fowzi nejad

That evening, they killed a hostage and threw his body out of the embassy. Deputy Assistant Commissioner John Dellow arrived nearly 30 minutes later and took command of the operation. The soldiers' weapons were taken away for examination and, the following day, the soldiers themselves were interviewed at length by the police at the regiment's base in Hereford. He demanded to speak with an Arab ambassador, but the negotiator on duty claimed that talks were still being arranged by the Foreign Office. Ex-cop Trevor Lock, who was a hostage in the siege, said the council needed to "sort" it out. [85] Margaret Thatcher recalled that she was congratulated wherever she went over the following days, and received messages of support and congratulation from other world leaders. [71] Nejad was arrested, and was eventually tried, convicted, and sentenced to life imprisonment for his role in the siege. [20] From his various command posts, Dellow coordinated the police response, including the deployment of D11, the Metropolitan Police's marksmen,[note 2] and officers with specialist surveillance equipment. Nejad was one of six gunmen who raided the embassy 38 years ago. [37] The BBC broadcast the statement that evening, but in a form unsatisfactory to Oan, who considered it to be truncated and incorrect. The noise came from technicians who were drilling holes in the wall to implant listening devices, but PC Trevor Lock, when asked to identify the sound, attributed it to mice. [38][39], Meanwhile, the police located the embassy caretaker and took him to their forward headquarters to brief the SAS and senior police officers. Fowzi Nejad, 61, was the only one of six terrorists to survive the 1980 SAS storming of the embassy, after two hostages were killed in a six-day stand-off [92] Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege, a 2015 tactical shooter video game focusing on counter-terrorism, used the Iranian Embassy Siege as inspiration, and the siege features in the 2006 video game The Regiment.

Kate Adie, the BBC's duty reporter at the embassy when the SAS assault began, went on to cover Nejad's trial and then to report from war zones across the world and eventually to become chief news correspondent for BBC News,[81][82] while David Goldsmith and his team, responsible for the hidden camera at the back of the embassy, were awarded a BAFTA for their coverage. [68] The SAS also experienced an increased demand for their expertise in training the forces of friendly countries and those whose collapse was considered not to be in Britain's interest. [49], After Lavasani's body had been recovered, Sir David McNee, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, contacted the Home Secretary to request approval to hand control of the operation over to the British Army, under the provisions of Military Aid to the Civil Power. Lock was later frisked, but the gunman conducting the search did not find the constable's weapon. During the 17-minute raid they rescued all but one of the remaining hostages and killed five of the six hostage-takers. The Iranian government declared that the siege of the embassy was planned by the British and American governments, and that the hostages who had been killed were martyrs for the Revolution. [30][31], Early in the morning of 1 May, the gunmen ordered one of the hostages to telephone the BBC's news desk.

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