how does amnesty international influence government policy

Yet in terms of how much we spend on our work, we are smaller than many people think. In 2007, AI's executive committee decided to support access to abortion "within reasonable gestational limits...for women in cases of rape, incest or violence, or where the pregnancy jeopardizes a mother's life or health". [1], The stated mission of the organization is to campaign for "a world in which every person enjoys all of the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international human rights instruments. In the UK Amnesty International has two principal arms, Amnesty International UK and Amnesty International Charity Ltd. Our lobbying led to the UK government ratifying the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings in 2008, and more recently agreeing to make women’s rights in Afghanistan a priority into 2014-5. [153], In February 2019, Amnesty International's management team offered to resign after an independent report found what it called a "toxic culture" of workplace bullying. [147] She said the issue was not about Begg's "freedom of opinion, nor about his right to propound his views: he already exercises these rights fully as he should. [109][110], Amnesty's country focus is similar to that of some other comparable NGOs, notably Human Rights Watch: between 1991 and 2000, Amnesty and HRW shared eight of ten countries in their "top ten" (by Amnesty press releases; 7 for Amnesty reports). A hunger strike was declared by the occupiers. ", Amnesty International Charity Limited Report and financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2011, "Amnesty International Limited and Amnesty International Charity Limited Report and financial statements for the year ended 31 March 2007", "Report of Government Foreign Funding, in Hebrew, 2009", "Report of Government Foreign Funding, in Hebrew, 2008", "Amnesty International 2010 Report, Page 10, Indicator 8", "Amnesty International – INGO Accountability Charter Global Compliance Report 2009, Page 3",, "Interview: Amnesty on Jenin – Dennis Bernstein and Dr. Francis Boyle Discuss the Politics of Human Rights", "Amnesty International has toxic working culture, report finds", "Australia rejects Amnesty's bribery allegations as 'slur' on border police", "The Amnesty International 2015 Report alleging discrimination in primary schools is unfounded but not criminal says the Czech prosecutor", "DR Congo blasts Amnesty International report on repression", "In Absence of Evidence, Morocco Questions Context of Latest Amnesty International Report, FM | MapNews", "Qatar rejects rights group report on 'rampant' labour abuse", "Saudi Arabia outraged by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch's criticism", "The Cream of The Diplomatic Crop from Ha Noi", "Russian official blasts Amnesty International over Chechnya refugees", "Amnesty accuses Nigerian troops of raping women rescued from Boko Haram", Amnesty: An Unmasked Intelligence Face of the British Diplomacy (2-2), "Amnesty And UK Supreme Court: An Unmasked Intelligence Face Of The British Diplomacy", "Mandela and the South African Communist Party | South African History Online", "Amnesty International is 'damaged' by Taliban link; An official at the human rights charity deplores its work with a 'jihadist, Gupta, Rahila, "Double standards on human rights; Where does Amnesty International stand on women's rights after suspending Gita Sahgal for criticising links with Moazzam Begg?

Joanne Lin, National Director, Advocacy & Government Relations Amnesty International is a non-partisan human rights organization that neither supports nor opposes any political party, candidate, government, or political ideology.
We also conduct external evaluations of our work. According to co-founder Eric Baker, both Benenson and Swann had met Foreign Secretary George Brown in September and told him that they were willing to hold up publication if the Foreign Office promised this wouldn't occur again. Cleese, Lewis and Luff worked together on the first two shows (1976 and 1977). Contact an activist leader or staff member about getting involved.

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