green innovation examples

Elif Beligin, 16 years old from Istanbul, won the 2013 Science in Action Award for its beautiful idea: the young has developed a chemical process for turning banana peels into a resistant bio plastic, hoping to help reduce dependence on oil.

The ecological battery of the future will also be eatable thanks to the ink of the sepia. It is often the simplest of innovations which can have the most positive impact on humankind. 5-1-1 – This one has three schedules: Monday to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday [source: Bottero, Kiva. "How to Pick the Riht Wind Turbine for Your Property." Frontier ... (for examples of green growth initiatives, see box 1). Even the printer may be useful to the green and recycling of waste! July 3, 2011. Adoro, oltre al viaggiare e le lingue straniere, la fotografia, il cinema, i giri in bicicletta per le campagne durante le belle giornate, conoscere gente nuova, le emozioni vissute. "Central HVAC." March 15, 2012. This device can generate about 5 liters of fresh water per day. Wind Power Authority. "Solar Shingles." The car is really working, it goes at a maximum speed of about 16 m/h thanks to a propulsion system, which is equipped, consists of four orbital motors in their turn formed by 256 pistons. Purchase reusable bags – Not only are these great for groceries, … "Refrigerators for Consumers." With the invention of the solar cooker, instead to use the dangerous and expensive gas cylinders or the electricity, it allows to cook, heat the water and make it drinkable thanks to the solar panels. Place the second clay pot, the larger one over the smaller one. The Korean designer Jeon Hwan Ju has invented a printer that uses the residuals of coffee and tea instead of ink, thus saving oil and emissions of inkjet printers. An upside down umbrella invented in Japan that collects water by a small plastic tube that take the water in a tank to hold under the arm…surely it’s not so comfortable to walk with a tank under the arm, but the idea it’s not so bad! Earth Techling. How new technologies will change our travel habits, interview with David Orban, How a Metropolis can become “Green”: GrownNYC and the urban gardens diffusion, (April 2, 2012), Shahan, Zachary. 5+2-day – You can set two schedules: one on Monday to Friday and one for the weekend. If you live in a windy area, a backyard turbine can help generate the energy you need.

The new battery edible cuttlefish ink, for now, is still a prototype and does not have the same performance of lithium-ion batteries, but the research is still only the beginning. February 22, 2012. A new way to save money in the water bills it’s give by this ecological umbrella, that allows to collect rainwater during your walk outside. endstream endobj startxref We have written about a number of innovations focusing on decline of bee populations, one example being this downloadable and printable beehive that can be equipped with smart tech to help crowdsource data about the insects living inside. Fidentina di nascita, sono partita e ritornata mille volte, perché non mi stanco mai di viaggiare, cambiare e conoscer cose nuove. Forty people financed the project with a total cost of 60.000 Dollars. "Which programmable thermostat is right for me?"

813 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<1D52D937E48AAE4B846B05A550C47EFC>]/Index[793 44]/Info 792 0 R/Length 105/Prev 276762/Root 794 0 R/Size 837/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream It is an entirely ecological invention – says the BBC – is illuminating the world. The student explained on the official website of the competition: “My project is about using banana peels for the production of bio plastics in place of traditional petroleum-based plastic”.

(April 2, 2012), WaterSense. The new battery label will be able to offer a number of interesting solutions in the field of environmental and energy sustainability. To know more, access the link: Cover, using any object that could serve as a stopper, the hole above the smaller pot.

Making an hole into the roof with a drill, you have to push the bottle into the hole and secure with polyester resin. It is already in use nearly a million homes, mostly cabins and homes in the suburbs of poor people.

This idea goes to show sustainable inventions don’t need to be large or costly. Which are better for the environment, geothermal heating systems or geothermal cooling systems? Weird & Wacky, Copyright © 2020 HowStuffWorks, a division of InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a System1 Company. U.S. Department of Energy.

I know how important this job is, because currently, I’m unleashing a new kind of catalyst for cars. (April 2, 2012), Energy Star. Heat a room without consuming electricity or gas is the invention of the British journalist Dylan Winter, who has designed a do-it-yourself system that works with four candles, two jars of clay, a metal tray. A rain barrel is an inexpensive way to get water for your plants. The other aspect concerns the possibility of applying the new battery to the latest generation of absorbable medical devices, such as those for drug delivery or those for cardiovascular stimulation. July 26, 2009. Author's Note: Top 10 Green Technologies for the Home I am a stickler for conserving energy and water in our house, so researching this article was sort of like a dream shopping trip for me. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website.

?V5�4u��=iY�3ã��dj�2UnN�w[6����x��4�׍��O�x�.�0-=8j�`�ŧ)�>s� O�^˭����|CG�֌��A�����n00�vtt00[tt400�x�B�`.sXFD�ĵ�b`T+g46���A|&�(v? Discover new sustainable accomodations, eco-friendly ideas, tips to live green and more! To cook without pollute it’s possible!

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"Benefits of Geothermal Heat Pump Systems." (April 17, 2012), Consumer Energy Center.

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