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{ު�� O5���zڪ'�?T���� usG�ت�Mx��.�}'�lj�7Mu?ޛ��2��X��E� 7 Reviews . These factors could be within the business (internal environment) or from outside the business (external environment). Your email address will not be published. Download Business Studies Form 1 Notes PDF to … Activities done without the intention of making profit are referred to as non-business activities. Those environments that can be influenced are referred to as operating environment while those that cannot be influenced are known as remote environment. COMPLETION OF FORM 1 Item 1: Initial Return/Notice of Change: Indicate whether a business corporation or not-for-profit corporation is filing an initial return or a notice of change by placing an X in the appropriate box. Answer all the questions 1. The objectives will influence the following; The management refers to the people who are responsible for directing the day-to-day operations of a business. A business has to do market and consumer research regularly to find out how the consumers perceive its goods and services, and how they can improve in order to outdo their competitors. (it is the established way of doing things in a business. Business activities are activities which involve the provision of goods or services with an aim of earning a profit. %PDF-1.6 %���� Business Studies Form 1. People carry out different business activities in order to earn income. (Choose one box only.) Internal environment is also referred to as: micro-environment. Activity: Discuss some factors that have a strong influence on businesses within the immediate environment. KNEC| KASNEB| KISM| Study notes and Revision materials for schools in Kenya. For over-the-counter service articles may These factors can be controlled fully by the business. 1422 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<5B003CB38486724DB70C566E90800194><19DD218B4C8B514D8576476F0B582817>]/Index[1334 120]/Info 1333 0 R/Length 222/Prev 382647/Root 1335 0 R/Size 1454/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Reply. This category contains Business Studies Form 1 notes as aggregated from the various high school approved text books, including KLB, etc. East African Publishers. �PЙ�Q,{k�%X������N[��Z���F\�K������L����9\��f1LT C�>�|��[�`��c#3t�}ߏ��p~�����? They also make decisions concerning operations of the business. It covers the entire Business Studies Form 1 syllabus, for the preparation of national and local exams. 0 Item 2: Ontario Corporation Number: Insert the Ontario Corporation Number. Required fields are marked *, Business and its Environments – Form 1 Business studies notes. BUSINESS STUDIES FORM 1 NOTES. Appropriate decisions are likely to lead to well being of the business while poor decisions may adversely affect the business. Business is important in any society because it is not possible for people to provide themselves with all what they need without direct or indirect aid from others. i) Business: Any … The strengths tend to improve the performance of the firm while weaknesses tend to affect the operations of the business negatively. Research generates new ideas, skills and better methods of doing things. This environment consists of all the factors which affect the operations of the business from the outside. Business environment refers to conditions or factors which surround and affect business operations. Duties and responsibilities of all the workers are defined in the business structure. The term business also refers to firms or organizations that provide goods and services to make a profit. Form 1 Business Corporations Act Instructions for Completing This form together with required supporting documents and fee, must be filed with the Ministry to incorporate an Ontario business corporation under the Business Corporations Act. h�b```e``>������� Ā B@1�E �d~6N�����)8. External environmental factors are also referred to as macro-environment i.e. This comprises factors that are within the business unit itself. PROVIDE THE ACTUAL, PHYSICAL LOCATION OF ALL PERSONAL PROPERTY IN MARYLAND. Consumers income inflation and tax rate_____ b. Employees acquire norms and code of conduct that is acceptable to all from the general manager down to the sweeper. %%EOF environment that is in large scale. Identify the various business disciplines from which business studies as a subject borrows concepts from (4mks) 2. 1334 0 obj <> endobj Good job guys as am capable of studying business online. Show the exact physical location(s) of all personal property owned and used in the State of Maryland, including county, … External business environment can further be sub-divided into operating environment and remote environment, depending on whether the factors can be influenced to some extent or not. This is the formal arrangement of activities that are carried out at various levels of the organization so that objectives of the business can be achieved. endstream endobj startxref By the end of the topic, the learner should be able to: This refers to any activity carried out by an individual or by an organization with the aim of making a profit. Ensures proper control which is turn promotes efficiency. The owners of the business provide finances/resources to start and run the business. Indicate whether the following business environments affect the macro or micro environment (5mks) a. Form 1 SECTION VI - ALL BUSINESS ENTITIES COMPLETE A. Organizational culture _____ This is a combination of employees expectations, beliefs and values within the business. ���h�!��Ny�����Lj}4���y��^����e�$���>}zǯ �/5� Explain how the various business environments influence a business. It is normally passed on from one generation of employees to the next. These resources include; Research and development is an important factor for the success of a business.

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