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That’s about all I could find with teacher!Cas and studentDean (I could’ve sworn there were more, huh).
Which is why she has decided that she’s going to choose Dean’s next secretary. Dancing a Thin Line (NC-17  Word Count:  27,553). Dean asks if he had protection, and awkwardly, Castiel answers, "I had my angel blade." With no explanation for how or why, Dean and Sam find themselves with a fallen angel on their hands.

By being the little sister Dean never wanted and shipping the shit out of Destiel. One day however, he met a guy, one Dean Winchester, had broken him out of his shell and Castiel had clung to him ever since. All cases and covers have high-quality prints that won’t fade. Quite often actually. It never has been and it never will be, not for Castiel. He had made his first friend. Dean could feel his heart racing when Castiel's hand met his shoulder. There was no going back now. Castiel never expected to see Dean again, the man from one marvelous one-night stand. Stylish and protective for iPhone SE, 11, XS, X, 8, and more. Now Castiel; as his guidance counselor in a small town school in South Dakota; must set the present right with the future so the same events do not unfold. I actually have a thing for those as well I don’t know why, the conflict is just interesting, haha :), A Kiss that Can’t Renew  (NC-17 Word Count: 12,400). He finds himself in the small town of Colton, just passing through to gather strength, his ever-fading stolen grace weakening him slowly. Destiel is the slash between Dean and Castiel from the Supernatural fandom. Kali can breathe life back into a corpse, but what exactly is Gabriel now? The house looks a lot like Bobby’s, and Sam lives there too… He just can’t remember how they got from angels falling in the sky – to comfortable domesticity. A Summer Affair Verse  (NC-17  Word Count: 38,956), It was the final summer before Castiel Milton was off to college and he knew he wanted to do something before he left. To be continued...Leave your review and tell me what you think (: Chapter 1:Castiel was blind, he was born that way. "I don't know what you're talking about," he denied, shrugging his shoulders. "Yes Castiel?" Castiel felt someone was approaching him, and he felt scared to death, he swallowed his lunch, and heard a very manly voice say "Hey, why are you alone?"

Dean wakes up in bed next to a very human Castiel, and a journal in his own handwriting that tells him it’s two years in the future. @clicktothebangtan​ @tchalamet-ny​ @meet-the-new-boss​ @colorfulhoagiezinedream​ @destielforeversworld​ @brownbearboi4815162342​ @starboycas​ @ol1v1aaa​ @glowinthedarkboyfriend​ @cowboy-jensen​ @beanboi66666​ @loving-the-tommo-tummy​ @friki-likes​ @softllouis​ @uhyoushotme​ @agarlandoffreshlycuttears​ @winchesterperfection​ @omgpandaz27​ @pooffa​ @ctrying​ @destiel-pirate-in-middleearth​ @destielnerdtour​ @tkah56​ @missindiffwrence​ @poggers-miku​ @chiwalker​ @countingsheep80​ @sh000l3r​ @shugrina​ @wusswoo​ @destielrecsposts​ @the-claustrophobic-dreamer​ @itssuperkira​ @supersupernaturalfan​ @blueronanpinkparrish​ @kingofdestiel​ @devilsplusone​ @wholock711​ @morninqtides​ @but–nobody—came-blog​ @znicehonix​ @sakurasofytofy​ @jasmincrazyfangirl​ @morethensheseems​ @giveheadlikeazombie​ @livinginacardboardboxwithme​ @asdfghjkliammary​ @ecfbh47-blog​ @someweirdassgirl​ @welzywoo​ @yacrimago​ @breakingbey-blog​ @benedictandotherobsessions​ @faesolstice-blog​ @multifangirl28​ @anarchiana​ @wetkitchenpaint​ @cejasgrandes​ @a-vast-african-plain​ @axe8472​ @gaelicblue​ @vicarre​ @deancasfluff​ @harderdaddyimalreadybroken-blog​ @asharchivesblog​ @destielandvalduggery-blog​ @daydreamdeanw​ @eclecticphangirl​ @candygirl594​ @myonlysunshinehobi​ @caffeinated-arsonist07​ @invigorateauthors-blog​ @bimythical​ @castielsangle​ @impalachic79​ @theblackheiress​ @fortis3tlib3r​ @fyideanisbi​ @whattheheyuck​ @freckledbutterflies-blog​ @other147-blog​ @kayshaabi​ @iamalonetonight​ @misha-67-blog​ @casg00dn00dle13​ @neptuneisneat​ @todomecarga​ @lilianalovesyooh​ @beebumblingalong​ @darkone15​ @themishafiles​ @hitori-alouette​ @skeletonnat-blog​ @brokenknight13​ @glitterypaperfire​ @imstuckinthisfandom​ @thefuvkedreality​ @tintunatina​ @paradoxical-head​ @gohard-0r-gohomo​ @everyone-matters​ @jaswrapgirlwratten​ @simplyygabriella​ @mishamigo-cas-blog​ @didibuildthisshiptowreck​ @fancifulfanfics​ @soojourne​ @intwoweeks​ @rainbowwhimsyart​ @infinity-on-high-bitch-blog​ @wheres-cas​ @heartchicken​ @dia44noche77​ @iamasirena​ @lookwhatyouhavedanetome​ @ogkeshae​, Morning Teach (NC-17 Word Count: 173,444), School’s In Session  (NC-17 Word Count: 19,855), Love Equals Tragedy Plus Time  (NC-17 Word Count: 57,562), Oh Yes, You Do Mr. Novak (NC-17 Word Count: 10,000), All Right Now  (NC-17 Word Count: 27,555), Don’t Stand So Close to Me  (NC-17 Word Count: 13,183).
But happy ending! He screwed up his relationship with Cas, fucked up badly enough that no one in their right mind would take him back, and really, Dean’s already stupidly lucky that he’s allowed to see Ariel at all, let alone have her over at his place every other weekend. Sam launches a “brilliant” plan to reunite his brother and his best friend, but Cas is worried it will all blow up in their faces, and he’ll go through the agony of losing Dean a second time.

He mentally berated himself at how quiet he actually was, hoping Dean had heard, because he didn't think he could repeat himself. Castiel stole a hundred years just to have them- to give Dean time- to fix everything he broke, but theirs was always the space between duration. Even though Castiel was blind, and couldn't look back into Dean's eyes, he still felt a strong connection between them. Tagged as #Supernatural #Destiel #Destiel ficrec #SPN Universe Canon #canon divergent au #meta #humor #fluff #marriage #romance #ptsd #protective!cas #fallen!cas #angel!Cas #protective!dean #hunter!dean #Part of Dean Cas Big Bang #Season 10 fic #explicit #switching #75k 99k #mittensmorgul He swallowed thickly before clearing his throat.

Covers season 5 from Gabriel’s death to the finale. Season 7 Rewrite. Want a particular type of fic? However when Dean walks back into Castiel’s life on the arm of his twin sister, Anna, a year later, Castiel’s world is turned upside down as he realizes just how much Dean affects him. do you know any canon fics or spn universe ones. Follow Dean, Sam and Cas through their journey as Sam makes the decision to go back to Stanford, and Dean comes to grips with his feelings for Cas and decides that maybe the apple pie life isn’t all that bad if it’s with the right person. Dean being the protective boyfriend he is:,) Assbutt — Dean being the protective boyfriend he is:,) 1.5M ratings ... deanwinchester jensen ackles supernatural dean destiel castiel misha collins cas fandom supernaturalscene fan account spn spn post spn account destiel is real 100% real ship its a thing jared padalecki sam samwinchester moose. I was wondering if you had anymore Teacher/Student fics? The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Idk. ", Dean said, he was getting frustrated, "Yes, Look i'll help you," he started to explain to Dean, and finally he got it, Dean gave him a smirk and said "Woah, you're really good at this," Castiel chuckled turning a bit red, "Well I am pretty smart." Like fanart? They talked through the whole lunch period, and became great friends over the years. I think that says it all. Three years after his run as God, Castiel leaves a small group of angels in Hannah’s care, returning to Kansas with every intention of going to the bunker. Priest!Cas meets with a couple who are about to get married. Castiel was the one who freed Dean from Hell and they have become best friends ever since. this is the greatest thing in the history of things, Do you know of any fics where Dean cheats on Cas? But instead of landing in present time he sent back to earth to when Dean Winchester is just a teenager. "Cas, could you speak up, I didn't hear you to well, something about you liking someone?" If it ever gets around to it . Dean said trying to make conversation, "I wouldn't know, I'm blind" Castiel said sadly, "Well you are, can I sit near you ?"

"Help me up, please?," he asked, his legs aching from sitting on the floor to long. dean swallowed slowly, crossed his fingers, and hoped Cas would say yes. (And, in which Cas embarks to find his missing grace and Dean is put out. Dean had a lot of thoughts running through his head of what they could do but he just responded, "I want to take you out to dinner, and then maybe we could do something special, together, something that would make us feel intimate" Dean said slowly, he lowered his voice and he said, "Like, sex, maybe?"

Although battling monsters at sea is dangerous enough, sorting through emotional baggage proves to be far more deadly. After seeing Castiel once, he knows he wants to get to know him better. There, Dean meets an old, familiar friend; one that doesn’t seem to remember who he is. February being the supposed ‘month of love’ people seem to forget that it’s also one of the coldest times of the year. Warnings:  Depictions of Past Child Abuse, Alcoholism/Alcohol Abuse, Brief Mentions of Mental Illness, Written in the Scars on Our Hearts  (NC-17  Word Count: 51,510).

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