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A qualified reference checker, in contrast, is expected to have an understanding of the position and the required competencies in order to offer a neutral perspective and should be experienced in collecting behavioural evidence.

The reference checking process relies on the behavioural consistency principle: that the most reliable predictor of future behaviour, such as job performance, is past behaviour. Also ensure all ten fingers are taken with black ink. The section concludes with general tips to consider when conducting the interview. Who is an appropriate referee? This may include human resource (HR) staff, managers, internal and external consultants, applicants and others who are interested in learning more about the structured reference checking process. If the reference check is the only method to be used in evaluating a given qualification, make sure that the information gathered is sufficient for all candidates. For instance, a reference check that is designed for verification purposes may only include an evaluation of responses to preliminary and verification questions to identify any discrepancies in the applicant's responses compared with those from other assessment methods.

Inform the referee that the reference check data are protected; however, the information obtained is not confidential, in that an applicant may see their reference check report if they request to do so. Misconceptions.

Is this a good time for you? By using probing questions, you may have to ask referees for clarification on the behavioural examples provided. Collecting behavioural evidence.Begin the process by asking the referee to consider the behavioural indicators for a particular competency before asking them to provide examples of how the applicant has demonstrated these behaviours on the job. A common misconception is that discussing the job performance or behaviour of an employee is illegal. Ensure that reference checks are conducted fairly and consistently in a manner that meets legislated and policy requirements.
A good hire is the surest way to eliminate from your workforce problem employees, who consume their manager’s time with performance issues, waste recruitment, hiring and training dollars and generate severance costs, when they are dismissed. In addition, be open to contacting persons that were suggested by your original referees or persons who can help in resolving discrepancies between other referees' accounts. Reference letters are helpful, but limited. Deviating from job-related topics can create the impression of an undisciplined process or that hiring will be based on issues that are not job-related. Do your reference checks in person or by phone. One problem that may occur when you depend on referees' opinions is that the referee may have a different definition for the qualification than your own, or may have different criteria on which to evaluate performance than your own. Are there qualifications that are not assessed entirely by other means? Second, it will help to ensure that all applicants are treated equally. Backcheck is the third-party company who administers reference checks on behalf of Scouts Canada. A reference check is a personal investigation, conducted before appointment to verify the assessed merits of the qualified candidate, to further assess past performance, and to verify their reliability and suitability for appointment. A common request is that applicants and referees have worked together for at least six months within the last five years. "During the hiring process, reference checks can make or break your chances of landing a job," said David King, Canadian president of Accountemps. Based on this information, provide a brief description of the duties and responsibilities of the target position before raising the points below. The first is the evaluation of the reliability/security qualification. Therefore, assessors must make every effort possible to minimize the potential for assessment errors and personal biases to influence their evaluation. In addition to selecting applicants with a history of strong performance, reference checking helps hiring managers identify and exclude applicants with a history of counterproductive workplace behaviours. You may elicit from referees pertinent information about the job candidate’s suitability for the position. The reference checker should provide the following preparatory documents to referees as far in advance as possible for them to review: With competency-based reference checks, it is good practice to: When a competency-based reference check is to be used, the manager in charge of the appointment process decides who will be responsible for assessing the applicant on the competencies chosen for the reference check. Explain to the referee that they will not be stating an official position for their organization. Instead, they could give one or two broad examples that integrate many, if not all, of the listed behaviours. Although this approach helps in communicating what you have in mind to the referee, it is still not clear what kinds of behaviours the referee has in mind in deciding on the rating.

However, reference checks can also be done in the earlier stages of an appointment process. An example of a reference checklist is given at the end of this guide.

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