figures he was doing about 40, with his head cam rolling. And this teenager, he's obviously smart. And he had his greatest success, he believes, when the United States passed what is known as the Magnitsky Act, which was a bill preventing access to the United States, denying visas, but also freezing the assets of any Russian official implicated in Sergei Magnitsky's death and other human rights abuses as well. LU STOUT: Yeah, something has to change. And the U.S. has not said whether it regards the removal of President Mohamed Morsy as a coup. Unfit for work as a pilot, a whole different ballgame to unfit for work behind a desk. Better a mug than a mug shot. Vietnam becoming rapidly becoming one of the world's largest jailer of journalists and bloggers despite the fact it has a relatively small population. (COMMERCIAL BREAK) LU STOUT: And that's the iconic Star Ferry coming to you live from Hong Kong, you are back watching News Stream. She added her airline is working as quickly as possible to recover from this accident. Kyung Lah, CNN, San Francisco. (voice-over): And has graced the covers of South African editions of "GQ" and "Rolling Stone."

And Gull, please let us know just how widespread is the power outage. LU STOUT: So -- and if they can fly up there for just 100 days, is this a solution best suited for a humanitarian crisis? Thank you very much indeed for that. Phil Black joining us live from Moscow. But now to Switzerland where leading diplomats from six world powers and Tehran now just have 10 hours to finalize a framework deal on Iran's nuclear program. He's going to be engaged, in that sense, very positive signals about the outcome of these talks. And there's quite a number of them. BOSS (ph): Make her day, I guess. What's controversial about this law, though, it's not just in medical emergencies that abortion will be permitted, it would also be when a woman says she is suicidal as a result of falling pregnant, and that is especially controversial for those who oppose this law. And then the lawyers take it from there. And so it seems to be emerging at this point in time that a possible motive could be the fear of losing his ability to fly and the fear of being grounded because of all that. I said yeah. Matthew Chance joining us live from Moscow.

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