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North Carolina is a constant, too. Stockton got to meet Monken on that “Junior Day” trip. “I think a goal for our family has been for both of our kids to love the Lord,” he said. “It is funny how life goes like that,” Sherrie Stockton said.

Woerner is also best friends with Jake Fromm.

That’s the aptly-named Gunner Stockton of Rabun County. 1 on their board for 2022. Appalachian State 3. There’s a safe bet here that maybe 80 percent of his peer recruits in 2022 have never even seen a CB. That’s the one he romped around in when he was a squirt gun. Not a Gunner. On July 30, Gunner tweeted out that he had narrowed down to his FINAL 2 – UGA and South Carolina! Stockton is on that pace. “Like at Georgia, there’s always going to be a guy there.

Lawrence led Cartersville to a 27-2 record and a state title in his first two Class AAAA seasons. Stockton was 14-of-18 for 238 yards with four touchdowns passes and one rushing touchdown. The same goes for how the situation at South Carolina isn’t a long-term fit. Gunner Stockton is a young talent with a story that will stand out as much as all his gaudy high school stats. In those comparisons, here are the numbers after two years and how he stacks up against Watson and Lawrence, the top two in state history: Gunner Stockton – 6,390 pass yds, 77 TD, 12 INT, 69% completion; 1,835 rush yds, 36 TD—Deshaun Watson – 5,278 pass yds, 58 TD, 13 INT, 59% completion; 1,559 rush yds, 21 TDTrevor Lawrence – 6,708 pass yds, 69 TD, 11 INT, 63% completion; 235 rush yds, 4 TD. That camp singled him out for his arm strength and accuracy that day, but nobody was expecting an offer that soon. Stockton is, though. Stockton’s freshman season saw him take over under center from game one on. Those two have at least a strong acquaintanceship with Stockton. But Stockton does not seem to be charmed by the recruiting process. SPURS UP! He makes it five straight years that the award resides in Rabun County, however, as Bailey Fisher won three straight after Charlie Woerner won it as a junior in 2014. They searched for uncommon names that had a link to the family. Hosted & Produced by Brian Carter. Gunner Stockton continues to pile up the stats and victories for Rabun County High School in Georgia. Stockton is talented enough to anchor himself among the top 20 recruits of any class. The goal is a state championship for Rabun County High School. The same goes for the long-term futures of Carson Beck and D’Wan Mathis under center in Athens. Stockton doesn’t see it that way. THE WORLD'S LARGEST AND MOST COMPREHENSIVE SCOUTING ORGANIZATION. He said they go about the business of recruiting elite talent with a “driven classiness” that defines both men quite well.

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