impact assessment act

Training on impact assessment. 27 The Agency must ensure that the public is provided with an opportunity to participate meaningfully, in a manner that the Agency considers appropriate, within the time period specified by the Agency, in the impact assessment of a designated project. Marginal note:Time limit established by Agency — designated project, (5) Before the commencement of the impact assessment, the Agency may establish, (a) a longer time limit than the time limit referred to in subsection (2) to allow the Agency to cooperate with a jurisdiction referred to in section 21 with respect to the impact assessment of the designated project or to take into account circumstances that are specific to that project; or. 22 (1) The impact assessment of a designated project, whether it is conducted by the Agency or a review panel, must take into account the following factors: (a) the changes to the environment or to health, social or economic conditions and the positive and negative consequences of these changes that are likely to be caused by the carrying out of the designated project, including. For more information on the DEL, please see. (a) a change to the following components of the environment that are within the legislative authority of Parliament: (i) fish and fish habitat, as defined in subsection 2(1) of the Fisheries Act. Marginal note:Termination of impact assessment. Marginal note:Final report submitted to Minister. It does not include the Executive Council of — or a minister, department, agency or body of the government of — Yukon, the Northwest Territories or Nunavut, a council of the band within the meaning of the Indian Act, Export Development Canada or the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. Marginal note:Extension of time limit by Minister. (iii) the result of any interaction between those effects; (b) mitigation measures that are technically and economically feasible and that would mitigate any adverse effects of the designated project; (c) the impact that the designated project may have on any Indigenous group and any adverse impact that the designated project may have on the rights of the Indigenous peoples of Canada recognized and affirmed by section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982; (d) the purpose of and need for the designated project; (e) alternative means of carrying out the designated project that are technically and economically feasible, including through the use of best available technologies, and the effects of those means; (f) any alternatives to the designated project that are technically and economically feasible and are directly related to the designated project; (g) Indigenous knowledge provided with respect to the designated project; (h) the extent to which the designated project contributes to sustainability; (i) the extent to which the effects of the designated project hinder or contribute to the Government of Canada’s ability to meet its environmental obligations and its commitments in respect of climate change; (j) any change to the designated project that may be caused by the environment; (k) the requirements of the follow-up program in respect of the designated project; (l) considerations related to Indigenous cultures raised with respect to the designated project; (m) community knowledge provided with respect to the designated project; (o) comments from a jurisdiction that are received in the course of consultations conducted under section 21; (p) any relevant assessment referred to in section 92, 93 or 95; (q) any assessment of the effects of the designated project that is conducted by or on behalf of an Indigenous governing body and that is provided with respect to the designated project; (r) any study or plan that is conducted or prepared by a jurisdiction — or an Indigenous governing body not referred to in paragraph (f) or (g) of the definition jurisdiction in section 2 — that is in respect of a region related to the designated project and that has been provided with respect to the project; (s) the intersection of sex and gender with other identity factors; and. Marginal note:Report — additional content. effects within federal jurisdiction means, with respect to a physical activity or a designated project. (ii) the territorial sea of Canada, in any area of the sea not within a province, (iii) the exclusive economic zone of Canada, and, (iv) the continental shelf of Canada; and, (c) reserves, surrendered lands and any other lands that are set apart for the use and benefit of a band and that are subject to the Indian Act, and all waters on and airspace above those reserves or lands. (territoire domanial), follow-up program means a program for verifying the accuracy of the impact assessment of a designated project and determining the effectiveness of any mitigation measures. (programme de suivi), impact assessment means an assessment of the effects of a designated project that is conducted in accordance with this Act. (évaluation d’impact), Indigenous governing body means a council, government or other entity that is authorized to act on behalf of an Indigenous group, community or people that holds rights recognized and affirmed by section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. (corps dirigeant autochtone), Indigenous knowledge means the Indigenous knowledge of the Indigenous peoples of Canada. (connaissances autochtones), Indigenous peoples of Canada has the meaning assigned by the definition aboriginal peoples of Canada in subsection 35(2) of the Constitution Act, 1982. (peuples autochtones du Canada), Internet site means the Internet site that is established under section 105. (site Internet). The Act intends for standardized post-acute care data to improve Medicare beneficiary outcomes through shared-decision making, care coordination, and enhanced discharge planning. The IMPACT Act requires the Secretary to implement specified clinical assessment domains and categories using standardized data required for submission by LTCH, IRF, SNF, and HHA providers. PDF Full Document: Impact Assessment Act [792 KB] Act current to 2020-09-22 and last amended on 2019-08-28. (9) The Agency may suspend the time limit within which it must submit the report until any activity that is prescribed by a regulation made under paragraph 112(1)(c) is completed. The goals of the DEL are to: Please submit questions and comments to:, You can find additional information about the IMPACT Act by visiting the Post Acute Care Quality Initiatives web page at: /Medicare/Quality-Initiatives-Patient-Assessment-Instruments/Post-Acute-Care-Quality-Initiatives/PAC-Quality-Initiatives, IMPACT Act of 2014 Data Standardization & Cross Setting Measures, A federal government website managed and paid for by the U.S. Centers for Medicare & This new initiative identifies the high priorities for quality measurement and improvement. Practitioner’s Guide to Federal Impact Assessments under the Impact Assessment Act This is a draft document. Influence and support industry efforts to promote Electronic Health Record (EHR) and other health IT interoperability. The IMPACT Act mandates the collection and reporting of standardized data in the following post-acute care settings: Long-Term Care Hospitals (LTCHs), Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), Home Health Agencies (HHAs) and Inpatient Rehabilitation Facilities (IRFs). (2) After taking into account any comments received from the public, the Agency must, subject to subsection (5), finalize the report with respect to the impact assessment of the designated project and submit it to the Minister no later than 300 days after the day on which the notice referred to in subsection 19(4) is posted on the Internet site. Physical Activities Regulations. (a) a Minister of the Crown in right of Canada; (b) an agency of the Government of Canada or a parent Crown corporation, as defined in subsection 83(1) of the Financial Administration Act, or any other body established by or under an Act of Parliament that is ultimately accountable through a Minister of the Crown in right of Canada to Parliament for the conduct of its affairs; (c) any department or departmental corporation that is set out in Schedule I, I.1 or II to the Financial Administration Act; and.

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