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NEXT: 10 Moments In Friends That Didn’t Make Much Sense, Saim Cheeda is an entertainment writer covering all of Film, TV, Gaming and Books. You’re surely not alone.

Being the cool aunt that she is, Monica took little Ben in her arms and tossed him up to make the boy laugh. Leather Pants – Season 5, Episode 11. RELATED: Friends: All Season Premieres Ranked. Monica and Chandler were the strongest couple on the show, who would never break up for silly reasons that we’ve seen on other sitcoms. One of his best quotes regarding one of these exact situations was the simple, "Ah. Ross was infuriated when he first discovered that Joey and Rachel were dating, but after giving it some thought, he attempted to be supportive. She explains that it was actually her that Ross kissed, as Rachel was sleeping on Chandler's bed. RELATED: Friends Creator Once Again Dismisses Idea of Revival. The number 298 is one every Friends fans knows intimately, and we won’t elaborate on that because when you know, you know. Later in the episode, she finds out what he gave up to help her and feels incredibly touched. One of the funniest scenes between Ross and Rachel is when the gang goes to Vegas, get really drunk and end up getting married!
He's been a writer for Valnet since 2017, contributing 500+ articles for The Gamer, The Things, Game Rant, Comic Book Resources and Screen Rant. In the end, Chip shows up and Monica and Rachel leave never knowing that Ross was going to take Rachel.

The instructions seem simple (“count to five then turn”) but when Ross adds in some additional “Mississippi’s” into his count, he doesn’t turn quite fast enough ending up in with a hilariously uneven tan that is worth a heck of a lot of laughs. RELATED: Friends: 10 Saddest Moments, Ranked. When he tried to be adventurous but got stuck in his leather pants. To prove how sorry he is, he is willing to drink a glass of fat for her! One of Friends' most famous and iconic lines originated in one of its early seasons.

Ross Geller’s 12 Funniest Moments On “Friends” 1. Friends just wouldn't have been the same if it weren't for the satisfying comedy provided courtesy of Dr. Geller. After Ross developed an allergic reaction to kiwi, Monica took him to the doctor. She doesn’t want to walk around Vegas embarrassed, so the two of them stay locked up in her room and get really, really drunk together. Joey and Chandler's fights and the make-up formed one of the series' best funny moments. The fiercest things ever got was when they competed in football for the Geller Cup, an ugly troll doll the two highly coveted. . This was absolutely brilliant to watch.

Ross mentioned this number during the scene where he purchased a new couch, wanting the phrase “come here to me” to sound both friendly and seductive.
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The scene made us wait the whole time for Ross to lay this news down, but it was well worth it as just when you’d think it was Ross’s turn to face his parents’ ire, their mother then turned over to Monica to admonish her for keeping this secret.

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