how to become a deputy minister

individually, for their performance in carrying out the responsibilities of the portfolio assigned to them.

Contact your local county clerk or the local courthouse nearest you and inquire about a Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriage program. A Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) is addressed as: —-Official envelope; For example, Massachusetts allows one JP per 5,000 residents in a city or town while Connecticut leaves the decision for number of JPs to the town or city served by the office.

The agreement is normally comprised of key commitments related to business plans and government objectives and specific performance measures. It is important to note, however, that in the case of illegal activities, such as fraud, sanctions would be more severe than simple discipline. Displayed here are job ads that match your query. Although many Deputy Ministers will not be involved in collective bargaining, they do play a leadership role in the day-to-day interpretation of collective agreements by managers in their departments, and they set the climate for labour-management relations, relations which can have a significant impact on the quality of the department's service to Canadians.

Both the Treasury Board and the Public Service Commission delegate authorities related to human resources management to Deputy Ministers directly. Deputy Ministers ensure they have the right people, work environment and capacity to ensure the department's success. A Minister may also choose to discuss a concern with the Clerk of the Privy Council before seeking the consideration of the Prime Minister. Deputy Ministers help ensure that programs are executed in accordance with the purposes for which Parliament has appropriated money.

A Deputy Minister must comply with policies, directives, reporting and review procedures, and other standards which may be established by the delegating authority. As noted in Responsibility in the Constitution, the triangular relationship between the Prime Minister, Minister and Deputy Minister defies precise dissection: The Prime Minister orchestrates the individual responsibilities of Ministers, drawing forth the harmony essential to stable government ... the appointment of deputies by the Prime Minister provides a reminder to them of their need for a perspective encompassing the whole range of government and emphasizes the collective interest of ministers and the special interest of the Prime Minister in the effectiveness of management in the Public Service.

——————-– RMM. Ask if there are any JP openings in your area and for the application details in your state. In addition to these enabling statutes, there are unwritten conventions and precedents governing the ways in which Ministers fulfil their responsibilities and account for their actions in exercising their statutory authority.

Deputy Ministers and departmental officials may also be contacted directly by the caucus representatives of a party for a briefing on a policy or program issue. It then sets out the responsibilities of Deputy Ministers, as well as their multiple accountabilities.

----------Consul Honorary Private, on-site training is also available to provide tailored training solutions. The challenges of the 21st century lie before Canadians and the public service. Guidance for Deputy Ministers [electronic resource], Issued also in French under title: Guide du sous-ministre. promotes the protocol profession and raises awareness of its central role in business and diplomacy through education and networking. This may result, for example, in disciplinary action and changes in reporting and approval processes. maintaining adequate records in relation to public property for which the department is responsible and complying with regulations of the Treasury Board governing the custody and control of public property (section 62). Advice must be timely and candid, presented fearlessly, and provide the best possible policy options based on impartial review of the public good and the declared objectives of the Minister and the government. The policies of the Board are intended to facilitate the achievement of program objectives so as to comply with the law, satisfy the needs for parliamentary control and reporting, and ensure the efficient, economic, and prudent use of public resources. Similarly, the Deputy Minister must account to the Public Service Commission for the exercise of the powers and duties which the Commission has assigned them, as well as those powers and duties conferred pursuant to the Public Service Employment Act. Depending on the portfolio, the Deputy Minister may also be assigned certain specific responsibilities by the Minister. This is similarly the case with any matter the Deputy Minister considers significant enough to affect their accountabilities, those of their Minister, or the agenda and direction of the government.

—-Salutation: This office maintains the Justice of the Peace records for your state and knows where openings exist for a new JP candidate. Because Deputy Ministers are not primarily responsible for the exercise of the powers of the Crown, their relationship to Parliament is fundamentally different from that of Ministers. In those cases, it is important that the Minister provide clear guidance to all agency heads on his or her expectation with respect to the role of the Deputy Minister. Responsible government in Canada is based on the individual and collective responsibilities of Ministers to the House of Commons. These include agents of Parliament who function independently from the rest of the Government of Canada and whose principal role is to assist the House of Commons in holding the government to account.

In practice, however, there may be constitutional, legal or administrative limitations on the Deputy Minister's capacity to exercise the Minister's powers.

Under the Financial Administration Act (FAA), the Treasury Board is authorized to establish policies, directives, and standards and guidelines, including regulations, on the management of public funds and public property.

Perform the ceremony, based on your approved commission.

The Clerk of the Privy Council, as the senior public service advisor to the Prime Minister and in his or her capacity as the Secretary to the Cabinet, is the Prime Minister's chief source of public service advice on policy and management issues. The Deputy Minister is counted on to provide the highest quality of advice on all relevant dimensions of a departmental issue, be they economic, social or administrative. ----------First Secretary

----------Consul ISBN 0-662-34364-6 In such circumstances, it is of the highest importance that the Deputy Minister give due weight to his or her own specific and directly assigned responsibilities under legislation.

Guidance for Deputy Ministers helps to explain the responsibilities and accountabilities Deputies assume when they agree to serve the country as Deputy Minister. PDI-POA is committed to facilitating communication, understanding and cooperation among individuals, governments and cultures around the globe.

The mandate and work of the following bodies are of particular importance to Deputies in their role as departmental managers: Deputy Ministers are required to manage a complex set of multiple accountabilities which arise out of the various powers, authorities and responsibilities attached to the position.

He or she must support the Minister by seeking out the causes, taking appropriate corrective action and fixing any systemic problems that come to light. ----------Foreign Ambassador In this respect, two committees are especially important for the managerial and administrative aspects of the Deputy Minister's responsibilities: the Standing Committee on Public Accounts and the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates. ----------Deputy Chief of Mission
In addition, certain provisions in the Financial Administration Act, the Public Service Employment Act, and the Official Languages Act assign some powers directly to the deputy head. As a matter of course, information on results should be gathered and used to make departmental decisions, and public reporting should be balanced, accurate, and easy to understand.

It requires that the policies of the government must be presented to Parliament as the agreed policies of the Ministry. While the Minister cannot provide direction on specific activities in these areas, given the Minister's overall authority for the management and direction of the department, the Minister is responsible for ensuring that the Deputy Minister carries out his or her obligations under these Acts and may provide general direction to the Deputy Minister. What is expected of Deputy Ministers by way of performance and accountability has been expressed and reinforced in different forms over the years, and bears repeating as public management and the challenges before the country evolve. The specific responsibilities assigned to Deputy Ministers with respect to financial management under the FAA include: A major element of the Deputy Minister's job as departmental manager involves the management of human resources. As in appearances before parliamentary committees, any questions of a political nature or expressions of disagreement with government policy should be referred to the Minister, and the Deputy Minister would not be expected to express opinions or conclusions on government policy or to discuss policy options that are under consideration unless the Minister has authorized him or her to do so.

In order to assist in managing this accountability and to scrutinize general management results and performance more effectively, the Treasury Board Secretariat employs a modern Management Accountability Framework for the Public Service. 1. This was noted by a Deputy Minister Task Force on Public Service Values and Ethics in 1996, which offered a useful way to look at the three terms. The general accountability of Deputy Ministers to the Treasury Board is to ensure and to demonstrate, as required, that the resources allocated to departments by the Board are well managed and are being used to achieve the results and priorities identified by the Minister, by the government as a whole, or by legislation, and that these results are in fact being achieved for Canadians.

In addition, the 1973 Parliamentary Resolution on the Official Languages affirmed the principle of full participation of both official language groups in the public service. Ambassador, former, political appointee

At the end of the cycle, performance is reviewed against the achievement of agreed commitments. —-—-Deputy Chief of Mission

Subsection 16(1) of the Charter guarantees that federal employees can work in the official language of their choice, subject to certain limitations. Occasionally, a Deputy Minister and other departmental officials may be requested, under the authority of the Minister, to meet with the representatives of a parliamentary caucus or a caucus committee, or an informal group of parliamentarians other than a parliamentary committee. In order to fulfill their duties, Deputy Ministers require certain authorities. Further guidance on this process is provided in the Guide to Making Federal Acts and Regulations from the Privy Council Office.

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