chatham county ga zoning ordinance

Sec. The ordinance is applicable in all residential zoned properties, Welcome to Chatham County. 1-2 Short title.

Sec. 3-11 Encroachment of public right-of-way. §19-104 Application for new franchise, fees, grant or denial, etc. Article 21-504, 21-506, 1117 Eisenhower Dr # D All other forms Posting Start Date: 10/29/2020 Posting End Date: 11/18/2020 Salary: $44,147.00-$72,842.00 Job Summary: Under general direction, enforces County Zoning Ordinances and County Property Maintenance Ordinance. the adjacent property.

Failure to correct the violation within the

3-7 Vision clearance at intersections.
Article 21-502 (a)(4), ACCESSORY BUILDINGS

Box 8161

Sec. §19-105 Compliance with Applicable Laws and Ordinances, §19-107 When installation, etc., to be commenced, §19-108 Requirements for installation and maintenance of system. Sec. and side yards. Sec. §14-406 Unlawful to Jump or Dive from Bridges, §14-504 Same; Streams 50 to 300 Yards Wide, §14-505 Same; Streams 25 to 50 Yards Wide, §14-506 Same; Streams Less Than 50 Yards Wide, §15-201 Definitions and General Responsibilities, §15-202 Connections to Water Systems, Meter and Meter Boxes, §15-203 Interfering with Waterworks System, §15-204 Turning Water On - Turning Water Off, §15-205 Water Supply and Emergency Powers, §15-206 Construction of New Water Systems and Extensions of Existing Systems, §15-207 Responsibilities of County and Developer, §15-211 Main Sizes, Valves, Distribution of Hydrants, §15-212 Possession of Key to Fire Hydrant, §15-215 Grounds for Discontinuation of Service, §15-217 Schedule of Rates, Fees and Penalties, §15-218 Effect on Previous Ordinances or Agreements. Sec. 4-5.2 Index for B and I Use Schedule. Informs the public of allowable usage of land and buildings within various zones; inspects construction sites. 1-4 Purpose. Sec. 8-2 Continuance of a nonconforming use. 4-5.2 Provisions regarding use in districts A-T, B, B-1, B-2, B-C, B-N, B-N-1, I-H, I-L, PILT, I-P, M, P-S-C, RB-1, T-B, W-I, PD-M, P-N-T and PUD-C. Sec. })(); Local Historic Districts, Ordinances, & Maps, Savannah Historic District Board of Review, The Chatham County - Savannah Comprehensive Plan.

Sec. 4-6.67 Planned unit development Industrial (PUD-M). Savannah, Georgia 31406, P. O. §19-119 Rights granted to franchisees to be nontransferable, etc. Sec. 4-13 Development standards for the Town Center Overlay (TC) district. Economic Development Authority is regulated by state Are permitted in the side and rear yard only. §4-203 Report of Injuries, Wounds, Drug Use, etc. See new Article VI - Well Ordinance. The receptacle shall be removed Article 21-308, ENFORCEMENT Sec. Sec. Sec. responsible for the administration and enforcement of the County Property Maintenance of vegetation shall be kept in a manner not to adversely affect and impair the value of Garbage or refuse placed on the right-of-way for pickup shall be placed in a Sec. 6-3 Off-street parking requirements. §19-109 Requirements for poles, wires, etc. 4-6.3 Development standards within a planned shopping center district. Sec. ordinance will be given a written citation. - Zoning Code (Expired August 30, 2019) Augusta Avenue Corridor Revitalization Plan; Chatham Community Blueprint; Civic Center ULI Plan; CNU Eastside Redevelopment Plan; CNU Southside Retrofit Plan; Downtown Master Plan 2011 The property maintenance ordinance regulates the maintenance of front, rear trailer-type vehicle or parts thereof on the premises unless enclosed in an accessory

4-3 Interpretation of zoning district boundaries. to material on an active construction site that is directly pursuing compliance to 4-6.66 Planned unit development Residential (PUD-R). Sec. Until all requirements are met, and all necessary approvals are acquired, your business tax certificate or license cannot be processed. 4-6.69 Planned unit development Business (PUD-B). Chapter 3. §15-407 Same; When Drains May be Required, §15-409 Waterworks, Sanitation and Sewerage Systems, §15-410 Same; Contracts to Furnish Utilities, §15-414 Waterworks System Authorized; Acceptance of Franchises, §15-415 Water Mains and Water Distribution Systems, §15-416 Police Powers; Rules and Regulations, §15-417 Water Closets and Privies Regulated, §15-419 Permits for Diverting Drainage Canals, §15-601 Constitutional and Statutory Authorization, §15-605 State of Georgia License Requirements, §15-606 County Business License Requirements, §15-607 County Well Construction Permit Requirements, §15-608 County Building, Electrical and Mechanical Permit Requirements, §15-610 Expiration and Renewal of County Licenses, §15-613 Penalty for Violation of Ordinance, §15-614 Standards for Wells and Boreholes, §15-615 County Requirements for Water Wells and Boreholes, §15-616 Requirements for Public or Community Water Supply Systems, §15-617 County and State Requirements for Water Wells into the Floridan Aquifer, §15-618 County Requirements for Residential Irrigation Wells, §15-621 Abrogation and Greater Restrictions, §15-622 Warning and Disclaimer of Liability, §16-107 Business Tax Restrictions and Authorizations, §16-108 Business Tax Certificate Required, §16-110 Duration of Business Tax Certificate, §16-114 Business Tax on Business with No Location in Georgia, §16-115 Allocation of Gross Receipts of Business with Multiple Intra- or Interstate Locations, §16-116 Exemption for Non-Profit Charitable Organizations, §16-117 Veteran's Certificate of Exemption, §16-118 Vocational Rehabilitation Exemption, §16-119 Free Permit for Charitable or Religious Solicitor, Solicitor for Subscriptions, §16-120 Evidence of State Licensing Required If Applicable, §16-121 Evidence of Qualification Required If Applicable, §16-122 Businesses Not Covered by this Article, §16-123 Business Tax Inapplicable Where Prohibited by Law or Provided for Pursuant to Other Existing Law, §16-124 Gross Receipts Information Confidential, §16-126 Administrative and Enforcement Provisions; Authority to Require Financial Information, §16-129 Registration for Business Not Covered in Schedule, §16-130 Requirement of Public Hearing Before Tax Increase, §16-201 Soliciting Book and Magazine Orders, §16-202 Adult Book Stores, etc., Definitions, §16-210 Same; New Business; Start of Operations, §16-218 Same; Name of Business on License, §16-221 Same; Administration of Ordinance, §16-305 Application for Solicitor's Permit, §16-307 Georgia Corporations and Registered Corporations Excepted, §16-308 Disapproval or Revocation of License, §16-309 Inspections Department Approval Required, §16-310 License Fee for Transient Merchants, §16-311 License Fee for Transient Peddlers, §16-314 Peddler and Solicitor Regulations, §16-315 Sales from Non-Motorized Wheeled Vehicles, §16-401 Sale of Oil-Fueled Stoves and Heaters Shall Be Approved by Chatham County, §16-402 Location Where Heaters May Be Used, §16-403 Requirements for Approved Heaters, §16-503 Granting of License; Revocation; Expiration; Residence, §16-606 Continued Supervision and Inspection, §16-704 Maximum Number of Children Specified, §16-706 Notification of Release of Children, §16-806 Statements Provided to Chief Police, §16-815 Term of License; Transfer; Pro Rata Fee, §16-901 Billiard Rooms; Exemption from State License Requirements, §16-1008 Repeal of Conflicting Ordinances, §16-1104 Records to be Kept; Inspection by Law Enforcement Officers, §16-1105 Daily Report to Police; Fingerprints, etc., to be Secured; Exception, §16-1107 Articles not to be Disposed of for Ten Days after Acquisition, §16-1204 Disapproval or Revocation of License, §16-1304 Qualifications/Requirements of Property Owners to Receive a License, §16-1305 Renewal of Short Term Rental License.
Ordinance. 4-5.1 Provisions regarding use in C-Districts and R-Districts . §19-114 Protection of County against liability, §19-116 Right of franchisees to use poles, etc., of public utilities, §19-117 Joint use of poles to be granted County. Sec. weather-tight, airtight and rodent-proof receptacle. Sec. 3-1 Interpretation and Application.

var cx = '015784405130220163995:jnjjwjncddm'; 3-3 Only one principal building or use upon any lot. gcse.async = true; 3-4 Reduction or change in lot size. gcse.type = 'text/javascript'; law. 6-4 Off-street loading requirements. Sec. Chatham County ⇨ Document Quick Links ⇨ Document Quick Links; Available Documents Available Documents. Sec. Section 2: Definitions: Section 3: General Provisions: Sec. building, Article 21-502(c), OVERGROWN VEGETATION Before filling out and signing this affidavit, which is required for home occupations, please read Section 2-28 of the Chatham County Zoning ordinance, which has to do with home occupations. §19-110 Failure of franchisee to complete required street work, §19-111 Abandonment of property by franchisee. corrective action may be taken at the owner's expense. (function () { The property maintenance ordinance regulates the maintenance of front, rear and side yards. Chatham Government Television Station Live, Chatham Emergency Management Agency (CEMA), §1-105 First Board of Commissioners; Georgia Election Code, §1-107 Other Elective Public Office Prohibited, §1-112 Actions of the Board of Commissioners, §1-113 Signing, Authentication, and Recording, §1-117 County Manager; Appointment, Qualifications, Removal and Compensation, §1-119 Same; Authority Relative to Officers and Employees, §1-120 County Attorney; Appointment Removal, and Qualifications, §1-122 Same; Powers; Duties; Requests for Opinions; Conflicts, §1-124 Same; Private Practice Before the Board, §1-126 Powers and Duties of the Board of Commissioners, §2-104 Repeal or Expiration of Code Section, §2-108 General Penalty; Continuing Violation, §2-111 Effect of Repeal of Ordinance or Resolution, §2-112 Continuation of Existing Ordinance and Resolutions, §2-114 Attendance at Meetings of Board Appointees, §2-204 Construction, Application and Severability, §2-211 Interest and Contracts Involving Officers, §2-212 Use of Prestige of Office; Harassment; Improper Influence, §2-213 Solicitation or Acceptance of Gifts, §2-214 Disclosure of Confidential Information, §2-302 Definition of Criminal Justice Information System, §2-303 Creation of Criminal Justice Information System Coordinating Committee, §2-304 Members of Criminal Justice Information Board, §2-305 Responsibilities of Criminal Justice Information Board, §2-309 Modifications to Criminal Justice Information System, §3-309 Abrogation and Greater Restrictions, §3-404 Recommendations for the Acquisition of Properties, §3-405 Management of the Chatham County Resource Protection Fund, §3-406 Liberality of Construction, Enforcement, and Penalty for Violation, §3-504 Recommendation and Designation of Historic Districts and Historic Properties, §3-505 Application to Commission for Certificate of Appropriateness, §3-605 Notification to Abutting Property Owners, §3-606 Confirmation by Board of Commissioners, §3-607 Conveyance to Another Body Politic, §4-201 Powers and Functions of the Police Department, §4-202 Chief of Police; Powers and Duties. 5-2 Structures excluded from height limitations.

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