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Nearest stations. Gate/Area: 44, Before Security | Connecting flight? Gate/Area: Main Terminal, After Security | Gate/Area: Food Court, After Security | JFK Terminal 8 offers a range of amenities and services to support the needs of any type of traveler or visitor to the airport. Gate/Area: 41, After Security | DISCLOSURE: We may earn a commission when you use one of our coupons/links to make a purchase. JFK Terminal Map The terminals buildings are arranged in a O-shaped pattern around a central area containing parking, a power plant, and other airport facilities. Your Parking! After Security | Gate/Area: 14, After Security | After Security | After Security | Save big - Your Ride! Explore JFK Terminal 8 Map . Gate/Area: 38, Before Security | Gate/Area: 34, After Security | JFK Terminal 8 Map / Directions; JFK Terminal 8. JFK Airport Map Daily Parking: Red, Orange, Yellow, Blue Long Term Parking: Lefferts Boulevard Express Buses to Manhattan & Rental Car and Hotel Shuttles JFK International Airport Electric Car Charging Station Motorcycle/Bicycle Parking Reserved Spaces NYC Transit Buses Taxi Pick Up Area Terminal 8 Terminal 1 Terminal 2 Terminal 4 Terminal 5 Terminal 7 AirTrain Route Van Wyck … Reserve Gate/Area: 12. Pizzas, pastas, salads and more. After Security | Gate/Area: Arrivals. Gate/Area: 2, Before Security | Gate/Area: 6, After Security | Gate/Area: Corridor to Concourse C, After Security | Starting from here Go to here Nearest hotels. JFK Terminals Map. Safe and reliable vans and shuttles - book now! View JFK Traveler Info . “JetBlue has been The man went through security at Terminal 8 on Saturday afternoon, then went outside to smoke, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said. Terminals; Amenities; Airlines New York Kennedy Terminal 8 Bars, Cafes & Restaurants . Gate/Area: Arrivals & Departures, After Security | Access this section of the website to explore our JFK travel guide, with useful tips, links and travel information to help you plan and make the most of your visit to JFK. Gate/Area: 39. Gate/Area: Departures, After Security | Abitino's Pizza. Gate/Area: 8, After Security | JFK T8 Amenities & Services. Gate/Area: Arrivals Level, After Security | Reserve book now! Portable electronics, accessories, movies, rental, music and more. Gate/Area: 42, After Security | Use this tool to help you get between terminals. All rights reserved. © 2020 Red Cirrus, LLC. Gate/Area: Departures, After Security | Those, in turn, host 128 boarding gates. Gate/Area: 10, After Security | If looking at the map of the airport construction, you may notice that all of the terminals have a U-shaped figure and are located right around the parking lots, a power plant, and other facilities. There are currently six operating terminals located on the territory of the JFK Airport. Jfk Terminal 8 Gate Map – The 12-gate north terminal will be a 111,000m2 extension of terminal 5, replacing terminal 7 and the former terminal 6 site. Specialty coffee drinks, desserts & snacks. New York Kennedy Airport ( JFK ) Terminal 8 Map Information . Gate/Area: 40, After Security | Hot and cold sandwiches and croissants - everything is baked on site daily. Gate/Area: Concourse B, After Security | Gate/Area: 43. Your Ride. Reserve JetBlue Airways will develop and operate the facility. JFK Airport has six operative terminals numbered 1–8, skipping Terminal 3 and 6, which were demolished in 2011 and 2013 after Terminal 5 was expanded. Gate/Area: 3, After Security | Gate/Area: 7, After Security | Gate/Area: 4, Before Security | Gate/Area: 36, After Security | Gate/Area: 35, After Security | Safe and reliable vans and shuttles - book your parking online. Gate/Area: 46, Soho Cafe offers a friendly atmosphere serving a selection of hot and cold drinks as well as a great selection of fresh food, After Security | 1 JFK Terminal 1 407m; 2 JFK Terminal 7 497m; 3 JFK Terminal 2 585m; 4 JFK Terminal 4 692m; 5 JFK Terminal 5 748m; 6 JFK International Airport 822m; Railway list.

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