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A review of documentation revealed insufficient evidence to determine whether there has been increased investment in environmental emergency prevention and preparedness by industry and governments, as there are no information or statistics available that indicate formal measurement of such changes. What performance measurement and reporting strategies are in place to measure the achievement of the EEP PSAT outcomes? In your opinion, to what degree are Canadians getting value for their tax dollars from the EEP? How are the research and development outputs (deliverables) used by stakeholders (including the other activity areas of the Program)?

In the few interviews conducted, most of the respondents from the regulated community felt that the community was not aware of the, A survey of the regulated community revealed that approximately half of respondents felt the Program had a moderate impact on awareness in surrounding communities of the, There is insufficient evidence to determine whether the Program has been responsible for an increase in community awareness, as there are no information or statistics available that indicate a level of awareness of the, Facilities engaging local communities in the preparation of environmental emergency plans. Key informants did not provide answers to the question on how unanticipated results have been addressed. resourced according to priorities, Program management structures are aligned and operate to support Program Cooperation with provinces: Lack of engagement on the part of provinces can affect the ability of the Environmental Emergencies Program to respond to environmental emergencies. The programme typically consists of two main components. and outcomes, The attribution of outcomes to the Program is plausible, The Program is consistent with and follows its defined approach/methodology, Decision-making processes are in place to allow for the highest areas of of the, Many of the stakeholders feel that clear and concise compliance and enforcement strategies do exist, although the regulated community, in general, felt it was difficult to comment on the achievement of the outcome. The Public Security and Anti-Terrorism Intermediate Outcome was identified as: The Public Security and Anti-Terrorism Immediate Outcomes were identified as: Table 1 provides a summary of the Environmental Emergencies Program's budget allocation for salary and for operations and maintenance (O&M) by region (including a separate column for the Emergencies Science and Technology Division (ESTD)) and by year, for fiscal years 2002-2003 to 2005-2006. Interview respondents identified one key risk, pertaining to the loss of human resources capacity, as many people are retiring. Finally, the long-term outcome relates to the Program overall. Recommendation 1d: in order to: Does the Program continue to serve the public interest? provinces / territories and regions within the context of the overall [REF: 5a(i)], 13. Enforcement, regulatory compliance promotion and the provision of scientific and technical information and advice are three distinct departmental functions within Environment Canada.

analysis of capacity requirements, Proposals for increased capacity include an analysis of capacity requirements, Human resources reflect capacity requirements. At the OPG level, two key risks (related to the Program) and their mitigation strategies were identified: the transition to a sector-based risk management approach through Sector

advisories, alerts, and warnings. While only a portion of this federal funding was directed to Environment Canada, there was substantial growth in the Environmental Emergencies Program: the size of the Program and related expectations almost doubled over the next two to three years. 31. For the purpose of this question, "investment" is interpreted to include activities and resources. Do you have anything additional to add? Strengths/weaknesses/areas of improvement. [REF: 22], Program deliverers R&D only Increased awareness among targeted stakeholders of issues related to the nature You will not receive a reply.

��[��䄝ʵЃ�(;��40H��s������ޓ(´�wS��(�%UĻ)���ڭV����d�~�^��賩 m̘�)��`y�8i�հ�V2�K�]�=ʝ�`%�K�O�{z@̃`�U�? accountable for the Program? The Evaluation Project Team, including Shelley Tice, Janet King, Lindsay Fitzpatrick, Karine Kisilenko, and Michelle Guertin and led by Robert Tkaczyk and V. Neimanis under the direction of the Director, Shelley Borys, would like to thank those individuals who contributed to this project and particularly all interviewees who provided insights and comments crucial to this evaluation. Anti-Terrorism (PSAT) initiative. industry and governments, Improved E2 management at facilities and communities including product substitution Positive examples included Regional Environmental Emergencies Teams (. Security and Anti-Terrorism activities and outcomes into the prevention and preparedness ... EPA Emergency Management Program.

A number of senior staff retired, and other personnel moved to various organizations. Relevance: Does the Program remain consistent with and contribute to the federal government's priorities and does it address actual needs? 0000004091 00000 n

Environmental Emergencies. [Prompt: Could you please provide examples and/or supporting documentation?] [REF: 22]. Annex 4 presents a summary list of these ratings for all the evaluation questions. according to priorities, Selection process for areas of importance are applied, Presence and application of criteria that are used to evaluate proposals,

In the absence of comprehensive reporting of performance measurement, it was not possible to determine cost-effectiveness/value for money objectively. Please describe.

System and Intelligence System (NEMISIS), National Environmental Emergency assessment were not available.

There is general agreement among those interviewed that the Program should include a cost-recovery element. formal measurement of such elements over time. Although qualitative evidence suggests that the Program is cost-effective, this could not be substantiated quantitatively. 36.

Interviews with Program deliverers suggest advancement; internal partners cite positive cases yet note room for improvement, particularly in the broadening of the scope of research and development (e.g., decontamination of facilities, research alternatives to oil spill cleanup, policy implications of research and development findings). improved environmental emergency management at facilities and communities, including product substitution to less hazardous substances, prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.

Program success, however, is impeded by several

Does the Program continue to make sense in terms of the Competitiveness and Environmental Sustainability Framework (.

The Program continues to be relevant and Environment Canada should continue to carry out these functions; therefore, the Program continues to operate from a sound basis. In your opinion, to what extent should the EEP set up user fees to cover some of the costs incurred in providing its services? Interview respondents could not offer any comment regarding the relationship between money spent and results achieved. British Columbia’s Environmental Emergency Program leads our Province’s activities to prepare for and respond to hazardous spills and other natural or human-caused threats. [REF: 8], Program deliverers and senior management At the regional level, Environment Canada coordinates the Regional Environmental Emergencies Teams (REET), composed of representatives from federal, provincial, and municipal government agencies responsible for environmental protection; Aboriginal representatives; and experts from industry and non-governmental organizations. The purpose of this evaluation is to examine whether the Program is consistent with organizational priorities and addressing an actual societal need; achieving its intended outcomes; using the most appropriate and efficient means to achieve the outcomes; and being delivered in the best possible way.
Exercises have been conducted and do provide some indication of support of progress towards the achievement of the outcome. ), thus making it difficult to assess the achievement of this outcome. Just over 30% felt that the impact of the Program on client awareness and readiness was to a great extent. The department also protects Canadians and their environment by providing science-based advice to better prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from environmental emergencies.

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