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China Railway has taken some effective measures to protect passengers from the novel coronavirus. Copyright © 2020 Travel Singapore Pte. There are three high-speed train types: G-train, D-train, C-train. Occasions like this would mean traveling to the station in vain. Input the passenger's name and passport number. High coverage is the most prominent characteristic of China normal-speed trains. As the coronavirus outbreak in China is getting well under control now, more and more Chinese trains start to operate. 2.6. The Ministry of Railways (MOR) is a defunct ministry under the State Council of the People's Republic of China.The last minister was Sheng Guangzu.. Your China high-speed train tickets can be picked up at any station in Mainland China or delivered to your address in select cities across China. With speeds of up to 300 km/h (186 mph), train travel in China is a fast, convenient, cheap and comfortable option.

China Railway Group Limited (known as CREC) is a world-leading construction conglomerate with more than 120 years history.

There are four ways to book China train tickets. Log in to your new account. 1.Book Tickets via China Train Booking App. The website always has a tendency to crash and have bugs, Telephone number: area code + 95105105 (e.g. Our database is connected to the official China high-speed train information center, so you can rest assured you are seeing the latest train timetables and official prices for all trains routes in China. Book your China bullet train ticket now! The Smart & Fast way to Secure Your Seat! And there is no extra service fee if you book from there. Baggage weight: 20 kg/adult and 10 kg/child. Choose a train and a seat class and pay in CNY. However, some stations’ ticket windows are located in an independent ticket building. To find out all the essential things about traveling by trains in China, please read China High-Speed Train/Rail Guide. However, if the train you booked doesn’t depart from the city you are in, the railway station will charge you 5 yuan for each ticket.

Hong Kong - Mainland China High-Speed Trains, Hong Kong - Mainland China Normal-Speed Trains, Hong Kong - Guangzhou High/Normal-Speed Trains, How to Buy a China Train Ticket on China Railway's Official Website. In this article, we'll tell you how to book train tickets in China like a local. The Smart & Fast way to Secure Your Seat!

If train station is too far from where you locate, there are many ticket outlets distributed throughout a city, especially in some main districts. Only WeChat, Alipay, and some specific Chinese bank cards can be used to make the payments. The station staff will show you the train timetable and tickets availability on a computer. Online map of railway stations in China. * For trains running during Chinese national holidays, we highly recommend you to book them before the first pre-sale day. China Rail has a hotline for passengers to book train tickets by telephone. Your personal information is protected by our secure systems, Plan your trip with our travel checklist and trip planner, and chat to customer support anytime through our mobile app, One-on-one customer support available in multiple languages. Especially when language becomes a huge barrier. Except the four ways, you will also learn 3 booking policies that should be known before making a reservation. ( if it is unable for you to connect to Google Play ). Just tell him/her which train and what seat class you would like to book. The high-speed trains from Beijing to Shanghai all depart from Beijing South Railway Station.

Beijing departure: 010-95105105, Shanghai departure: 021-95105105), Language: Chinese (but you can also try to communicate in English, some clerks can speak a little English), Book limitation: 4 to 30 days before departure, After you successfully book, please go to the station to pay the money and get you ticket(s) within. Here are the tips of booking tickets by telephone: * If you book on, you are not allowed to place orders before release date. When you decide to go to the railway station to buy tickets by yourself, please make sure you have your passport and enough cash or a Chinese bank card in hand. One child must be companied with at least one adult. Head Office:No. Train tickets will be sold out in minutes right after they are released. Search, Buy, and Track Your Tickets! It seems difficult for international travelers to buy train tickets in an unknown country.

E-ticket is only available for high speed trains. We make China train ticket booking easy with our convenient online booking system. Search your train route and choose a right train. In most stations, ticket windows are located on the first floor of the main station hall. Information on how to buy Chinese train tickets,Trains station guide, How to through the Security Check, Fuxing Hao of High-Speed Train Guide. Its home page looks like this: Here are the brief steps you need to follow to buy a ticket via Register a 12306 account with a valid Chinese phone number. 1. The facility on train still needs to be sterilized.

Search, Buy and Track your tickets. China Railway only has one official website for booking tickets online: Call official hotline to book: +86 010 95105105: add both country code and city code when dialing. G-train operates at a fastest speed of up to 350 kph, while D-train and C-train run at a speed of 250 kph. If you live in China and can read Chinese, it is recommended to use this website to book your train tickets. 2.Book on the Official Website of China Railway. All of the passengers who read Chinese can book a train tickets through the Chinese railway bureau website was launched in 2015, and now it owns more than 100 thousand of active users on the App Store and Google Play, and received over 90% positive reviews.

Buying tickets directly from train stations or outlets is out of fashion. 2. No Direct China Trains? @ Since 1998, China Highlights — Discovery Your Way! Generally, there is no service fee if you buy your ticket(s) at a railway station. While China has an extensive rail system that interconnects all of the major cities, and while it is collectively known as “China Railway”, in reality there are various companies. China Train Booking app Multilanguage supported: including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and Russian. All the passengers will be measured temperature when check in at any station. It is not an exaggeration to state that some popular tickets are released by China Rail, they can be sold out within 1 minute! Chinese national holidays are always peaks of train travel. A charge of 5 yuan is payable for each ticket as a service fee if you buy your tickets from them. We offer hassle-free online booking service for. The ticket window in Chinese is "购票窗口". Pay to get your ticket collection number / wait for the tickets delivery. China Train Booking, E-ticket to Board, including Beijing to Shanghai and Hong Kong to Guangzhou train tickets booking service, also Book Tickets via App. China’s high-speed railway system connects more than 300 cities across China, including Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Via an English service platform: with reasonable service fee but no language barrier. 4. No English version on the official website. If you’re looking for cheap travel in China, China’s high-speed rail is the way to go. No more waiting in line at the railway station; now you can search train schedules and buy cheap train tickets for any high-speed rail route in China online with our websites in English, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Russian, Spanish or Thai as well as simplified or traditional Chinese. Then pay in cash or through a Chinese bank card. Only available to place orders during 6:00 - 23:00, UTC +8. Only a Chinese cellphone number can be used to register. If you use China Tain Booking App, you are able to reserve your seat anytime, even earlier than a year.

Each way has its advantages and disadvantages.

Baggage shape: For high-speed trains, with the total length of each item within 130cm. These 3 Solutions Can Help You Out! Over 16,000 km (9,940 mi) long, China boasts the largest high-speed train network in the world. Our train information date is live and contacting to the website, so we can offer the live information to you when you are using Which Including Wuhan, Hankou, Wuchang, Nanhu East, Tangxunhu, Miaoshan, Pu ' an, Zhifang East, Houhu, Jinyintan, Tianhe Airport and so on. So the locomotives and passenger cars are of different colors based on the company. Plan to travel by train in China? Through China Rail official website: no service fee but only Chinese version available. Advantage: There is no service fee. Using e-ticet, you can board your train only with your ID. 3.Buy at a Railway Station/Ticket Outlet. 16-5 Xisihuan Zhonglu, Haidian District, Beijing 100038, China International Business System:15 First Area, Fangchengyuan, Fengtai District, Beijing 100078, China There are over 40 high-speed trains operating from Shanghai to Beijing daily. It is reported that about 55,000 passengers are departing from Wuhan on April 8 and there are more than 270 trains departing from the city to Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Fuzhou and Nanning. China Train Booking offers: Only four steps to get your China train tickets by using our app: China Railway only has one official website for booking tickets online: Its home page looks like this: Here are the brief steps you need to follow to buy a ticket via Learn the step-by-step guide of how to use 12306 by reading How to Buy a China Train Ticket on China Railway's Official Website. Beijing to Guangzhou Train | Beijing to Shanghai Train | Beijing to Tianjin Train | Beijing to Xian Train | Guangzhou to Hong Kong Train | Guangzhou to Shanghai Train | Guangzhou to Shenzhen Train | Hangzhou to Shanghai Train | Hong Kong to Guangzhou Train | Hong Kong to Shanghai Train | Hong Kong to Shenzhen Train | Shanghai to Beijing Train | Shanghai to Guangzhou Train | Shanghai to Hangzhou Train | Shanghai to Hong Kong Train | Shanghai to Nanjing Train | Shanghai to Suzhou Train | Shenzhen to Guangzhou Train | Shenzhen to Guilin Train | Shenzhen to Shanghai Train, China Train Stations | China Train Schedule.

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