devouring in a sentence

Huge rats roamed the streets slaying then devouring their victims.

Examples of devouring in a sentence: 1. This they frequently do, eating into, and more often, 25. See them devouring their favorite food: the red starfish.

The worm inhabits the lung of the frog and toad, and is hermaphrodite (Schneider) or parthenogenetic (Leuckart); the embryos hatched from the eggs find their way through the lungs into the alimentary canal and thence to the exterior; in a few days they develop into a sexual larva, called a Rhabditiform larva, in which the sexes are distinct; the eggs remain within the uterus, and the young when hatched break through its walls and live free in the perivisceral cavity of the mother, devouring the organs of the body until only the outer cuticle is left; this eventually breaks and sets free the young, which are without teeth, and have therefore lost the typical Rhabditis form. You might even add a photo of grandpa's crumb-lined face when he's done devouring his second helping.

Ten minutes later, she sat at a picnic table, devouring … The substance of this Norse version is as follows: The three Anses - Odin, Loki and Hornir - saw an otter devouring a salmon beside a waterfall.

These suppers included an Eucharist: for it was because the faithful ate in the latter of the flesh and blood of the Son of God that the charge of devouring children was made against them. The old grey Allied Bank was decorated with sixteenth-century gargoyles and sculptured animals, some, 23. Grabbing an armful of the hay they had packed around the supplies in each wagon, she dropped it on the sand and the mules eagerly began devouring it. Huge rats roamed the streets slaying then, 9. doughnutlong and have a donut at least in order to prevent Jonny from devouring three of them as he did last week. Devour sentence examples. › Retransmitting [ˌrētranˈsmit, ˌrētranzˈmit], © 2020

Devouring Plague helps ease up a lot of the damage the warrior is putting out. 19. try its best to collect and make good sentences. 155. Hancock chose the term, coined by a Kalderash Rom, from a number of suggestions in an "informal conversation in 1993".. 19. They feed in wood or spend an underground life devouring roots or animal excrement. 332. Ruper Beowulf, with fourteen companions, sails to Denmark, to offer his help to Hrothgar, king of the Danes, whose hall (called " Heorot ") has for twelve years been rendered uninhabitable by the ravages of a devouring monster (apparently in gigantic human shape) called Grendel, a dweller in the waste, who used nightly to force an entrance and slaughter some of the inmates. devour. 2. 0. 463.


Thus the Mintra of the Malay Peninsula have a demon corresponding to every kind of disease known to them; the Tasmanian ascribed a gnawing pain to the presence within him of the soul of a dead man, whom he had unwittingly summoned by mentioning his name and who was `devouring his liver; the Samoan held that the violation of a food tabu would result in the animal being formed within the body of the offender and cause his death. 0. doughnutlong and have a donut at least in order to prevent Jonny from devouring three of them as he did last : 2.

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