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The cellar is the first to be built. They also lack the required zoning and legal permissions from aviation authorities. These facilities will be sufficient to serve 14 million passengers a year. The new Terminal 3, conceived as the centerpiece of a long-term strategic expansion project, therefore continues to be an essential ingredient for ensuring the future of Frankfurt Airport. Of course, an enjoyable departure includes not only a quick and easy check-in process, a pleasant ambiance and helpful employees, but also relaxed transportation to the airport. Instead of bouncing straight back and causing problems, radar signals are reflected toward areas where they are harmlessly scattered and absorbed. On 29 April 2019, the laying of the foundation stone on the Terminal 3 construction site was celebrated with around 700 invited guests. The roof of the departure hall is pushed onto the building, one section after another. Glass and metal surfaces can reflect radar beams and distort the readings of the systems used to track the paths of arriving, departing For the cast-in-place concrete constructions, concrete mixing plants are available on the construction site. As soon as the rebars are in place, the concrete is poured. In this way, important testimonies to the construction of Terminal 3 will also be preserved for posterity! For safety reasons, Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS) – the company in charge of air traffic control in Germany – requires the exteriors of large buildings within the range of its radar systems to meet very strict criteria. At the edge of the northern part of the building, underneath the future marketplace, two levels will eventually be chockful of Mit dem Terminal 3 schaffen wir mehr Platz für moderne Großraumflugzeuge und das Reiseerlebnis von morgen. Christian Bierend, Overall Project Manager for the main building, puts the sizable construction project and its challenges into context. Discover Terminal 3 via Virtual Reality! The studies projected that the passenger volumes at the airport will rise between 68 million and 73 million by 2021 from the current 64 million passengers a year. A special challenge is posed by the relatively large distance from Terminal 3 to the other terminals and the regional and long-distance train stations in the north of the airport. Für Airlines entsteht mit Terminal 3 ein neuer Hotspot am Frankfurter Flughafen, an dem sich nach der Fertigstellung 2023 jährlich bis zu 21 Millionen Passagiere vor Beginn ihrer Reise rundum wohlfühlen. Terminal 3 is being built to the south of Frankfurt Airport. You can learn more about it here! But flexibility is not only a top priority in the construction of Terminal 3: The building is designed so that the entire infrastructure, the piers, gates, transport and baggage systems as well as the retail areas can be expanded or modified at any time during ongoing operations. Dann wurde die Eröffnung auf 2023 verschoben. An advantage for the construction company: shell construction is directly comparable with copy and paste on the computer! Roundtable: what should the future of aviation look like? The Cornerstone of the Main Terminal Building is about to be laid. Bei Anwohnern stößt das auf Unmut. It has already progressed to the point that it can presumably open by the start of the 2022 summer season and contribute enough capacity for up to five million more passengers. Travelers and visitors will arrive on the platform in front by car, bus, or the airport’s new people mover system, then enter the departure hall where passengers can check in and drop off their luggage. When all the walls of the lower level are up, the area between the walls and the sheet piling is filled. Frankfurt’s Terminal 3 project background Fraport received a building permit for the new terminal from the City of Frankfurt in August 2014. It is being constructed towards the south of the airport on the premises of the former US Military base. The €3bn ($3.33bn) Terminal 3 project will be one of Germany’s biggest infrastructure developments. We make it happen’. 8500 Parkhausplätze sind für die Eröffnung im Jahr 2023 geplant. Frankfurt is already an international leader in terms of connectivity. A futuristic marketplace about 6,000 square meters in size will invite travelers to enjoy their stay while taking advantage of a wide variety of shops and food & beverage outlets. An innovative control technology, which digitally links the elevators with each other will further ensure short waiting times for the next available elevator. For example, a sturdy tension grid―an almost invisible network of tightly woven steel wire rope cables forming a taut catwalk strong enough for maintenance technicians to walk on―will be By 2019 the number of passengers using Frankfurt Airport had swelled to more than 70 million. The answer is: yes! This attention to detail will doubtless also please visitors and shoppers. Die Straßenanbindung erfolgt über die A5-Anschlussstelle bei Zeppelinheim. The up to 2.5 meter thick floor slab constructions will be erected piece by piece on a total of 65,000 square meters in the area of the main terminal building. "Frankfurt Airport is already an international leader in connectivity. In the shadow of the apron control tower above, the main building is growing upwards bit by bit. In der zentralen Halle des Terminals ist der Abfertigungs-, Sicherheitskontroll- und Einkaufsbereich vorgesehen. The progress made in building Terminal 3 can be interactively followed in multimedia presentations at F rankfurt/Main (dpa) - Der Frankfurter Flughafen nimmt sein drittes Passagier-Terminal … This modern facility will later be integrated into Terminal 3’s premium product. Photo: Fraport . Frankfurt International Airport, owned by Fraport, is Germany’s busiest airport and serves as the ‘Gateway to the World’ for the state of Hesse and Germany. City authorities approved the project under the airport’s expansion programme in the official zoning procedure. E-learning and simulators: training airline pilots after Covid-19. This incorporates a time capsule to be stored for Frankfurt Airport’s future. “This will clearly set Frankfurt Airport apart from other international airports,” says Mäckler. This method was proved successful for Terminal 1, which was opened in 2012 on schedule and on budget. Der Passagierbetrieb soll demnach voraussichtlich im Sommer 2025 aufgenommen werden. Stefan Schulte, Chef des Flughafen Frankfurt, gab an: „Andere Großbauprojekte belegen, dass diese Phase für den weiteren Projektverlauf eminent wichtig ist.“. In September 2014, two independent research institutes conducted expert studies on Frankfurt Airport‘s forecast passenger growth in compliance with recognised scientific standards. Everyone who is familiar with Frankfurt knows that this city is constantly changing. Grontmij was selected to design the new terminal. And even then, these facilities will only start operating in response to the actual need for capacity. Wolfgang Holzhausen and other planners have been racking their brains for years to solve this puzzle. As a result, the airport will then be able to handle up to 21 million more passengers than now. (Dr. Stefan Schulte). One of the available options, which has been chosen for Terminal 3, is to slightly angle them. The futuristically designed ceiling of the marketplace in Terminal 3 admits plenty of daylight. Einzelne Baumaßnahmen hätten sich durch die coronabedingten Einschränkungen verzögert. Work starts on the new workshop building. Die neue Bahn wird mit der Eröffnung 2023 in Betrieb gehen. Find out where the train will run, where it’ll stop and what it will look like in this video. The cargo area to the south of the airport is connected to the Walldorf railway station over a four-kilometer stretch. Im Entwurf ist ebenfalls berücksichtigt, dass die Vermietung von Handels- und Gastronomieeinrichtungen für Flughäfen heutzutage neben den Erträgen aus dem Flugverkehr eine der wichtigsten Einnahmequellen ist. Am Flughafen Frankfurt entsteht zurzeit das neue Terminal 3. This has the potential to create many new jobs while increasing the importance of Frankfurt Airport as Germany’s largest place of employment. You can’t take the second step before the first―or can you? Source: Fraport AG / © Christoph Mäckler Architekten Visualisation:, The spacious departure hall is an important part of the main Terminal 3 building. The constraints imposed by the pandemic will cause delays in finishing some parts of the work. Das Aussehen lässt sich als „spinnenförmig“ oder „wie eine Hand“ beschreiben. Im Jahr 2018 besetzten mehrere Naturschützer den Treburer Wald zwischen Zeppelinheim und Mörfelden-Waldorf, um dessen Rodung für den Autobahnzubringer zum neuen Terminal 3 zu verhindern. Instead of awarding the entire construction project to a single general contractor, Fraport will award multiple contracts to a number of companies performing specific tasks. One especially important challenge is to put the heat emitted by people and electrical systems to good use. Frankfurt - Bereits seit den 1990er-Jahren sorgt der Flughafen Frankfurt immer wieder für Proteste. Germany, General Queries & Feedback City authorities approved the project under the airport’s expansion programme in the official zoning procedure.

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