climate change resilience strategies

We would not be wrong in expecting that, by adulthood, almost every Dane would have attained certain capabilities, including high degrees of literacy; a good education, as education is provided free by the State; good health; affordable transport; and unemployment support. Prioritizing climate change in planning opens the door for a number of resilience building approaches. Resilience is brandable, and demonstrates of city’s willingness to embrace innovation culture. Examples from the "Building a Climate-Resilient City" research series. But we can prepare by ensuring that we have the means to weather the storm as best we can. The program restored landscapes along the country’s rivers to create more room for floodwaters by removing silt, creating diversions to redirect excess river water, and restoring marshy riverine landscapes. The Building a Climate-Resilient City series was prepared for the City of Edmonton and the City of Calgary by the International Institute for Sustainable Development and the University of Winnipeg. Adopting strategies like LID standards shows awareness of potential risks, helping to create momentum for smarter design standards that consider factors like water quality. Photos courtesy of Ramsey-Washington Metro Watershed District. Thanks to energy-saving technology advances like low-energy LED grow lamps, vertical farms in cities can raise vegetables using a fraction of the energy and water required by conventional outdoor crops and without necessarily using pesticides or herbicides. An average Dane need not worry about entering into a risky business venture because Danes have very good social protection. Using climate forecasting and streamflow modelling, researchers were thus able to estimate future flooding using projected climate data for the region. What We Do Our Story Our Team City Resilience Team Partners. Want to find out more? This has had impressive results: annual runoff was reduced by nearly 80 per cent; suspended solids, phosphorus and heavy metals in water were all dramatically decreased; and LID system filtration had a cooling effect on water of more than more than 5°C. Climate, Risk and Resilience . Email, Deepening Democracy through Access to Information, South African Institute of International Affairs, Climate resilience – optimising strategies against uncertainty.

Vertical farms are one example of robustness, securing space in urban environments for food production. This type of transformational adaptation that resulted in more resilient cities shows what can be achieved when there is political will from multiple levels of government working toward a common goal like flood prevention.

PSP’s work in Texas is another very promising example of resilience building.

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