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Stiles waved him away but Derek picked him up and carried him up to the bathroom. Said Derek though clenched fangs. "Your bed is about to eat you, Stiles." "And don't worry, if I can't find the plant I'll just ask them for it." Derek's going to roll his eyes and cuff him around the side of the head, glare and call him an idiot. Stiles thought as he watched Derek sprawled out all over Stiles bed in just his boxer briefs (black, of course), face down with an arm hanging to the floor and snoring to wake the dead. He thought of his mate with a huge smile on his face during the trip home, which promptly turned into a fierce scowl when he saw a sticky on the bedroom door. ", Derek groaned in mock despair. Derek was barking out these orders with Stiles sitting regally on his shoulders, sometimes wobbling madly while Derek paced back and forth before the Pack. His Holiness is sleepy. Who gave you the idea for them anyway? The Alpha wanted its breakfast right now…Stiles-burgers, with some Holy horseradish on the side. Tomorrow, it would look like it snowed in the room from the thousands of paper shreds Derek was going to make out of them, and Stiles would see what Derek Hale thought of his stupid Laws. Derek scanned the other two, and he promptly shifted human while his eyes started to sting with unshed tears. Request Anon: derek + peter + stiles, stiles has an oral fixation and peter and derek notice and offer stiles their huge dick and breeder balls and stiles is super relax whenever he has one of their cocks in his mouth and is basically a cum addict and a slut for praise?? He was bone tired, and would have to stay up just to go to the store and have breakfast ready on time. . Stiles has been crushing on Derek for a Very long time. "Derek, a new Law has been drafted (# 20) and entered onto the Sacred Instruments. ", Stiles wondered if Derek remembered Stiles Law # 1: 'All of Stiles Laws may not be altered without permission from Stiles, which he will never give, so there.'. Derek will serve as transport on special occasions even when His Holiness recovers. Stiles will dine at 7:30 am. Love, His Holiness, Stiles. Derek got home later than usual from his Saturday night bouncer job, stuck with an extra shift and smarting from a dressing down he got from his boss after Derek 'bounced' someone pretty hard. That pissed Stiles off, Derek moved forward but Stiles' hand flew up and held him back. He stripped down to his own Scooby Doo boxers, yanked the twisted sheets and blankets off of Derek to untie them, and then lay down on top of the Alpha. Stiles Law # 12 came into play after Scott injured Stiles while they wrestled out on the lawn. Derek's going to be pissed that Stiles managed to get himself shot. sterek teenwolf derekhale stilesstilinski stiles derek scottmccall stilesxderek scisaac werewolf hale stilinski boyxboy wolf lydiamartin scott isaaclahey sterekfanfic derekxstiles teen 1.2K Stories Sort by: Hot Derek groaned again, feeling like the subject of the famous painting "The Nightmare" by Fuseli, which featured a woman reposing on a bed with a little demon sitting on her chest. We can resume discussions at the next Pack meeting, if you remember to put it on the Agenda. You are excused from your duty for Pack Meetings.". spake Stiles. 'Stiles shall remain uneaten by any member of the Hale Pack, though love bites are allowed with permission of His Holiness. Stiles took out his Blues Clues notepad and oversized pencil (the Sacred Recording Instruments of Stiles Laws) and added a subsection to one of the tiny areas of paper not already filled with his Commandments. "I mean it! Derek smiled, "He's fine, I am listening for his heartbeat. I love Stiles and Derek and the tension between them. Derek Hale is confused by Stiles Stilinski, or at least Derek's sexuality is confused. You took over my bed, now you ARE my bed…for eternity!" came the drugged sounding voice of the Foul Profaner of Sacred Places, Derek Hale. Derek's eyes bled reddish light, and his teeth and claws grew with his fury. The bed looked like it was the site of a gang initiation that got out of control. Derek looked at the clock. "I don't like your Laws. A clawed finger lifted the notepad up…sheer morbid curiosity made Derek read what was on the page before he got started. 'While Stiles recovers from his injury, Derek shall transport Stiles on his shoulders, where he shall make his wishes known from on high. Stiles wants pancakes, and we're out of them, so you'll have to go to the store before Stiles wakes up. "Oof, oh, ugh…Stiles, what the hell are you doing?" Thereafter, the arrangement became permanent. His…something. It's obvious to everyone but Derek who himself has a crush on Stiles since the day he saved him from drowning in the pool. Derek was on the point of bouncing his boss when he thought of Stiles, and the help this job was going to be for the young man's college fund. Derek and Stiles know they are soulmates. ", "Fine. Please read (and review) their work! Hurt!stiles , guilty protective!derek and worried protective!scott. "Behold, the fearsome Alpha werewolf!" The one where Derek accidentally hurts Stiles ...but with a little more force than usual. He apologized and went to the home he shared with Stiles and the Sheriff. "Stiles Law # 3. Stiles took up very little of the bed, so Derek spooned into him and held him close while he pulled the blankets over them. His Holiness has decreed that when Derek returns home after Stiles' bedtime, Derek will be responsible for the cooking and cleaning up of His Holiness' breakfast the next morning.' I want to point out that I was majorly (made up a word, such is the power of chaos) inspired by these two and their wonderful creative exploration of one of the more fascinating pairings in Teen Wolf, and I would never have thought of any of this without them. Its obviously Sterek, so be warned. If Fuseli could see into this bedroom, the demon would have had Stiles' face. A/N – So I love Derek Laws by agentdouble0negative2 and Sheriff Laws by HalfDrunkMonkey, and I decided to do Stiles Laws. I want to point out that I was majorly (made up a word, such is the power of chaos) inspired by these two and their wonderful creative exploration of one of the more fascinating pairings in Teen Wolf, and I would never have thought of any of this without them. Derek opened the door with an inhuman paw and stalked towards the bed with the innocent looking boy fast asleep on top of it. Your review has been posted. Derek growled ominously. Derek's consciousness was whipped away like a rag in a tornado, and he woke up the next morning feeling incredible. And that's ok because that's what Derek does and Stiles really … Series. Derek met Stiles . If he gets hurt again, I will nail your pelts to the wall!". "Stiles," Derek admonished, "You need to go up and have a shower, you need to get warm before you make yourself sick." Derek 'accidentally' face planted Scott into the side of Stiles' Jeep when he found out, but his feelings of anger and protectiveness turned to fear when he saw Stiles pull the Sacred Recording Instruments from his knapsack. ", "You and my Dad. 'In the event someone violates Law # 3, Stiles gets to sleep wherever he wants.'. "Thank you, your Holiness." Part 11 of Soulmate AU; Language: English Words: 5,153 Chapters: 4/4 Comments: 50 Kudos: 172 Bookmarks: 13 Hits: 3114 Stiles Law # 21: 'With the exception of this Law and the one that follows, Stiles Laws are suspended on Sundays, so that Stiles can return the wonderful treatment he gets from his favorite Alpha werewolf, His Unholy Majesty…Derek Hale. Please do not post my stories anywhere else without my permission. Stiles Law # 22: 'Stiles will love Derek forever.'. "Sty…I think this Law is ruining my credibility as Alpha. Jackson and Scott were in hysterics, Lydia and Allison were crowing with laughter. Scott had Stiles in a headlock when Stiles resorted to tickling (forbidden, along with using wolf strength) in order to escape. Not thinking he would ever get to sleep, he found himself focusing on Stiles heartbeat and the shared warmth of their bodies, which served to lull him to sleep faster than usual. As he dropped off to sleep, he wondered what His Holiness would be making him for breakfast that afternoon. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. There in his hands, he clutched the Sacred Instruments…Derek grinned an evil wolfish smile. Derek lunged for him, but Stiles had already locked himself in the Jeep and was scribbling madly. Derek roared in frustration when Stiles emerged and showed him the newly drafted Law. It was 5:30 am. "That's in direct violation of Stiles Law # 2! Scott shoved him away, and Stiles left foot landed in a gopher hole, twisting his ankle pretty badly. Derek his Alpha. My first teen wolf fanfic. A/N – So I love Derek Laws by agentdouble0negative2 and Sheriff Laws by HalfDrunkMonkey, and I decided to do Stiles Laws. Three rules occupied the page, the first one about cooking breakfast. Derek gently placed the Sacred Instruments on the nightstand, and got undressed as quietly as he could. Stiles doesn't want Derek to be his soulmate. Scott, Jackson…no more rough-housing with Stiles! There was absolutely no room for Stiles anywhere in his own bed, and this was in direct violation to Stiles Law # 3: 'Stiles' bed is his Sacred Place, and must always be ready to receive his Holiness should he choose to respire there'. + Tumblr Anon: Sterek prompt: cock worship, cock warming, oral sex, face fucking, deep throat, throat bulge. He knows that Stiles feels some kind of way toward him, but a discovery on Stiles' laptop leaves no question to HOW much Stiles … "I'll pump you with just enough wolfsbane to take you to the brink of death, cut your tongue out, wrap you up in a bow and ship you off to Allison's dad," Jackson paled slightly.

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