jack kline

When Kelly commits suicide, only for jack to resurrect her. Spawn of Lucifer Abomination Leonardo Dicaprio (by Jewels) It has been stated numerous times that Jack possesses unimaginable power and according to his father, his power is "a chip off the old ball of heavenly light". Jack is described to the the strongest creature in all of creation as he is a child of God's strongest creations, the Archangels, giving him the inheritance of using all Archangel abilities but far advanced and accomplish feats that are seemingly impossible.

Even though Jack is old, his mind his very young as he can be very gullible into falling for people's lies such as thinking the disguised Asmodeus, masquerading as Donatello telling him he should release the Shedim, just to make God proud, which Jack did not seem to think twice as to finding it weird on why would someone he hardly knows ask him to fulfill a request of not knowing the ramification of the consequences to come. While still in his mother's womb, Jack was shown to be aware of his surroundings. When Kelly commits suicide, only for jack to resurrect h… https://supernaturalfanon.fandom.com/wiki/Jack_Kline_(The_Survivor)?oldid=62127.

Affiliation: After being locked in a cell with Mary, the two meet and break free from their prison after finding a weak spot. Jewels was interested in the young man and where he came from. He can have low-self-esteem and promotes him to inflicting self-harm onto himself. When the time comes for Jack's labor, he produces by accident a rift that leads to the Apocalypse World. Some have claim his power relates to that of God, probably in a similar nature as Donatello detected a familiar presence from Jack like that of God when he last encountered him or Doctor Hess saying Jack can destroy all of the universe. Jewels Eden (girlfriend/cousin) Kelly Kline (mother) † Lucifer (biological father) Castiel (parental uncle/chosen father/guardian) God (parental grandfather) The Darkness (parental great-aunt) Michael (parental uncle) Raphael (parental uncle) † Gabriel (parental uncle) Angels (parental uncles and aunts) Jane (parental cousin) † Queen Sheba (parental cousin) † Jack Kline (parental grandfather) Mrs. Kline (parental grandmother) Winchester Family (guardians/surrogate family) He can become afraid of what he can do, which is what leads to him holding back, never using his full power as he could lose control and kill people. Living in a dangerous world has caused Jack to suffer too much pain and take on the world's problems on his own. They camp out for the night and when Jack's origins are discovered, due to the bad blood with the angel's betrayal, Bobby angrily demands he is to be sent away at morning.

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