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Only 2 licences are available through a draw, and each hunter successful in the draw must be accompanied by a Hunter Host. Cost will vary according to the type of licence. Non-resident Aliens who hunt with a Hunter Host may obtain Antlered White-tailed Deer, Antlered Mule Deer, Antlered Moose, Antlered Elk, Black Bear Special Licences and Wolf/Coyote Licences (see table below) online at or at any licence issuers. Contact a Fish and Wildlife office for more information or go to endstream endobj startxref A Non-resident who killed a sheep in 2019 may not purchase a Trophy Sheep Special Licence in 2020. H�\�݊�@��. If you are interested in taking the Alberta Conservation and Hunter Education course, call the Alberta Hunter Education Instructors’ Association toll-free in Alberta at 1-866-852-4342, Edmonton 780-466-6682, or Calgary 403-252-8474. The contents of this website are provided free-of-charge to all hunters in Alberta. may be hosted by a Hunter Host (see below) - usually a relative or friend - and hunt according to the following restrictions and conditions: Non-resident Aliens may hunt with a Hunter Host only if they have not done so in the previous two (2) fiscal years (April 1 - March 31). The FIRST tag issued with the licence (but NOT the second tag) is valid for tagging a deer hunted in one of the following WMUs: 310-314, 337, 346-349, 351, 352, 354, 356, 357, 360, 500-510, 521, 523, 526, 527, 535 and 537. %PDF-1.6 %���� Licensing requirements for first-time hunters.

Application period starts July 27 for antlerless deer draw New Brunswick Site Search All rights reserved. 1. Special licences allow successful applicants to hunt a specific type of game (e.g., antlerless elk) in defined areas during a specified season. Steps to apply Apply to the moose draw Must be an adult resident, and be eligible to hold recreational hunting licences. Hunters and anglers in Alberta must possess a 10-digit Wildlife Identification Number (WiN) to apply for draws, purchase wildlife certificates, licences and replacements. Landowner Special Licence It is acceptable, however, for the hunter to be placed in a stand location by the guide or hunter host, if they remain at that same location to be picked up later the same day. USFS ANTLERLESS DEER PERMIT - ADULT Application Deadline Expired: September 15, 2020. an outfitted game bird licence is required to hunt game birds using the services of an outfitter. a Game Bird Licence and a Federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit to hunt waterfowl. The following Partner Licences are available: A youth may apply for both "Antlerless Mule Deer" and the "Youth Draw" by using separate applications. Licensing requirements for first-time hunters There is no requirement for non-resident (Canadian) and non-resident alien game bird hunters to contract their game bird hunts through a Bird Game Outfitter. Add this product.” If you select “No, thanks! This course must be taken after the beginning of the suspension period. An antlerless deer hunting stamp becomes valid when applied to a valid deer …

All content © Government of New Brunswick. ���������2�C�m���Y�!��1�C6%�*)�������+1�T��������:�L?I�� ؙ����q��[��K��y< ���:B���x/��k�M�Β�xGG{�C{|��D�۰Ekue,��9M�o;:����ξ-��&j� �S�[��d���\�� o6�f���I/��(>�g� �t �������?ڛn�Yi��0���g%M���A+���\�݌�A�d�i���tۜ��R�>w=Ϭv�)Lg�����xf�f��O/���d�e�/�������!����I77������Bhz�m6�t4&'޷����6�lj�a����[���@��@֝_����N���q���Ż��lq�"��l;���K B+��=�!|�G|>BG�O1�ϯ�~����}p�£���"[���>����Ӣcn��� QKo� Relatives are defined as father, brother, son, uncle, nephew, grandfather, grandson, son-in-law, brother-in-law (and female equivalents) of the Hunter Host or spouse of the Hunter Host.
By registering on the site individuals can purchase their licences. Once you have purchased your Hunter Host Licence, the hunters may purchase their licences. A Resident Adult may obtain one of each of these 16 licences (excluding the Youth licences). The following is a list of wildlife management zones and the 2020 quota of antlerless deer permits allocated in each: 1                                 Buck only, 2                                 Buck only, 3                                 Buck only, 6                                 Buck only, 7                                 Buck only, 8                                 Buck only, 11                               Buck only, 12                               Buck only, 13                               Buck only, 14                               Buck only, 15                               Buck only, 17                               Buck only, 18                               Buck only, 19                               Buck only, 21                               Buck only, 24                               Buck only, 25                               Buck only.

All Non-resident Alien hunters of big game, wolf or coyote require either a Big Game Designated Guide or a Hunter Host. Special Antelope Archery Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Non-trophy Antelope Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Trophy Antelope Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Merriam's Turkey Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Bowhunting Permit (not required for cross-bows). Applicants may check their draw results online beginning at noon on Tuesday, Sept. 3. The primary licensee must carry the tag(s) issued with the special licence and must tag the animal as soon as there is a kill. the Antlerless Deer Draw. The publisher is responsible for the content of this publication, and is licensed by Alberta Environment and Parks to publish the summary of the hunting regulations contained herein. Special Antlerless Mule Deer Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Camp Wainwright Deer Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special WMU 212 Antlerless Elk Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Goat Partner Licence (Youth/Senior). Draw Application Deadline Dates - Hunters interested in special licence hunts for fall 2020 must have applied by June 18. Resident game bird hunters require a WiN card and a Wildlife Certificate and: Non-resident (Canadian) game bird hunters require a WiN card and a Wildlife Certificate and: Non-resident Alien game bird hunters require a WiN card and a Non-Resident Alien Wildlife Certificate and: NOTE: The 5% federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not included in the costs listed below. If a youth turns 18 during the hunting season, they can continue to hunt using their valid licence.

Special WMU 300 Elk Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Either Sex Elk Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Antlerless Elk Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Antlered Elk Partner Licence (Youth/Senior), Special Calf Moose Partner Licence (Youth/Senior).
You are required to bring your licence and identification to a licence issuer and obtain the authorization for the tag replacement. Winners will be notified by mail. Tags are available by calling 1-888-944-5494 and at Licence Issuers Hunters wishing to hunt with a bow and arrow (but not a cross-bow) must also purchase a Bowhunting Permit. Fill out the application form online, at participating ServiceOntario centres, in person at a licenced issuer, or by telephone. With the exception of short quotations for review purposes, no portion of this document may be reproduced without written permission from Alberta Environment and Parks or Sports Scene Publications Incorporated. As of 2002, drawn applicants cannot reapply in future years (once-in-a-lifetime opportunity). Please note that you can apply for both the antlerless deer draw and controlled deer draw. Hunters with Disabilities

For Online Purchases: 2. Non-residents contracting a hunt with a Big Game Outfitter-guide, Non-resident Aliens contracting a hunt with a Big Game Outfitter, Outfitting and Guide Requirements for Non-Residents, Non-Resident (Canadian) Licence Availability, Non-Resident (Canadian) Licence Costs and Combinations, Non-Resident Alien Licence Costs and Combinations, Additional Special Licence Draw Hunts.

For details on eligibility and the application process, please consult the 2020 Alberta Hunting Draws booklet. These licences are only available at licence issuers. Those available will be issued to eligible persons on a first-come, first-served basis. Once application is approved, go online at. A Hunter Host who plans to take a non-resident alien hunting must do the following: NOTE: The 5% federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not included in the costs listed below. These licences are valid during the seasons that do not require one of the Special Licences obtained through a draw. A Non-resident may obtain one of each licence from this list of three. Hunters who wish to apply to the antlerless deer draw may use one of three methods. The Special Licence number authorizes the licensing system to issue a partner licence that is linked to the Special Licence. Select “Yes! Nov 07, 2020 – Jan 03, 2021. They can also apply by calling 1-900-565-3337 to have the fee billed directly to their landline phone. Main Menu. Anyone wishing to apply for the 2020 antlerless deer hunt can do so from July 27 to Aug. 21.

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