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With Katie Verlin Laatikainen, ‘Good Intentions Are Not Enough’, opinion piece in European Voice, 29 June – 5 July 2006, 1 p. ‘Whither the CFSP after the Demise of the Constitution?‘, The Federal Trust European Newsletter, March/April 2006, 2 pp. ‘The European Union and the fight against international terrorism’, Europe NYC, newsletter of the New York consortium for European studies, February 2004, 2 pp. The UK is also a Nuclear power the EU isn’t. We are members of the “Five Eyes” and have access to the very best intelligence gathering in the world, the EU doesn’t. ‘The European Parliament and human rights: norm entrepreneur or ineffective talking shop?’, paper no. Brexit poses a considerable set of challenges for UK and EU foreign policy, even if the UK eventually negotiates a ‘Norway-plus’ or ‘Canada-plus’ type of arrangement with the EU. ‘Genocide and the Europeans’, blog posting for ‘This Side of the Pond’, Cambridge University Press, June 2011.

‘The EU in the World: Future Research Agendas’, in Michelle Egan, Neill Nugent and William Paterson, eds, Studying the European Union: Current and Future Agendas (Palgrave, 2009), pp. 3, no. 54, no. With Katie Verlin Laatikainen, ‘Introduction – The European Union at the United Nations: Leader, Partner or Failure?’, in Katie Verlin Laatikainen and Karen E Smith, eds, The European Union at the United Nations: Intersecting Multilateralisms (Palgrave, 2006), pp. ‘EU Foreign Policy and Asia’, in Richard Balme and Brian Bridges, eds, Europe-Asia Relations: Building Multilateralisms (Palgrave, 2008), pp. Karen E. Smith – LSE 3, August 2018. ‘Missing in Analysis: Women in Foreign Policy-Making‘, Foreign Policy Analysis, vol. ‘Engagement and Conditionality: Incompatible or Mutually Reinforcing?’, in Richard Youngs, ed., New Terms of Engagement, Global Europe Report 2 (London: Foreign Policy Centre, 2005), pp. For example, the European Community united against the Reagan administration’s extraterritorial sanctions on companies working on the gas pipeline between the Soviet Union and Western Europe; the EU found a high degree of unity in opposition to the Bush administration’s denigration of the International Criminal Court; and the EU has long tried to lead the way on climate change, where the US has been particularly hostile. Karen Smith Category Buyer - ITM Power Ltd at ITM Power (LSE: ITM.L) Doncaster, United Kingdom 195 connections With Katie Verlin Laatikainen, ‘Introduction: The Multilateral Politics of UN Diplomacy’, The Hague Journal of Diplomacy, special issue on The Multilateral Politics of UN Diplomacy,vol. London School of Economics and Political Science. 1/2, 1996, pp. ‘The EU in the UN General Assembly Third Committee’, in Spyros Blavoukos and Dimitris Bourantonis, eds, The EU in UN Politics: Actors, Processes and Performance (Palgrave, 2017). If this scenario does indeed come to pass, then what are the implications for British and EU foreign policy? 16 (Leiden: Brill, 2020). The special issue examines how and why regional, formal and informal political groups influence outcomes and norms in a variety of UN settings. Note: This article originally appeared on the LSE Brexit blog.

Will the UK behave in the same way?

347-64. 169-84.

My other research interest is the foreign policy of emerging and regional powers, with a focus on South Africa, and the role of new governance groupings like the BRICS. With Helene Sjursen, ‘Justifying EU Foreign Policy: The Logics Underpinning EU Enlargement’, in Thomas Christiansen and Ben Tonra, eds, Rethinking EU Foreign Policy (Manchester University Press, 2004), pp. 189-212. ‘External Relations’, in Michelle Cini, ed., EU Politics (Oxford University Press, 2003), pp. 2, 2017. ‘The European Union and the Politics of Legitimisation at the United Nations’, European Foreign Affairs Review, vol. A ‘virtual special issue’ on Brexit of the BJPIR, including our article, is available here. ‘The Travails of the European Union at the United Nations’, International Affairs Forum, Summer 2011. 103-13. This is also where I completed my PhD in 2005 (exploring normative and ideational theories of global political transformation).

with Katie Verlin Laatkainen, ‘The Only Sin at the UN is Being Isolated’, in Karen E Smith and Katie Verlin Laatikainen, eds, Group Politics in UN Multilateralism, Diplomatic Studies series vol. 17, automne 2005, pp. 4, 2015) are available for free. European Union Coordination on Human Rights Issues at the United Nations, Postcolonial Conflict and the Question of Genocide: The Nigeria-Biafra War, 1967-1970, The EU in UN Politics: Actors, Processes and Performance. The EU and the Responsibility to Protect in an Illiberal Era, Dahrendorf Forum Working Paper no. 2, 2017. with Chiara de Franco and Christoph O. Meyer, ‘”Living by Example?” The European Union and the Implementation of the Responsibility to Protect (R2P)‘, Journal of Common Market Studies, vol. 31-57. LinkedIn is the world's largest business network, helping professionals like Karen Smith discover inside connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts, and business partners. Karen has 6 jobs listed on their profile. Translated into Arabic. 229-45.

9, no 2, 2003, pp.

We knew what we were voting for we were told of the dire consequences of leaving we were bullied into voting to stay & we chose to leave. 33-46. ‘The EU, Human Rights and Relations with Third Countries: “Foreign Policy” with an Ethical Dimension?’, in Karen E. Smith and Margot Light, eds, Ethics and Foreign Policy (Cambridge University Press, 2001), pp.

60-79. ‘Engagement and Conditionality: Incompatible or Mutually Reinforcing?’, online dossier on the European Parliament’s role in foreign policy, The EU and the Responsibility to Protect in an Illiberal Era, European Union Foreign Policy after Lisbon: Five Lessons Learned from a Series of Roundtables’, ‘The EU in the World: Future Research Agendas’, ‘Justifying EU Foreign Policy: The Logics Underpinning EU Enlargement’. 3, September 2005, pp. ‘The EU, Human Rights and Relations with Third Countries’, in Redefining Security? 239-54. with Katie Verlin Laatkainen, eds, special issue of The Hague Journal of Diplomacy on The Multilateral Politics of UN Diplomacy, vol. 1-2, 2000, pp. 154-74. 7/2000, Proceedings from an ARENA Workshop, March 2000, pp.

‘The EU and Democracy Promotion, Five Years On from the Arab Spring: No Time for Celebration‘, The European Financial Review, October-November 2015. The Role of the European Union in European Security Structures, ARENA Report no. 104-21. ‘The EU’s Peace-Making Role in Eastern Europe’, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, vol. ‘The European Union: A Distinctive Actor in International Relations’, Brown Journal of World Affairs, vol. ‘Understanding the European Foreign Policy System’ (review article), Contemporary European History, vol. PE 11/2004 in online dossier on the European Parliament’s role in foreign policy, Observatory of European Foreign Policy, Autonomous University of Barcelona, 3 pp.

Rather paradoxically, Donald Trump’s election as US president poses such difficult challenges for the EU that it may find the will and unity to protect its own interests. 105-39. 2, Winter/Spring 1997, pp. ‘The ACP in the European Union’s Network of Regional Relationships: Still Unique or Just One in the Crowd?’, in Karin Arts and Anna Dickson, eds, European Union Development Cooperation: From Model to Symbol (Manchester University Press, 2004), pp.

‘Regional Agencies and the Yugoslav Crisis: The Application of Chapter VIII of the United Nations Charter’, in Paul Taylor, Sam Daws, and Ute Adamczick-Gerties, eds, Documents on the Reform of the United Nations (Aldershot: Dartmouth, 1997), pp. with Christoph Meyer and Chiara de Franco, ‘Europe and the European Union’, in Alex Bellamy and Tim Dunne, eds, The Oxford Handbook on the Responsibility to Protect (Oxford University Press, 2016). For both sides, there are clearly greater losses than gains. 12, no. Prior to that, I taught at the University of Stellenbosch, in South Africa’s wine region. Karen E Smith writes that while the EU itself will also suffer from Brexit, paradoxically, Donald Trump’s election may stiffen the EU’s resolve to act on climate change and the nuclear deal with Iran. Studies Coherence, Nuclear deterrence, and International Negotiations.

Winner of the 2020 Friends of ACUNS award for the best recent book on the UN. ‘The Use of Political Conditionality in the EU’s Relations with Third Countries: How Effective?’, European Foreign Affairs Review, vol.

17, no. The Making of EU Foreign Policy: The Case of Eastern Europe (Houndmills: Macmillan, 1999), 264 pp. Her books include European Foreign Policy in a Changing World (3rd edition, Polity, 2015) and Genocide and the Europeans (Cambridge University Press, 2010).

2, July 2013. View Karen Smith’s professional profile on LinkedIn. 4, July 2005, pp. Other like-minded non-EU European states – notably Iceland, Norway and Switzerland – often mirror EU foreign policies in areas of interest to them (for example, peacekeeping or sanctions or relations with countries in the European neighbourhood): they cannot challenge or compete with the weight of the EU, while undermining EU policy can damage their own relationships with the EU, and following the EU’s lead can help further their interests. She introduces herself. 2, Summer 1998, pp. ‘Mass Atrocity Prevention: Forever Elusive or Potentially Achievable? As the 2013 Review of the Balance of Competences between the UK and the EU found in the area of foreign policy, it was very much in the UK’s interests to work through the EU in a number of policy areas, because the UK benefits from the leverage of the single European market, and the range and versatility of the EU’s various policy tools.

The Making of EU Foreign Policy: The Case of Eastern Europe, 2nd edition (Houndmills: Palgrave, 2004), 293 pp. 116, no. It gives the views of the author, not the position of EUROPP – European Politics and Policy, nor of the London School of Economics. Genocide and the Europeans (Cambridge: Cambridge… 67-85. 18, no. 3, 2017, pp.

1-23. Can the European Union be a Pole in a Multipolar World? 2, 2010, pp.

‘Whither Genocide Prevention’, in Samuel Totten, ed., Last Lectures: The Prevention and Intervention of Genocide (Routledge, 2018). ‘Is the European Union’s Soft Power in Decline?’, Current History, vol. So the removal of the UK’s ‘veto power’ will not mean EU unity is any easier to achieve, and the loss of the UK will diminish the EU’s weight and standing in relations to other powers. Before coming to Leiden at the end of January 2017, I was based in the Political Studies Department of the University of Cape Town for 6 years, where I taught International Relations (IR). Other ongoing projects include a joint project on African agency in international relations (both historically and in the current global context) with colleagues from the LSE and Sciences Po, a project on the future of the BRICS with colleagues from the University of St Petersburg and, as part of the World International Studies Committee (WISC) and workshops aimed at mentoring young scholars from the Global South.

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