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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "I can't even make her smile… I can make her almost-smile…but…" A burst of laughter interrupter her. She followed Clarke to the blonde's bedroom. A story about finding out that the one you are meant to be with was right there next to you all along.

I Knew it. Fuck me then." So he changed his ways, he focused on rugby, school and scholarships.

It will be a long and heart breaking journey for them, many things needs to solve out, dangerous Clan rivalries, but in the end you can feel, that the feelings for your soulmate, will never fade away. "Anya, we need to go to the hospital. Huh? "Fuck yes! "Hello! Show me what you've got." "You're always sweet and caring… But, Lexa… I need you to fuck me senseless… Now." The blonde was aware that she loved Lexa, she loved her with all her heart. Work Search: Gustus smiled to her daughter and put his hand on her shoulder. Lexa looked at Clarke's eyes and smiled. "A boy." "Pretty funny, isn't it? Lexa was awake now. I just got my talent, my art. Lexa kissed Clarke's neck and kept grabbing the blonde's tits. The blonde kept eating her sandwich. Clarke kissed the brunette with abandon, took off her bermudas and the hard cock was released. Clarke was speechless. They kissed and washed themselves until the water ran cold. I guess I was ashamed with myself about what she said. I fell first because we won the match and I knew everything was going to go mental if I did something. "Good? Years later, the pups became childhood sweethearts. And the spanking… So much spanking… Red, beautiful, hot ass… Fuck Clarke. Everybody calls me Lexa.

When he was a teen, he and his crew got into a fight with the Headhunters. "What is it babe? Clarke kissed Lexa's forehead. Lexa was so lucky. Two months without sex. She needed to make the blonde look at her. Of course this was so much more than their penises. I wanted to call you guys, but I thought to surprise you." Her cock was already hard, but she just laid there with Clarke in her arms for a few minutes. "Clarke, what's going on?" After taking down mount weather, clarke can't live with the guilt and leaves camp jaha. "As long as Clarke doesn't mind. She stood up, took the blonde with her and put her hands on the wall, she placed herself behind the blonde and then whispered in Clarke's ear. She would just listen and say nothing, then, like bros, she would talk to Bell, and say something like Mate… just… go… do it like… No, she would never could do that. Lexa just chuckled and penetrated Clarke hard and fast. "What the fuck is she doing here? Clarke smiled and kissed her girlfriend, so passionately, that she started to get randy. That was their defence mechanism. Clarke said. It made her feel free, until now that she felt like a caught deer because her friend's persistence, so she ran, but unfortunately Raven was behind her. Where are they?" "She asked for it."

Bye." Lexa's was having a difficult time holding her excitement. Lexa was sure that Clarke was going to say that she loved her, but dismissed the idea. I knocked, nobody answered, and then… I climbed.

Raven said. When Costia dumped Lexa, the brunette was a wrecking ball full of rage and bitterness. Clarke chuckled. Lexa kept drinking while Lincoln and Bellamy bursted laughing. The blonde said to the brunette. Two months of living under the terrifying rule of Chancellor Pike, who will stop at nothing to get vengeance.

Can she fix it? But Bellamy assured her that it won't happened, that she was special, but not for her cock, she was a great athlete, a fearless player and Nia was jealous of her, because Lexa was a so much better rugby player than the captain. She's going to break up with me, Rave. "I know… but since that day at the roof… he started to be more… like before… but then he backed out… I don't know… maybe a pep talk, just that. All surrounded by colours and textures. Not just because the brunette was smoking hot, kind and perfect. "And" He put his arm on Lexa's shoulder. Yeah, I'm with him. Jealousy; Jealous Clarke; Jealous Lexa; Summary. Grounders. Clarke and Lexa is the relationship between Clarke Griffin and Lexa. When the War was thought to have finally ended, they lost the Prime Alpha. They leaned in once more for another passionate kiss. "Yeah! Clarke was strong, Lexa knew that, and tonight the brunette did something nobody ever had let Clarke do, she let her take care of her, her girlfriend. "Yeah, well! In Octavia's mind Lincoln was just another guy. "My bad, Heda." Understood?" What about a bath?" But when Clarke unintentionally revealed herself to be the much-awaited Prime Alpha, the second prophecy—the Great War—was bound to happen soon. I could fool you… you were doing your own shit… but Raven, she saw my confusion and tried to get rid of it… One time I asked her if she thought I was just a pice of meat, she answered me 'well, we all are in a way… but you are an amazing rugby player and very good at math and history, a loyal friend, son and brother, so no, you are so much more than that'. "I'm gonna suck that beautiful, huge, cock of yours, and you're gonna cum in my mouth, OK?" They had been together for almost five years now and their sexual life was only increasing. tip: lex m/m (mature OR explicit). She was with us. Rumours of her bravery had spread like wildfire and the students could not wait to catch a glimpse of their new Heda. I hope you like it :). In seconds all the people in the gym were accompanying the both girls. But, the most import think I want is… If you are game, put my cock on your pussy and fuck you senseless. Clarke woke up before Lexa, she looked her girlfriend sleep. She liked it, but she wanted to be connected with Lexa, that blood lust she saw in her girlfriend's eyes every once in awhile and never felt it, she wanted to try it. She just scratched my cheek, I saw her coming and I dodged the kick.

When the barricade falls Clarke finds herself summoned back to Polis. "Yeah right! It was never just sex, it always has been love in all its forms. She faced Lexa, she wanted to show her girlfriend that that was OK and she wanted to try it. Lexa loves you. Like, she is not even real. Lexa was sweating… just fighting the urge to cum inside Clarke. And Clarke is right, about everything, really.". Every topic, every sensation was there. "Do you remember when I got that fine stud kink?" But when Clarke unintentionally revealed herself to be the much-awaited Prime Alpha, the second prophecy—the Great War—was bound to happen soon. Clarke and Lexa are each other's one-night-stand until they're flat-mates. It was an Omega’s greatest wish to be the next chosen by the King as one of his daughter’s royal consorts. Bellamy winked at her. … Brilliant… OK, OK… Wicked… Love? "Clarke. Making you all hard and waiting for more. Did you remember that party... that... the one... that one, Heda..." Lincoln, Lexa and Bellamy were royally fucked.

"Oh my god… smooth, Heda… really smooth.". This is my first fic. Deal?" Clarke kneeled in front of Lexa, smirking and grabbing her dick. "What?" Recently, the brunette was really showing her feelings. Here… a pint… I don't want to be sober." Clarke laughed. Clarke is on the run and Skaikru takes her in not knowing anything about her. She shaves everything because, for her, it was cleaner, and to tell the truth, her cock looks a lot bigger this way. Good thing Bellamy was carrying all the beverage. Lexa spoke quietly. The problem was Lexa's attitude. She told me that she new Ontari, she had heard about her ways… she acted like that because the drugs that she did were heavy as shit and made her feel invincible, that she could control her own death, that's why she… did that… The 'I want to feel something act.' Training them and planning for the day when they will be sent back, back to where they must save Lexa, stop Praimfaya and save the pressure right? "Great," she heard Lexa's voice behind her. You fucking knocked out your own, very tough, Captain of the rugby female team girlfriend out.". "You know… talk… talk all you want now, because… Lexa… I swear… you… won't… talk, nor walk, after this…." "So what? He took a gulp of his pint and then asked for another. It’s been two months since Clarke returned to Arkadia and the barricade went into effect. "I'm gonna cum again… Commander make me cum." And innocently and unwittingly ended the war together in the same day they met. They had been tested last month, they were clean and healthy. We are in a public restroom and anyone can get in any minute, so, patience, love." There's a difference." "How much, how much fucking time, Rave?" Clarke was taking her smock off while she was talking. You know that. "It was a nice thing that you changed it to the much cheaper tank top kinky. They were bold, reckless, and unstoppable. "And no. "Mate, I need to get drunk… what I'm about to tell you it's… I need an advice, but I need to be drunk to ask you." My family has money, so what? Hey mate… just let it go? At that moment the blonde punched Lorelei in the face, when she was down, Clarke straddled her and punched Tsing with all the strength that she had. It's not mine. Every birthday since presenting as an Alpha at 14, Crown Princess Clarke is gifted a pure Omega. Gustus, Indra, Anya and Aden, were at the hospital waiting for Lexa. She was a total jerk.

"But… talking about Bell. Lexa was suspicious, but said nothing. Your house, your wife, your… Wait… What? All of them, with their shitty life became best friends. The cheerleader, who never once spoke to her before, was now asking her to be her fake girlfriend in order to make their cheating exes jealous.

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