interview with elinor donahue

I think her memory is more than a little foggy 30 years later.

People who smoke occasionally or regularly, ordinarily do so out of reach of the cameras for an image issue. That could have been part of it. By Jae-Ha Kim LoL, I can't picture that woman as Marlena whatsoever! Peggy McCay was blond back then. Sometimes when people have traveled all their lives, they grow tired of going to different places. They were hard to come across but we got some photos of. She can’t work and be with me while I’m acting, so it’s a no-brainer. ? I was usually invited, but I never wanted to go, because I thought, ‘Well, gee, I was only in the one episode. “I did a toe dance one time,” she recalls, “and the other morning I caught an episode that had Bud playing the bongo drums and I was doing this faux bongo dance — whatever you do to a bongo beat. I have since read they had a hot and heavy thing going, and in that case he was able to relate.”, One warm memory of her time on the show came when they were shooting that first season’s Christmas episode, and she was extremely nervous about singing on camera. On The Andy Griffith Show, she played pharmacist Ellie Walker, who was designed to become the girlfriend of Sheriff Andy Taylor after a rocky start between the two characters. Just finished watching an episode of FKB. But things didn’t seem to be going terribly well for us. I enjoy taking walks here or going for a swim. Now you'll work late like the rest of us!'". Father Knows Best, which originally aired from 1954 to 1960, was probably one of the medium’s first examples of a true family sitcom. There are so many nice wrinkle-free clothes nowadays and luckily for me, women’s clothes are relatively small. He got very upset and started pounding on the table, ‘Say your line, say your line, say your line,’ and Jack came over and said, ‘Tony, Tony, relax.

If anybody was mean-spirited, I think it was Princess occasionally. Now I’m sure if you asked a Frenchman or another European, they might think that America never changes at all, while their cities change all the time. They wanted to just say, ‘Thank you very much and goodbye,’ but he said, ‘You know, she’s very nervous. She talks of her marriage to the sound man on the series and working on the show until six weeks before the birth of her first child, disguising her pregnancy from the cameras. You could see that it was going to have legs for a long time, because they would have those Star Trek conventions throughout the ’70s. Almost seven decades after stealing hearts with her phenomenal performance on television, Elinor Donahue looks back at her most iconic roles and how she had been a significant part of television’s history. My mother said, ‘Look, this is way too hard,’ so I actually only went to the school for five weeks.”, One exciting aspect of the series as far as she was concerned is that she didn’t have to entirely leave her dancing life behind her, as the writers would pen scripts that would put Betty in different situations where she could dance. Actress Elinor Donahue at the Days Of Our Lives' 50th Anniversary Celebration at Hollywood Palladium on November 7, 2015 | Photo: Getty Images. Elinor Donahue Videos. Not giving up on love, Elinor walked down the aisle again in 1992 with Lou Genevrino and the pair are still together. Disappointed or surprised? AOL notes that shortly after her performance on “Father Knows Best,” Elinor became one of the most famous women in America even if she was just a teenager. Tahiti is wonderful. In this day and age, I guess you wouldn’t have a female character serving if you’re a big muckity-muck in whatever service it is. by Anonymous: reply 30: 11/06/2013: And whoever did the casting for Father Knows Best did a great job. This is the place where I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite things. In stepped her agent, Lily Messenger, who truly believed in her and fought to get her an audition on the show, which had been a successful radio show before making the transition to television. “There was great trepidation when we first had our reading for the reunion movie,” she says, noting that 17 years had passed between then and the end of the original series. But for me — as a tourist — it seems like some European cities remain the same.

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