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California is also your only destination for Tule Elk. I don’t have a personal preference on a brand for these. Yes, that's a big jump in kill percentage. But, some folks still want to get after it on their own. There's no right or wrong way to go. The Guided Hunt. SC2 Outdoors Client Cover Story Eastmans Hunting Journal Issue 170. Afterwards, they are. That's the question outfitters and guides get asked the most. Every outfitter is different in terms of what the cost of the hunt gets you. These states include Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oregon, Utah and Washington. Get a pair that will allow you to stand up and shoot, as well as adjust to a kneeling position. You can subtract another $1,000 for shipping fees and $1,300 for tips. The Super Day pack will probably do you just fine but I prefer the larger 2200 series.
Elk hunts are expensive.

20% of $6,500 is $1,300. Add an additional $300 for baggage fees. I guide because I enjoy helping others fulfill lifelong dreams of killing such and such animal. Tule Elk Hunting Ranch. Some of these fetch upwards of $10,000. Listed below are the cost of licenses for five western elk hunting states. Elk hunting is an expensive sport if you are a non-resident. For arguments sake, let's say we are booking/buying a bull elk hunt in Wyoming for $6,500. Our “luxury” priced outfitted hunt was $14,000. only The SC2 Outdoors California Rocky Mountain Elk Gallery, Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting (California) Gallery, Northeastern California either-sex (Apprentice Hunt) | Logan S. 2017, 2016 California Rocky Mountain Elk SC2 Outdoors Rob P Bull 0907, Northeastern CA Bull Zone 305 State Draw Tag | Rob P. 348, 2016 SC2 Outdoors California Rocky Mountain Elk Northeastern CA Bull 5555, 2015 SC2 Outdoors California Rocky Mountain Elk Northeastern CA Bull 3452, 2015 SC2 Outdoors California Rocky Mountain Elk Northeastern CA Bull 2865, 2015 California Rocky Mountain Elk Northeastern CA Bull 0775, 2015 California Rocky Mountain Elk Northeastern CA Bull 0888, 2015 California Rocky Mountain Elk Northeastern CA Bull 076, 2020 Photos & Text Copyright - © SC2 Outdoors ​​​​​​​Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140) ​ ​​, *unless otherwise noted in the brochure tables**To participate in the over-the-counter with caps rifle bear season, a hunter must hold a deer or elk license that overlaps with that rifle bear tag by at least one unit and one day of the season.

Everyone of us has our own comfort levels that need to be addressed and as we get older that will constantly be changing. Over the next couple of months, thousands of hunters will be booking out of state elk hunts for the first time while many more will start preparing for “do it yourself” (DIY) elk hunts across the country. *All nonresident big game licenses are a big game and annual fishing combination license. Researching your elk hunting destination well in advance is key.

This ranch is one of the most beautiful places on earth and is home to Tule elk, blacktail … Your hunt was successful and you had a great time so you decide to tip at 20% or $1,300. If you've never priced out-of-state elk licenses before, you may want to have a trash can close by. Guided hunts relieve you of the stress, worry and the blunt of the work. Elk hunts go for as little as $2,000 to well over $10,000. If you are going after elk for the the first time on your own, the title of this section better be your mentality! We will also offer guiding on public land for all species please contact us if you have drawn a tag and need information.

A good rangefinder is definitely worth the money. You drew a special draw tag that cost $1,057. See How much should I tip my hunting guide? We realize it's gonna be harder and the odds of killing something are extremely lower in most cases. Wildlife Council ​surcharge​. Outfitters who lease private ground, hunt out of a lodge and drive clients around in trucks, charge more. I generally figure $75 per day per person, when staying in a hotel and eating out. Your physical ability and mental toughness can be the difference maker.

new season choice hunt options for moose. Elk hunts are expensive. They have never let my feet get wet in the five years I've owned them. This includes; wall tent, sleeping bag, dual burner stove, 2 tables, cot and a personal propane heater. It does not provide the quantity of 380 plus bulls that Arizona, Nevada and Utah produces annually. Flying seems more logical. It's a hard decision just booking a hunt, it's even harder when it involves these kind of numbers.

Big Game Regulations brochure​ (especially the "What's New: 2020: section).​ ​​. ​mandatory CWD testing in select GMUs and more. Paying the outfitter is where a huge chunk of your budget is going. The cost will be around $150.00. How much does an elk hunt cost?

That being said, guiding is not about being well off, we have plenty of bills to pay too. *This was just a guideline for tipping. Remember when tipping you also have to include people that helped you besides the guide. Once you pull the trigger, you will be spending another $350.00 to have your bull cut, wrapped and frozen.

I've used other packs that were good but I keep going back to my 2200 from Badlands. Back to our example. Average cost $900. A final piece of gear you don’t want to be without is a good pack. Print for an easy reference.​​​​. available at CPW offices.​.

Sagebrush & Sage Species Conservation Strategy, ​Bear Sept. (over-the-counter and/or limited), ​Bear Private-Land-Only (over-the-counter), ​Nonresident​ bull or either sex/fishing combo​​*. …

Our DIY hunt is already down to $5,200. Elk hunting license is the easiest to figure. In today's world, it's much more than buying a license and going hunting. Yep that's a lot of money. Experience the exhilaration of guided elk hunts at our 4,000-acre ranch in Utah. Draw a tag for any of the species found in California and you have the potential for the opportunity to have a once-in-a-lifetime elk hunt.

Personal gear is your preference but I'm going to recommend a few things for your elk hunt. Fishing licenses are good through March 31.​​​ ​, The Big Game Hunting Planner  is an easy-to-read, two-page summary of dates, fees, application dates & deadlines. changes to groups of hunt codes with shared quotas (float groups). disability information. This is the fee you will be charged if you are successful in drawing your license, or get an unsuccessful option. Don't forget, because you flew, you have to get that 200 pounds of meat back home. Did I mention that already? That's gonna set you back another $1,400.00, mounting and shipping. I've used Badlands packs for over 15 years and still think they’re the best. The good news with booking a hunt with an outfitter is that the probable success goes up about 75% for the first time elk hunter.

Outdoors Websites & Marketing by 3plains. valid dates for annual licenses & habitat stamps have changed. Paying the outfitter is where a huge chunk of your budget is going. new add-on over-the-counter archery or muzzleloader bear licenses. They're pricey but well worth it. The secondary draw replaces the leftover draw. may not need a Habitat Stamp. California gives the hunters some of the best elk hunting of any western state. the hunt code letter for season choice has changed. Assuming you are driving and coming from the east coast, you can do the trip for the same amount of money if you only stop and grab a hotel one night during your travels. Don't ask the outfitter to do it for you. California elk hunting does provide the potential to produce monster bull elk and incredible elk hunting. My pack often doubles as a rest when rifle hunting.
If you are a rifle hunter, a good set of shooting sticks could make or break your hunt. It's a satisfaction that's second to none when all their hard work results in meat in the freezer. Eight hours in an airport vs. the 30 some hour drive.

You can buy this package for $1,500 if you don't go overboard on brand name items. We will also assume you will be driving instead of flying. It's important to understand how to kill call shy bulls if the elk have been pressured. It also provides you a trained set of eyes that's working just for you. Higher prices doesn't always mean better hunting. It's one more tool to help you make the best decision before shelling out a wad of cash.

Contact SC2 Outdoors, we specialize in calling monster bulls and close encounters, we may have public or private land options.

Not only is this a genuine thing to do, it can also save you money on the processing fees. The area, style of hunting… If you book with an outfitter, they will know what units to put you in for. Elk country is big and challenging. WyomingEither sex tag: $577Antlerless: $288Non-resident special- 40% of non-resident tags get allotted for this draw, with the assumption that less people would put in for the higher price tag, therefore increasing draw odds. Afterwards, they are It does not provide the quantity of 380 plus bulls that Arizona, Nevada and Utah produces annually. Read the This means you need picked up at the airport and the outfitter charges $100.00 for airport pickup and drop off. In California obtaining that tag may prove to be the most difficult part of hunting elk in California. Rocky Mountain Elk (C. canadensis nelsoni), Roosevelt Elk (C. canadensis roosevelti), Tule Elk (C. canadensis nannodes) can all be hunted in the Golden State. A state like New Mexico works off of a lottery system so no matter if you have been applying for 10 years or if this is your first year applying, you have the same chance of a successful draw. Combined limited deer/elk (4th season) Nov. 18–22 Plains deer (east of I-25, except Unit 140) Oct. 24–Nov. Please turn on JavaScript and try again. While some of the more popular bull hunts will most likely prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime tag, there are chances to buy private land ranch tags from time to time. There's a lot to digest with each state's licensing procedures but this gives you a good place to start budgeting. Zeiss and Leica are my two top picks. Whichever style of hunting you decide on is up to you. Great statistics don't mean crap if you're the one who's on the wrong side of the numbers. Cost $300.00. regulation brochure​ for specifics and variations. Now, on the flip side we have to figure in added expense. These licenses can be purchased at sales agents, by phone and online through Oct. 11. If you book your flights soon after booking your hunt, you can purchase a ticket for $500 or less. As the hunter, you should personally do the tip exchange. new first responder lifetime combo and annual senior combo licenses now count as qualifying licenses. There are many companies with good shooting sticks.

Many of theses states give out a very limited number of tags in over the counter units.

Let's say you decide to “camp out.” Without going into great detail, we’re coming up with a “camp” budget. All prices include a 25-cent search-and-rescue fee, a $1.50 for the For this example, you decided to fly because of time constraints. You can find an extensive list of elk hunting outfitters at www.guidefitter.com/hunting/elk. Elevation, weather, other hunters and the overall unpreparedness of such an adventure, leave many tags folded up in one's wallet. How much does an elk hunt cost? Did I mention that already?

Check out our guaranteed elk hunt pricing and …

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