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If you want to write for us, get in touch and we’ll welcome you to our growing team! Boldface News is managed by a network of journalists, university students and freelance writers who keep this website running with their regular contributions. The mascot is a Confederate soldier holding a Confederate Flag. Poll: Do you still own (and use) a printer. These chants include such quotes as “Nuke ‘em ‘til they glow,” and “Proud of the cloud!”. This student had a choice between simply delivering the ball like any average person could, or adding a little flair to his delivery. Columbia, Missouri is home to David Henry Hickman High School. Our team is always changing and expanding. A mascot is an iconic and beloved figure that students can rally behind in order to show support for a school or team. Subscribe with your e-mail to receive the latest updates from Boldface News, anywhere and any time! Since 1992, four Illinois high schools have modified their team name away from Redskins. Originally, we were called the "Red Devils" and the mascot had a red suit, tail, horns, and a pitchfork. Despite some asking for unity, the meeting was a divided crowd and got heated. The football team was on a 33-game winning streak when a newspaper wrote the headline, “The Purple and White Rides Again.”. High school mascots are typically a fun concept. The Effingham county school board meeting Tuesday night focused on Effingham High School’s mascot, the “Rebels”. Freeburg says it's not changing the mascot, despite requests from the Little People of America. At Southwestern, in Piasa, it's the home team. Here are several obscure mascots in use by high schools around the state. In the 1930s, the town decided to make the Wooden Shoes the mascot. As a result, high school mascots needed some real creativity to come up with. The unused lyrics to "Ode to Billy Jo" adds to the mystery of the song. The heart portion of Flaming Hearts is easy enough to understand. Kaukauna, Wisconsin is a town that is home to quite a few interesting stories. Effingham County High School is one of two public high schools located in Effingham County, Georgia, northwest of Savannah.The school was created in 1956 and serves approximately 2000 students in grades 9-12 in the Effingham County School District.The school mascot is the Rebel, and the school colors are red, navy, and white. The "Sage of Monticello" Thomas Jefferson inspired Monticello's nickname. “There would be issues if we restricted that,” he said. According to IHSA.org, cornjerking may also be known as corn snapping, corn shucking or corn husking — either way, it's the process of pulling the corn from the stalk. In other cases, however… Things can get a bit strange. While that may not be the most fantastic historical event to take pride in, it is interesting history. You have permission to edit this collection. This is due to the fact that there are so many high schools around, yet only a select few animals to choose from. Image source: http://www.pretzelathletics.com/. All in all, the Poca Dot is effective, as there are probably few people who would want to see it rushing towards them. Around the time of 1940, a student was tasked with delivering the game ball. Lincoln uses the nickname the Railsplitters (aka the Railers) because, according to the IHSA website, Abraham Lincoln — for whom the town is named and who practiced law there for eight years — split rails and used the wood too make fences. Centralia has won national recognition for its unique mascot, the Orphans. He’s definitely effective and memorable though! Residents of Coal City cheer on — what else? This mascot is an homage to the town it is based in. Effingham High Rebel mascot controversy (Washington, White: 2015, high school, move) User Name: Remember Me: Password : Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick! Legend is that a sports writer or announcer in the early 1900s called Freeburg's basketball team "midgets" because no one on the team was taller than 5-foot-10. As such, the town of Richland ran with it. Shopping Tips A grenadier, of course, is a soldier who is armed with grenades. The heart portion of Flaming Hearts is easy enough to understand. Neoga High School Principal Ben Johnson found her artistic work to be refreshing and gave her a task: Create two new mascot boards for schools joining the National Trail Conference. Both Fotos and I went to the same high school. The drawings of the Confederate soldier are left over from previous classes and will be left in place. No credit card required. Polo doesn't have a water polo team or any swimming titles, just an appreciation for the explorer. Image source: facebook.com/fultonsteamers, Hoopeston prides itself on being the original "Sweetcorn Capital of the World." The most likely story comes from a legend that occurred at a basketball game. Legal Advice. Image source: http://www.effingham.k12.il.us/studentactivities/athletics/. 2020 POTUS Debate 2 (22 October) follow-along and discussion thread. Chinook, Montana is a town with a long history with sugarbeets. However, the most official record of the mascot origin came in the form of a student prank that may not have aged well over the years. A huge animal lover, she's a proud mother to two rescue dogs and one fiercely independent cat. Rochelle sits along Lincoln Highway near I-39 and I-88, earning it the nickname as the "Hub City. Celebrity Gossip Zee-Bees is just a combination of the first letter of each town making up the school district, but it's fun to say. Image source: https://scorestream.com/team/mattoon-high-school-green-wave-5300. Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share (MPSIMS), Predictions for the 2020 US Presidential Election, Sam Stone’s tragic gullibility re: Trump’s tweets, Am I missing something here? The mascot became an American Indian. Vote here for your favorite interesting Illinois high school mascot, Courtesy Hoopeston Area High School / IHSA, https://www.facebook.com/pages/DeKalb-School-District-428/64159702851, http://www.effingham.k12.il.us/studentactivities/athletics/, https://scorestream.com/team/mattoon-high-school-green-wave-5300, Appleknockers, Wooden Shoes, Flaming Hearts: The stories behind unique Central Illinois mascot names. Boldface News was started as an initiative to help young journalists and reporters showcase their work. Tech Savvy Her hobbies include reading, writing, cooking, knitting, and dancing like nobody is watching. Regarding students carrying Confederate flags at sporting events, Shearouse said he does not anticipate any changes. Vote for your favorite at the bottom. Seeing as their mascot is a well known sign of nuclear weaponry, their student chants have mirrored this. The Coalers. Enjoy more articles by logging in or creating a free account. Although the Pretzel seems at first to be a rather obscure nickname, Freeport High and New Berlin High both root for this salty snack. Argonauts are found in Greek mythology — they're a band of heroes who traveled in a ship called the "Argo" to find golden fleece. Douglas MacArthur High School in Decatur is named after the famous World War II general. Plano High School wants you to fear the Reaper, though the name comes from the town's heritage as the "Home of the Harvester," thanks to harvesting technology that helped put the town on the map in the 1860s. A school secretary supposedly set a Kewpie doll on the basketball court before the game tipoff. There are also Lincoln High Schools with the Railsplitter nickname in Brooklyn, N.Y., Ypsilanti, Mich., and Des Moines, Iowa. ", Image source: http://www.nfhsnetwork.com/. Career Column The Hanford nuclear site supplied plutonium for the bomb that was detonated over Nagasaki, Japan. Rochelle High roots for the Hubs. In 1860, George Dymann, an immigrant from Germany, came to Teutopolis and started making shoes out of wood. Does “calling the election” actually mean anything? The flaming half, however, is a bit more obscure. As such, the Kewpie doll became something of an icon for the school.

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