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Labour’s David Parker, the Green’s Marama Davidson, NZ First’s Shane Jones, National’s Scott Simpson and ACT’s Simon Court all participated in the discussion facilitated by Sean Plunket. Aotearoa – he whenua mana kura mō te tangata, Making New Zealand Aotearoa the most liveable place in the world, National Environmental Standards for Air Quality, Guidance on implementing the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality, About the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality, Cabinet papers and related material search. Some aspects of the RMA had worked out, such as air quality, where Parker pointed to Timaru’s improved air quality as an example.

Environment Minister David Parker says the new freshwater rules are ‘’fair and balanced’’. Marama Davidson says the Green Party is supporting a transition to regenerative agriculture and organics. The Government’s National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management came into force on September 3, and aims to improve the quality of the country's lakes, rivers and streams within a generation. She outlined the Green Party’s new farming policy which would provide support to farmers to transition to regenerative farming and establish New Zealand as a leader in the organic market. Political parties were on a range of growth-related questions, including being asked for solutions on how to solve the distortions created by the carbon price, which made it twice as profitable for farmers to plant pine trees than to farm sheep or beef. Today is World Environment Day, so I thought I’d share a picture of one of my favourite parks in New Zealand. David Parker says the Government is trying to make good on the slogan “the right tree in the right place”. That tells me that the status quo isn’t working. He was a litigation and managing partner in law firm Anderson Lloyd and was a co-founder of the Dunedin Community Law Centre. as a consequence there were changes made to it,” Parker said. Parker, who emphasised this was an urban problem as much as a rural one, said some councils need to ‘’up their game’’. Environmental reporting; Marine and Government. National Party MP Scott Simpson said the country had to address massive offsets being allowed, rather than actual decarbonisation of the economy. The plans would be overseen by the Environment Court. To ensure you receive the best possible browsing experience, please make sure JavaScript is enabled and reload the page. Parkers said there were “over 100” national and regional plans and the aim was to reduce them to 14 consolidated plans. “Essentially, it takes too long, it costs too much, and it doesn’t protect the environment. The incentivisation of monoculture pine plantations was broadly criticised by political parties in a Business NZ-facilitated discussion on Monday. Why our marine environment matters. “A blanket of pines that will harbour pests and become a huge fire risk. ACT MP Simon Court said carbon offsetting offered a cash bribe to get investors hooked on carbon credits to keep them going. He said offsetting was akin to buying your way out of sin rather than changing actual behaviour.

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Engaging in international dialogue; State of our marine environment. “That only works because James Shaw has the almost unilateral power to set the carbon price,” he said.

10:17. (First published September 2019), National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry, Forestry: Don't give in to 'anti-tree' campaigners, Emissions trading reform 'a slap in the face' for sheep and beef farmers, Rural communities under threat from carbon offsetting, farmers say, new policy which gave councils the ability to require consents for “anything over 50 hectares if they so choose”, Lincoln Grant said the biggest threat to biodiversity and the economy was the Emissions Trading Scheme, US Election Live: Joe Biden addresses the nation as his lead grows in Pennsylvania, Visiting Russian fisherman died of 'natural causes' at Lyttelton Port, Covid-19: Fewer than 20 people got tracer app alert about new Auckland community case, US Election: Why Pennsylvania hasn't been called, US Election: Republican hits back at Trump's 'very disturbing' vote fraud claims, The mysterious case of missing millionaire Graham Vanstone 21 years on, Two injured in drive-by shooting in Kaitaia, Northland, The double fatal crash that stole a young mother's family, US divided by election but a Biden win would matter for New Zealand, US Election: Trump faces tough road in getting Supreme Court to intervene. Parker said some changes would not take effect until regional councils implement their water plans, which will have to be notified and underway by 2024. Alternatives to single-use plastic shopping bags: Alternatives to single-use plastic shopping bags by business type, Environmental pros and cons of alternatives to single-use plastic shopping bags, Fact sheets in te reo Māori and other languages on the single-use plastic shopping bags ban, Posters for businesses on the phase out of single-use plastic shopping bags, Waste disposal levy payments to territorial authorities, 01 — Wastes resulting from exploration, mining, quarrying, and physical and chemical treatment of minerals, 03 — Wastes from wood processing and the production of panels and furniture, pulp, paper and cardboard, 04 — Wastes from the leather, fur and textile industries, 05 — Wastes from petroleum refining, natural gas purification and pyrolytic treatment of coal, 06 — Wastes from inorganic chemical processes, 07 — Wastes from organic chemical processes, 08 — Wastes from the manufacture, formulation, supply and use of coatings, adhesives, sealants and printing inks, 09 — Wastes from the photographic industry, 11 — Wastes from chemical surface treatment and coating of metals and other materials; non-ferrous hydro-metallurgy, 12 — Wastes from shaping and physical and mechanical surface treatment of metals and plastics, 13 — Oil wastes and wastes of liquid fuels (except edible oils, 05 and 12), 14 — Waste organic solvents, refrigerants and propellants (except 07 and 08), 15 — Waste packaging; absorbents, wiping cloths, filter materials and protective clothing not otherwise specified, 16 — Wastes not otherwise specified in the list, 17 — Construction and demolition wastes (including excavated soil from contaminated sites), 18 — Wastes from human or animal health care and/or related research, 19 — Wastes from waste management facilities, Developing a national policy statement for indigenous biodiversity, About the statement of National Priorities for biodiversity, National Priority 1 data and biodiversity maps, Streamlining the regulatory regime for pest control, Board of Inquiry Report on the proposed NPS, Words from the Secretary for the Environment and Government Statistician on the report, Map showing projects funded by Jobs for Nature, Freshwater Improvement Fund eligibility and assessment criteria, Waste Minimisation Fund eligiblity and assessment criteria, Para Kore – a revolution in how Māori communities manage waste, One Double Five Community House Trust: expanding food rescue in Northland, AgRecovery – rural and agri-sector ‘one-stop shop’ waste solution, Refrigerant Recovery NZ Limited: maximising product stewardship effectiveness for refrigerants, Profiles of Community Environment Fund projects, Fresh Start for Fresh Water Clean-up Fund, Laws that help us manage environmental risks, Constraint on release and investigation into coexistence, Genetically modified organisms and the RMA, Genetically modified food, crops and medicines, About multilateral environment agreements, Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol, Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants, International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, Other multilateral environmental agreements, Canterbury earthquake response Cabinet paper and Orders in Council, About the National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020, Guidance on implementation of the National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020, Guidance on implementation of the National Policy Statement on Urban Development Capacity 2016, Timeframes for implementing objectives and policies in the National Policy Statement on Urban Development 2020. It’s not fair to blame the RMA for all the problems, but it can be improved.”. Parker said those who said the new rules would “end farming” were catastrophising. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover David’s connections and jobs at similar companies. Activist organisation 50 Shades of Green has voiced concerns that pine plantations used as carbon sinks destroyed biodiversity.

Historic, scenic, natural and wild characteristics, Appendix B: Outstanding values and characteristics, Appendix C: Restrictions or prohibitions sought, Clarification Freshwater implementation requirements, What should be included on LIM for former horticultural land – legal advice, Environmental Guideline Value (EGV) database, PFAS and PFOA, Documents released under OIA, Decisions on applications for the fast-track consenting process, Streamlined planning process for councils, Submitting planning documents under Schedule 1, Applying for an extension of the two-year time limit for issuing decisions of a planning process, Hauauru ma raki - Waikato wind farm proposal, Transpower's North Island Grid Upgrade Project, North Otago Water Harvesting and Irrigation Company Ltd, National Environmental Standards for Telecommunication Facilities, About the National Environmental Standards for Telecommunication Facilities 2016, Developing the National Environmental Standards for Telecommunication Facilities, First set of national planning standards and supporting information, Research informing development of first set, Resource Management (Exemption) Regulations 2017, Before the NMS - the RMA Survey of Local Authorities, Compliance, monitoring and enforcement by local authorities, Environment Canterbury review Cabinet papers and Ministry advice, Resources for businesses and organisations wanting to participate in the Feels good to refill campaign. “If we better integrate decisions with some higher level strategic planning, we will get better results,” he said. Born in Roxburgh in 1960, David grew up in Dunedin and has a BCom (Acctg) and LLB from the University of Otago.

“In the future what will happen to the dry East Coast of the North Island in summer with vast areas of deteriorating carbon pine forests,” he said. How could climate change affect my region? It includes tougher national bottom lines for the ammonia and nitrate toxicity attributes to protect 95 per cent of species from toxic effects. Environment Minister David Parker says the Government’s freshwater reforms are fair, and its opponents should stop catastrophizing about it. You currently have JavaScript disabled. “We ran a public process up and down the country, we had 1700 or so submissions . Parker, who was in South Canterbury on Thursday, said he was confident the recently gazetted freshwater reforms found the right balance. National Environmental Standard for marine aquaculture; Regulating decommissioning of offshore oil and gas installations in the EEZ; Proposed Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary. The conversion of sheep and beef farms to pine plantations has been controversial in rural communities. How I restored a classic Range Rover and saved it from the junkyard // SOUP Classic Motoring - Duration: 1:28:40.

Rural communities should have more say over their own destiny, he said. About the proposed sanctuary

“It’s not the end of the world, these rules are needed,” he said. Under National Environmental Standards for Plantation Forestry the ability had been taken away from local councils to protect swathes of high-value farming land from being turned into pine forests, which had knock-on social and economic impacts, he said.

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